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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Fons (s.m.III), gen. sg. fontis, abl. sg. fonte, nom. & acc. pl. fontes, gen. pl. fontium: spring of water, fountain-head, well; “a flow of water issuing from the ground, spring; a spring found by digging, a well; waters of a river, sea; the source of head waters of a river” (Glare); also source, origin, “of the source from which a thing is derived; the source as of a foundation or basic principle” (Glare); cf. scaturigo,-iginis (s.f.III), a spring 'of bubbling, gushing, spouting water;' see spring (water);

- in fonte sulphurata, in a sulphur spring.

- fontes calidi (adj.A), abl. pl. fontibus calidis: hot springs, spa, bath.

- fons philosophiae, fons juris, fountain of philosophy, origin of the law.

- ad fossas et fontes (DeCandolle), on ditches and wells.

- prope Mediolanum ubi fontis parietem domus campestris cujusdam obducit (C. Mueller), near Milan where it covers over the wall of a well of a certain rural [i.e. farm] house.

- in fontibus et rivulorum parietibus lapideis per Europam calidiorem et temporatam (C. Mueller), on springs and creeks with stoney banks throughout warmer and temperate Europe.

- ad ripas et clivos montis calcarei prope fontes calidos, on [stream] banks and the slopes of a calcareous mountain near hot springs.

- fons fluminis Amazonis, source of the Amazon river.

- in locis humidis rupestribus, ad fontes rivulosque sylvestres praesertim, rarius in paludibus (Mueller), in moist, rocky places, at woodland streams and brooks especially, more rarely in swamps.

- Patria. Prom. bon. spei monte tabulari ad fontem: Ecklon; Dutoitskloof ad cataractam 1600' alt. (Mueller), native land. Cape of Good Hope; at a spring, at Table Mountain: Ecklon: Dutoitskloof at the cataract, 16-- feet in altitude.

- species 1, v. auctoribus nonnullis 3, in fontibus uliginosisque regionum frigidiorum v. temperatarum utriusque orbis crescentes (B&H), species one, or by some authors 3, in springs and swampy places of colder regions or temperate one growing in both [the Old and New Worlds].

- ad scaturigines et fontes in aquis vadosis locisqae inundatis Europae Occident. (DeCandolle), at bubbling waters and wells, in shallow waters and inundated places of western Europe.

- (fungus) [Sphaeria carpophila, ‘fruit-loving’] in pericarpiis nucum Fagi dejectis semiputribus udis juxta fontes rivulosque (S&A), on the pericarpia of fallen half-rotted beech nuts, in moist places [sc. locis] beside springs and brooks.

- In silvis montanis a fontibus fluminis Barwan usque ad sinum Apollo Bay (F. Mueller), in mountain forests from the headwaters of the Barwan river to the bay, Apollo Bay.

- in pulvinis muscorum ad cataractas et fontes rupium altissimarum secus ripam superiorem sinistram fluvii Victoriae (F. Mueller), on pillows of mosses at the cataracts and springs of the highest rocks [i.e. cliffs] along the upper left bank of the river of Victoria.

- sal marinum cum terra tanta quantitate mixtum ut fontes aquarum dulcium longe infrequentiores quam salsi, et nitraria naturalia non desunt etiam abundantissima (Desf.), sea salt is mixed in quantity with so much earth that (ground) springs of fresh water are far less frequent that salty ones, and [places for digging] native nitron [i.e. natron] are not lacking, they are even very abundant.


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