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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Grain: granum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. grano, nom. & acc. pl. grana, dat. & abl. pl. granis; cf. pollen, achene, caryopsis; see Zea mays L.; cf. nut, nutlet; tubercle [after WIII]; cf. mica,-ae (s.f.I): a crumb, a little bit, a grain, morsel, a particle;

1. a single small hard seed, cf. caryopsis; see nut; see achene;

a grain and a nutlet (nut) are similar: [Rumex acetosella] segmentis interioribus nuci subglobosae arcte appressis (B&H), with the inner segments closely appressed to a subglobose nut.

- [Cyperaceae: Psilocarya] nux styli (2-fidi) basi dilatata persistente rostrata (B&H), the grain [i.e. achene] of the style (2-fid) dilated at the base, persistently rostrate.

- (Cyperaceae: Pentasticha] nux stipitata, styli basi incassata persistente acuminata (B&H), the grain stalked, at the base of the style thickened, persistently acuminate.

2. one of the drupelets of a multiple fruit (as the raspberry)

3. the rounded prominence on the back of a sepal (as in the common dock) [Rumex];

- [Rumex] perianthii segmenta costa interdum extus basi in tuberculum granuliformem incrassata (B&H), the segments of the perianth with a costa thickened sometimes externally into a granuliform tubercle.

- [Rumex] perianthii segmenta interiora 2 v. omnia 3 basi extus saepe granulifera (B&H), the inner segments of the perianth two or all three at the base on the outside often granuliferous.

4. a small hard particle (e.g. of sand, sugar, salt);

- arenae grano simillima, most similar to a grain of sand.

- cum grano salis, with a grain of salt.

5. a minute portion or particle; see particle.

6. a surficial superficial roughness imparting an appearance of being covered with grains; a granulated appearance.

7. a small pimply projection, or projections, on the upper or outer surface.

- granum paramylaceum (adj.A), abl. sg. grano paramylaceo, paramylon grain.

- granum amylaceum (adj.A), abl. sg. grano amylaceo, starch grain.

- pollinis granum (s.n.II), pollinis granulum (s.n.II) [pollinis = gen.sg. of pollen, q.v.]: pollen grain, q.v.

- grano polliniis 7-8 pantoporato, pollen grain 7-8-pantoporate.

- pollinis granula sphaerica orificiis tribus protrusis aperta (F. Mueller), pollen grain sphaerical, open with three exserted orifices.

- pollinis granula lutea ovato-ellipsoidea utrinque obtusata, rima longitudinali hiantia (F. Mueller), pollen grain yellow, ovate-ellipsoid obtuse on both sides, gaping from a longitudinal fissure.

- cytioplasm chlorophyllosa cellulae a fronte cruciatim disposita, cujus crura e laminis duabus parietalibus divergentibus granum amylaceum unicum involventibus formantur (Wood, algae), the cytioplasm chlorophyllose, deposited [in the form of a cross] from the front of the cell [i.e. as seen from the front end of the cell - Wood], the crura of which are formed from the two diverging parietal laminae enclosing a single starch grain.

Grana (pl.n.II) tetrasticha (adj.A), abl. pl. granis tetrastichis: “the spores of certain Fungals” (Lindley).

Pollen-grain, q.v.: pollinis granum (s.n.II), pollinis granulum (s.n.II).
grain- or seed-eating: granivorus,-a,-um (adj.A), q.v.
grain-shaped: graniformis,-e (adj.B), granuliformis,-e (adj.B).
Grain (of wood), the appearance and texture of wood (aspectus (s.m.IV) lignosus or ligneosus) or textura (s.f.I) lignosa or ligneosa) especially due to the arrangement and direction of stratification of wood fibers: ordinatio,-onis (s.f.II) lignea, a woody pattern or arrangement;

- conidiomata sporodochialia longitudinaliter secus texturam ligneosam extendentia atque coalescentia, conidiomata sporodochial, extending and coalescing along the grain.


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