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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

evanescens,-entis (part.B), evanidus,-a,-um (adj.A): evanescent, vanishing, passing away, quickly disappearing or fading, lasting only a short time, fugitivus,-a,-um (adj.A) (q.v.), fugacious, q.v., transitory, ephemeral, short-lived, withering or falling off quickly; fleeting [> L. evanesco, evanui, 3. to vanish or pass away, to disappear, to die away; to sink into oblivion; to lose its effect (Lewis & Short)]; see fugax,-acis (adj.B); see ephemeral; see disappearing;

NOTE: ‘evanidus,-a,-um (adj.A)’ is often used in bryology for the costa, or midrib of the leaf, disappearing before the apex, in association with excurrent, percurrent, and subpercurrent, q.vv.;

evanescit: 3d. pers. sg. pres. act. indic. [he/she] it disappears, vanishes, dies away.

- [moss] costis in apicem elongatum evanescentibus, with the costae into an elongate apex vanishing.

- folia ineunte vere cito evanescentia, the leaves with the onset of spring quickly passing away.

- [fungi] villus tegmineus detritus paullatim et evanidus pulverem denudat opace viridem, ad latera diutius persistens (S&A); the villus [i.e. villocity or hair-covering] that serves to cover, when little by little worn away and having disappeared exposes a darkly green powder, persisting longer on the sides.

- costa subpercurrens, in foliis superioris in subula evanida, costa subpercurrent, in the upper leaves disappearing into a subula.

- folia longe ante anthesin evanida, leaves vanishing long before anthesis.

- squamae minutae, hyalinae, tenerrimae, facile evanidae (Steph.), scales minute, hyaline, very delicate, easily disappearing.

- [Cruciferae] septo latissime fenestrato, demum evanido (B&H), with the septum very broadly windowed, eventually falling away.

- costis subito evanidis, with the costae suddenly (i.e. abruptly) disappearing.

- residuum septi evanescentis furcatum (F.Mueller), the residue of the evanescent septum forked.

- FUIRENA squamellas hypogynas 3, latae, saepe stipitatae, interdum cum setis totidem alternantes, rarius minutae v. evanidae (B&H), hypogynous [i.e. seated below the ovary] squamellas 3, wide, often stalked, sometimes alternating with as many bristles, more rarely minute or ephemeral [i.e. not lasting long].

- [lichen] quoque ad ligna quercina, sicut typus Acharii, sed thallo evanescente vel nonnisi macula diffusa alba indicato (Nyl.), and also on oak woods, just as Acharius’ type, but with the thallus disappearing or only revealed by a spreading white spot.

- semina drupaeformia pericarpio evanido nudata in Caulophyllo; intra substantiam pulposam v. cellulosam endocarpii immersa in Lardizabaleis nonnullis (B&H), the seeds like a drupe, laid bare with an ephemeral pericarpium in Caulophyllum; immersed within the pulpy or cellulose substance of the endocarpium in some Lardizabaleae.

- [moss] costa valida calli instar limbum folii percurrente et ante apicem evanida (DozyMoek), with the costa robust like a callus, extending throughout the limb [i.e. expanded portion] of the leaf and vanishing before the apex

evanescant: third-person plural present active subjunctive, they may/might disapear, vanish;

- [fungi] pilei membranacei, quasi papyracei, plicabiles, plus minus longitudinaliter plicati, elastici simul, distensiles ita, ut plicae evanescant fere, at membrana dein relaxata illico restituantur (S&A), pileus membranaceous, as if papery, able to be pleated [i.e. folded], more or less longitudinally plicate, at the same time it is elastic, and so, able to be distended, so that the plicae [i.e. folds] almost disappear, and, when the membranes are relaxed, may at once be restored [i.e. to their original condition].

evanescenti-venosus,-a,-um (adj.A): “when lateral veins disappear within the margin” (Lindley); cf. evanidinervius,-a,-um (adj.A).

Eriogonum evanidum Reveal, the Vanishing Wild Buckwheat, a species that is presumed extinct.


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