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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

-fidus,-a,-um (adj.A): in L. comp., divided (usually within the outer third of the structure or organ); same as ‘fissus: ‘divided half-way; usually into a determinate number of segments. We say bifidus, split in two; trifidus, in three; and so on. When the segments are very numerous Multifidus is used” (Lindley); [> L. findo, fidi, fissum, 3., to split, cleave, separate, divide]; cf. fissus,-a,-um (part.A); see -sectus,-a,-um (part.A); see multifidus,-a,-um (adj.A),“cut half way into many segments” (Lindley); see -parted;

NOTE: partitus,-a,-um (part.A): “divided nearly to the base” (Lindley); “divided into a determinate number of segments, which extend nearly to the base of the part to which they belong” (Lindley).

- [Silene] petalorum limbo ad tertiam partem bifido ecoronato, (Boissier), with the limb of the petals bifid to the third part [i.e. by a third], lacking a corona.

- bifidus, forked, divided into 2 parts; trifidus, divided into 3 parts; decemfidus, 10-cleft; multifidus, much divided; palmatifidus, palmately divided. MORE BETTER to do pinnatifidus, divided like a feather.

- quinquefidus,-a,-um (adj.A): five-cleft, quinquefid.

- calyx 5-fidus v. 4-5-partitus, saepe persistens et fructus basin amplectens (B&H), calyx 5-divided or 4-5 parted, often persistent and surrounding the base of the fruit.

- perianthiis radiatis subglobosis circa 10-fidis albidis apice cohaerentibus, with the perianths radiate subglobose around 10-divided whitish at the apex cohering.

- valvis integris bifidisve, with valves entire or split in two (2-fid).

- amphigastrium plerumque profunde quadrifidum, amphigastrium usually deeply quadrifid.

- pinnatifidus,-a,-um (adj.A): pinnatifid, pinnately divided.

- calyx inaequaliter 5-6-fidus v. 0, calyx unequally 5-6-divided or not.

- pinnis asymmetricis pinnatisectis vel pinnatifidis, with pinnae asymmetrical pinnatisect or pinnatifid.

- stigma penicillato-multifidum, stigma divided into many parts in the form of a brush (Stearn).

- flores saepius in racemos terminales simplices v. bifidos dispositi (B&H), the flowers arranged more often in simple or two-cleft terminal racemes.

- sépala 5, valde imbrieata, integra v. apice bifida (B&H), the sepals 5, strongle imbricate, entire or bifid at the apex.

- squamae petaloideae breves, 5-6 bifidae (v. ex Labill. 10-12 integrae) (B&H), the scales petaloid, short, 5-6, two-cleft (or according to Labill. 10-12, entire).

- folia alterna, integra v. dentata, rarissime pinnatifida v. trífida (B&H), leaves alternate, entire or dentate, very rarely pinnatifid or tri-fid.

bipinnatifidus,-a,-um (adj.A): “when both the primary and secondary segments of a leaf are pinnatifid” (Lindley); “twice or doubly pinnatifid” (Fernald 1950), twice pinnately cleft.

palmatifidus,-a,-um (adj.A): palmately [i.e. from a central place associated with the petiole] divided in the outer third of a structure, such as a leaf;

- folia sparsa, carnosula, 3-fida v. palmatifida (B&H), leaves sparse, somewhat fleshy, 3-divided [i.e. in the outer third of the leaf] or palmately-fid [in the outer third].

peltatifidus,-a,-um (adj.A): peltatifid, “a peltate leaf cut into subdivisions” (Lindley).

Fissidens,-entis (s.m.III) Hedw., a moss with divided peristome teeth.

NOTE: -sectus,-a,-um (part.A): in L. comp. cut, cut through, as all the way to the midrib; cf. fissus,-a,-um (part.A): cleft, split or divided half-way;

- dentes peristomii 16, usque ad basem fissi, teeth of the peristome 16, to the base divided.

NOTE: tripinnatifid, tripinnatisect, pinnately cleft or divided three times: tripinnatifidus,-a,-um (adj.A), tripinnatisectus,-a,-um (part.A), tripinnatipartitus,-a,-um (part.A).

NOTE: in - pinnatifid, or -sect, the organ, such as a leaf, is only partly cut or incised, whereas in ‘pinnate’ the organ is completely divided, as into leaflets.

NOTE: pinnatifid, pinnately cleft or lobed half the distance or more to the midrib, but not reaching the midrib.

NOTE: pedatifidus,-a,-um (adj.A), pedatisectus,-a,-um (part.A): pedate, cut like a bird's foot, that is, with a few divisions radiating from a common center.


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