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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

habitus,-a,-um (part.A: the perfect passive participle of the verb habeo, habui, habitum, 2: to have been considered, regarded, regarded as, taken for (pro + abl.); cf. sumptus,-a,-um (part.A) + pro + abl.; see state (condition);

- Ordo in Subordines 5, ínter se magnopere affines, facile divisus est, quorum quartus et quintus, etsi multis auctoribus pro Ordinibus habiti, a secundo et primo nullis characteribus validis distinguendi sunt, (B&H), an order easily divided into 5 suborders, [that are] very much related among themselves, a quarter and a fifth of which, even if by many authors to have been been taken for Orders, are distinguished by no valid characters from the second and the first.

- genus in sectiones 2 dividitur pro generibus a variis auctoribus habitas (B&H), the genus is divided into 2 sections taken by various authors for genera.

- subgenera sequentia pro generibus auctoribus interdum habita (B&H), the following subgenera are sometimes taken for genera by authors. - sectionum sequentium variae pro generibus, etsi malo definitiae, ab auctoribus habitae sunt (B&H), various of the following sections are taken for genera, even if badly defined, by authors.

- genus in sectiones 2, pro generibus variis auctoribus habitas et aegre distinguendas, divisum (B&H), a genus into two sections taken by various authors for genera and with difficulty distinguished.
Habitus,-us (s.m.IV), acc. sg. habitum, dat. sg. habitui, abl.sg. habitu, nom. & acc. pl. habitus, gen. pl. habituum, dat. & abl.pl. habitibus: “the general appearance of a plant; its manner of growth, without reference to details of structure” (Lindley); habit, condition, aspect or general appearance, posture, nature, manner of growth, disposition; see appearance, development; see architectura,-ae (s.f.I);

- Genus habitu naturalissimum, sed characteres diagnostici a siliqua sumpti nulli vel decipientes (B&H); a genus most nature in general appearance, but the diagnostic characters taken from the siliqua are none or deceiving.

- habitu decumbenti similis Serenoae serrulatae, with a decumbent posture similar to Serenoa serrulata [= dative sg.].

- inter species Sectionis Andinii W. Becker habitu rosulato similis, among species of the section Andinius W. Becker similar by the rosulate habit.

- quoad habitum et fabricam internam apotheciorum ad Lecanoram hageni accedit, as to habit and the internal structure of the apothecia it approaches Lecanora hageni (Stearn).

- species habitu cum Lindsaea schomburgkii optime congruens, species in habit with Lindsaea schomburgkii best agreeing (Stearn).

- habitu amphibio, with an amphibious habit; habitu peruvido, by the very wet condition; habitu arborescenti, by the arborescent habit; habitu fruticoso, by the shrubby habit.

- habitui repenti Astragali esperanzae Jones similis, sed differt habitu recto (non patenti), similar to the sprawling habit of Astragalus esperanzae Jones, but it differs by the erect habit (not spreading).

- habitus caespitosus, the habit is caespitose.

- habitu arbusculo notabilis, notabile by its small-treelike habit.

- quoad habitum weisioideum, as to habit weisioid (like the genus Weisia.

- arbor parva, habitu Alni, small tree with the habit of Alnus.

- habitu inflorescentiae determinato, with the condition of the inflorescence determinate.

- habitus (s.m.IV) diversimodus (adj.A): manner of growth in diverse ways.

NOTE: the ‘habitus’ does not refer to the ‘habitat’ or (ecological) place of growth; see ‘habitat.’

weeping habit: habitus pendulus (adj.A), abl. sg. habitu pendulo.


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