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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Fructificatio,-onis (s.f.III), abl. sg. fructificatione [> L. fructificatio,-onis (s.f.III), a bearing of fruit (Lewis & Short)]: fruit-body, fructification, fruiting structure; "(as used by Linnaeus, the flowering and fruiting organs ending one period of generation and beginning the next one, i.e. calyx, corolla, androecium, gynoiceum, fruit and seed)" (Stearn); “1. fruiting; 2. in Cryptogams, the result of the sexual act; 3. any sporogenous structure or an aggregate of them” (Jackson); (in fungi) fuzz-ball, puff-ball, fruit body of the Lycoperdales; the process or time of bearing fruit; see mushroom; see organa fructificationis (organs of fructification) sub ‘organum.’

NOTE: not the same as ‘inflorescence,’ q.v.;

- [Sphagnum] fructificationis tempus omnium congenerum Europaeorum, reg. temperatae, arcticae et calidioris: aestate, mensib. Julii et Augusti (C. Muell); the TIME OF FRUCTIFICATION [i.e. fruit-development] of all the European congeners [i.e. genus Sphagnum-members], in the temperate, arctic and warmer regions: in summer, in the months of July and August.

- fructificatio Lycoperdi (gen.sg. of Lycoperdon); giant puff-ball, the fruit-body of Lycoperdon.

- fructificatio Calvatiae giganteae (Batsch ex Pers.) Lloyd, the fructification of Calvatia gigantea.

- tempore fructificationis, time of fructification.

- at verrucae fructificationi haud inservientes, but the verrucae are not serving in fructification.

- sub fructificatione, at the time of fruiting.

- genera Rhamnearum pro magna parte habitu plus quam characteribus floralibus v. fructificationis ficta sunt. (B&H), the genera of Rhamnaceae for the most part by the habit more than the floral or fructification characters are false.

- in multis et praecipue physiologicis, ut de structura et formatione partium, de functionibus et valore organorum fructificationis, ab idaeis diu receptis saepe recedi (Agardh), in many respects and expecially physiological ones [physiological], as regarding the structure and formation of parts, regarding the functions and value of the organs or fructification, to depart from ideas long held.

- organa fructificationis in regno vegetabili simplicissima, vesicula simplici, granula includente, constare videntur (Agardh), the organs of fructification, the most simple in the plant kingdom, seem to consist of an undivided vesicle enclosing granules.

- plantae fructificatione amentiformi; flosculi axin communem obtegunt; plants with an amentiform fructification (inflorescence); the flowerlets covering a common axis.

- semina omnia fertilia; ea in circumferentià fructificationis, apice marginata; in centro, nuda (Necker), the seeds all fertile; those on the circumference of the fructification, bordered at the apex, in the center, naked.


- discus communis, fructificationem sustinens, palceaceus (Necker), the disc common [i.e. possessed by all], supporting [check] the fructification [i.e. fruiting organs], paleaceus [i.e. chaffy].

- Discus communis, quo elevatur fructificatio, paleaceus (Necker), the disc is common [i.e. possessed by all], by which the fructification [i.e. fruiting organs] are elevated, paleaceous [i.e. chaffy].

- umbellaeformem fructificationem (Necker), the fructification [i.e. fruiting parts] umbelliform.

- flosculi laterales fructificationis, masculi (Necker), the florets of the fructification [i.e. fruiting parts] lateral, male.

- in omnibus fructifications partibus (Necker), in all the parts of the fructification [i.e. fruiting body].

- commentarium de foecundatione vegetabilium; de eorum seminibus, aliisque fructificationis partibus , &c. in-4. absque iconibus Mannh. 1784 (Necker), commentary on plant fertilization [i.e. on the fertilization of plants]; on their seeds and other parts of the fructification [i.e. fruit body or fruiting structure], &c. in 4 [sc. volumes] lacking illustrations.

- elytriculi staminiferi, periphaeriam centrumque fructificationis occupantes (Necker), the stamen-bearing florets occupying the periphery and center of the fructification [i.e. fruit-body].

- semina ambitus fructificationis , nulla; centri, fertilia , pappo setaceo terminata (Necker), the seeds of the circumference of the fructification [i.e. fruit-body] none; of the center, fertile, terminated by a setaceous pappus.

Double Fructification: “dimorphic fructification in Algae” (Jackson): fructificatio duplex (-icis, adj.B), abl. sg. fructificatione duplici; fructificatio dimorphica or dimorpha, abl. sg. fructificatione dimorphica; nom. pl. fructificationes dimorphicae or dimorphae.


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