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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

gerens,-entis (part.B): bearing, carrying, having; managing, conducting [> L. gero, gessi, gestum, inf. gerere, 3, to bear about with one, to bear, carry, to wear, have (on); to hold; to bring, fetch; to produce, yield, bring forth; to keep up, cherish, entertain; to conduct (as a war), carry on, manage, administer, run; to govern, rule, regulate; to wage (as war); to perform; do, accomplish, transact (Follett; Lewis & Short); (in the passive): to happen, take place, be done; cf. ferens,-entis (part.B); see bearing; see producing; cf. supporting;’

NOTE: -ger,-era,-erum (adj. A), q.v., and -gerus,-a,-um (adj.A) in Latin comp., -bearing, q.v., also 'producing', q.v.

gerit: third-person singular present active indicative: [he/she] it bears, carries, has;

- planta tota petalis siliquisque exceptis setas longas confertas albas pilis intermixtas gerit (DeCandolle), the whole plant with the petals and siliquas excepted, bears long, dense, white bristles intermixed with hairs.

gerunt: third-person plural present active indicative; they bear, carry, have;

- fungi juniores tomentum molle satis densum, a latere conspectum canescens, aetate progrediente sensim subevanescens, in pileo gerunt (S&A), younger fungi bearing on the pileus a soft, rather dense tomentum, when observed from the side, canescent, dying off with age, gradually disappearing.

gerebat: third-person singular imperfect active indicative: [he/she] it [was] wearing, bearing, carrying;

- [fungus] distabat ab a, praeter substantiam mollissimam globulo praesertim regulari pulchre cinnabarino, quem coronae loco gerebat (S&A), it was distant from ‘a,’ except for a the very delicate substance with a globule particularly regular, beautifully cinnabarine, which it was wearing in the place of a crown.

- foliis subtus glaucis pilosque parcos in nervis gerentibus (DeCandolle), with the leaves below glaucous and bearing not many hairs on the nerves.

- receptaculum angustum squamam setaceam basi latiusculam achaenia aequantem, inter flores centralem gerens (DeCandolle), receptacle narrow, bearing, among [=between] the central flowers, a bristle-like scale, somewhat broad at the base, equaling the achenes [in length].

- racemi spiciformes, 15--30 cm longi, spiculas 12--20 gerentes, racemes spiciform, 15-30 cm long, bearing 12-20 spikelets.

- radice fibrosa tuberes subrotundos gerente (DeCandolle), with the root fibrous bearing somewhat rotund tubers.

- spiculae 4--8 cm longae, puberulentes, 9--15 flosculos gerentes to do

- folia ad marginem trichomata minuta malpighiacea gerentia, leaves on the margin bearing minute, malpighiaceous,

- quaque cellula foliari papillas 1-2 rectas solidas gerente, with each leaf cell bearing 1-3 erect solid papillae.

- paracladia brevia scapo solitario gerentia, paraclades short, bearing a solitary scape.

- frons apice saepe 4-6 ramulos nascentes gerens (Steph.), frond bearing 4-6 branchlets arising at the apex.

- quoque axe secundario flores hermaphroditos atque axes tertiarios floribus staminatis praeditos gerente, with each secondary axis bearing flowers hermaphroditic and also [bearing] teriary axes provided with staminate flowers.

- foliis utrinqae viridibus subtus in costis pilos stellatim fasciculatos gerentibus (DeCandolle), with the leaves on both sides green, underneathe on the ribs bearing hairs stellately fascicled.

- keramidia sporas pyriformes ad placentam basalem affìxas gerentia (Agardh), the keramidia bearing pyriform spores attached to the basal placenta.

- capsula 4-valvis, valvis linearibus apice filamenta spiralia, ex helice duplice constantia, gerentibus (Hooker), the capsule 4-valved, with the valves linear, bearing filaments spiral at the apex, composed of a double helix [i.e. coil].


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