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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

gibbous, gibbose: gibbosus,-a,-um (adj.A), gibbus,-a,-um (adj.A), gibberosus,-a,-um (adj.A), ‘gibbous, gibbose, hunch-backed, crook-backed, more swollen in one place than another; a pouch-like enlargement of the base of an organ, as of a calyx (Jackson); “protuberant or swollen on one side” (Fernald 1950); an enlargement at the base of a moss or hepatic capsule; refering to a swelling toward the apex, giving a moss capsule a 'hunched back; “gibbous, (of a pileus), having a swelling or wide umbo, or having a convex top and a flat underside” (Ainsworth & Bisby); cf. calcaratus,-a,-um (adj.A), ‘spurred;’

- petala 4, 2 exteriora basi aequaliter calcarata aut glbbosa (DeCandolle), petals 4, the outer 2 equally at the base spurred or gibbous.

- [Pelargonium gibbosum] caule fruticoso carnoso nodis tumidis (DeCandolle), with the stem shrubby, fleshy, with swollen nodes.

- siliqua brevis, turgida, gibba, rostro late linguiformi (B&H), silique short, inflated, gibbous [i.e. hunch-backed], with a beak broadly tongue-shaped.

- variat pileo mox crassiore valde gibboso , mox tenuiore et magis aequalis (S&A), it varies with the pileus soon thicker, strongly gibbous, then thinner and more even.

- pileus plus niinus inaequalis , gibberosus (S&A), the pileus more or less asymmetrical, gibbous.

- cupula pendula digitaliforme basi obliquo – gibbiuscula (S&A), with the cupule pendulous, digitaliform [i.e. long- and irregularly campanulate, resembling the corolla of Digitalis] at the base obliquely rather gibbous.

- pileus ad latera plus minusve gibbus (S&A), the pileus on the sides more or less gibbous.

- petalorum exteriorum alteram basi calcaratum, saccatum v. gibbum, alteram planum (B&H), one of the outer petals calcarate at the base, saccate or gibbous, the other [flat].

- petala 4, exteriora dissimilia, altero basi gibbo v. calcarato, altero plano (B&H); petals 4, the outer dissimilar, with one at the base gibbous or calcarate, the other flat.

- siliqua brevis, turgida, gibba, rostro late linguaeformi (B&H), the silique short, turgid, gibbous, with a broadly tongue-shaped rostrum.

- stigmatis lobis dorso simiplicibus v. gibbis (B&H), with the stigmas with simple lobes on the back or gibbous.

- sepala erecta, lateralia basi gibba v. aequalia, the sepals erect, the lateral ones gibbous at the base or even.

- Conjunctione hac duorum articulorum, fere formam offert fructuum Cucumis Lagenariae, et sporae in sinu, inter apicem inflatam inferioris basimque gibbam superioris articuli orto, recipiuntur (Agardh), by this conjunction of two [articuli], [it] exhibits almost the form of the fruits of Cucumis Lagenaria, and the spores are sheltered in the sinus, which has arisen between the inflated apex of the lower [articulus] and the gibbous base of the upper [articulus].

bigibbus,-a,-um (adj.A): with two swellings or enlargements;

- petala in tubu m basi bigibbum apice 4-lobum coalita (B&H), the petals fused into a tube at the base bi—gibbous, at the apex 4-lobed.

- [Adlumia] petala in tubum basi bigibbum, corollam eleutheripetalam Dicentrae mentientem, arcte coalita (B&H), petals tightly coalesced into a tube, bigibbous [i.e. with two swellings or enlargements] at the base, the corolla with free [i.e. distinct or separated] petals measuring by [i.e. compared to] Dicentra.

- (moss) folia panduraeformia, e basi lata oblonga latere excavata denticulata longiusculo-acuminata acuta, laevia bigibba substricta, basi 4-ato (Mueller), leaves panduriform [i.e. fiddle-shaped], oblong from a broad base, excavate at the side, denticulate, rather long-acuminate, acute, smooth, bigibbous, almost straight, at the base quadrate.

gibboso-lacunosus,-a,-um (adj.A): perhaps with swellings and also depressions on a surface;

- [fungi] lateribus hinc inde subgibboso-lacunosis laeviusculis, with the sides in different directions somewhat gibbous - pitted rather smooth.

- [fungi]) lateribus hinc inde subgibbos -lacunosis laeviusculis (S&A), with the sides here and there nearly gibbous [i.e. swollen on one side]-lacunose [i.e. appearing full of hollows], somewhat smooth.

NOTE: [mosses] Crum and Anderson (1981) indicated 'gibbous' refers to a swollen condition on one side toward the apex, resembling a hunched back; ventricose and gasteropodous indicate the swelling is on one side, but toward the base. This distinction is somewhat at odds with some of the definitions proposed by other botanists as noted above.

NOTE: when the gibbus appears to be on the outer (dorsal) side of a hooded sepal or petal (Lamiaceae, Scrophulariaceae) it may be synonymous with galea.

Bulbophyllum gibbilingue, with a hunch-backed, or gibbous tongue; Clitocybe gibba, a mushroom sometimes with an enlarged base; Helotium gibbum, a mushroom.


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