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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Fiber: fibra,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. fibra, nom. pl. fibrae, acc. pl. fibras, abl. pl. fibris [> L. fibra,-ae (s.f.I) a fiber, filament, q.v.; in an animal's body, a nerve, entrails]; see thread;

Fiber (Eng.noun): “a thread or a structure or object resembling a thread: as, a slender root (as of a grass) …; an element that imparts strength, body, or substance; basic toughness, durability, strength” (WIII); as opp. to e.g. the villus,-I (s.m.II), a long, weak or soft hair.

Fibra,-ae (s.f.I), “1. (in plants) a radical [i.e. basal] or sheathing leaf, bade (of grasses, etc.)… 2. One of the subdivisions of a plant’s root, a fiber, fibril. 3. A fold, lobe, division, section, segment (of anything divided by fissures). 4. A lobe (of the liver or lungs, one of the folds or sections (of the intestions. 5 (pl. the entrails, viscers; the bowels (of the earth)” (Glare);

- bulborum tunicae tandem infibras parallelas apicem versus vel in totum solutae, of the bulbs the tunics at length into fibers parallel towards the tip or entirely breaking up.

- vitta fibrarum seriebus 2-3 formata, band formed from 2-3 series of fibers (Stearn).

- petioli vagina mox in fibras dissoluta, with the sheath of the petiole soon separated into fibers.

- pericarpio fibroso, fibris in vittas latas anastomosantes contextis (B&H), with a fibrous pericarpium, with fibers woven together into broad anastomosing bands.

- haec structura praecipue evidens est in cellulis magnis Confervae melagonii, C. crassae, etc., in quibus fibrae in fasciculos nonnullos principales contorquentur (Agardh), this structure is expecially evident in the large cells of Conferva melagonii, C. crassae, etc., in which.the fibers are twisted into several main fascicles.

- et ex his denuo in fibras plus minus simplices, spatia inter fasciculos relicta implentes, separantur (Agardh), and from these once more are separated into more or less simple [i.e. unbranched] fibers, filling the space left between the fascicles.

- fibrarum extremitates passim expallidae in tegumentum quoddam reliqui fungi hinc illinc confluentes observatae, the extremities of the fibers everywhere extremely pale, observed running together here and there into some covering of the remnant fungus.

- radice fibris cylindricis constanlc (Boissier), with the root composed of cylindric fibers.

- radice fibrosa ad collum haud incrassata, fibris extremitate tumescentibus (F. Mueller), with the root fibrous, not thickened at the neck, with the fibers swelling at the end.

Fibra acicularis (adj.B), nom. pl. fibrae aciculares: “fibrous cells or raphidines, occurring in Acanthaceae” (Jackson); see raphid.
Fiber, small, fibril, q.v.: fibrilla,-ae (s.f.I), abl. sg. fibrilla;

- pileo et disco fibrillis radiatis fuscis ornato, with pileus and disc with radiate fucsous fibrills decorated.

- radice cylindrico - fasciculata, foliis radicalibus basi fibrillis foliorum antiquorum vestitis (Boissier), with the root cylindric-fasciculate, with the basal leaves clothed in the fibrils of the old leaves.

- radices crassae fasciculato-fibrosae , amethystini coloris, fibrillis luteis(DeCandolle), the roots thick, fibrous in fascicles, of an amethyst color, with the fibrils yellow.

- epicarpio cum endocarpio fibris tantum connexo (B&H), with the epicarp with the endocarp only by fibers connected.

Elementary Fiber: “that thread which is turned round the interior of the tubes that are called spiral vessels, or of any similar kind of tissue” (Lindley): fibra elementaria (adj.A), fibra elementicia (adj.A).
Fiber, a very small (fibrilule): fibrillula,-ae (s.f.I), abl. sg. fibrillula.


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