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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Dissepiment, “the partitions in a fruit caused by the adhesion of the sides of carpellary leaves” (Lindley); a partition, that which separates, as that between the pores of a polypore; a wall or partition between adjacent locules of an ovary, pericarp or fruit, “caused by the adhesion of the sides of carpellary leaves” (Jackson): dissepimentum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. dissepimento, nom. & acc. pl. dissepimenta, dat. & abl.pl. dissepimentis; also dissaepimentum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. dissaepimento; see septum, -i (s.n.II), replum,-i (s.n.II), wall; see trabecula;

- dissepimentum cellularum suffultoriarum submedianum, submedian wall of support (suffultory) cells.

- dissepimenta frequenter granulata, end walls frequently granulate.

- capsulae dissepimenta ad angulum internum longe plumosa (B&H), dissepiments of the capsule at the inner angle long plumose.

- capsula (a nobis non visa) 2-locularis, dissepimento contrarie compressa, loculicide 2-valvis (B&H), the capsule (by us not seen) 2-locular, with the dissepiment compressed in an opposite direction, loculicidally 2-valved.

- ovula plurima, placentis crassiusculis in medio dissepimento adnata (B&H), ovules many, adnate to the somewhat thick placentas in the middle dissepiment.

- ovarium liberum v. basi leviter disco immersum, 1-loculare v. dissepimentis ad apicem non attingentibus imperfecte 3-5-loculare, rarissime collateraliter 3-loculare (B&H), ovary free or ar the base lightly immersed with the disc, 1-locular or with the dissepiments not reaching to the apex, imperfectly 3-5-locular, very rarely collaterally 3-locular.

copulativus,-a,-um (adj.A): or or pertaining to connecting, copulative; “[obsol.] those dissepiments are thus called which do not separate well from either the axis or walls of a pericarp” (Lindley).

semiseptatus,-a,-um (adj.A): “half-partitioned. Having a dissepiment which does not project into the cavity to which it belongs sufficiently to cut it off into two separate cells” (Lindley; also Jackson).

NOTE: dissepimentum spurium (adj.A), abl. sg. dissepimento spurio: spurious dissepiment, “a partition not having that origin” i.e. from the adhesion of the sides of carpellary leaves (Jackson); septum (s.n.II) spurium, abl. sg. septo spurio, appears to be a synonym, according to Bentham & Hooker;

- septis spuriis cum endocarpio continuis transverse divisus, et tunc nonnunquam maturitate in articulos monospermos secedens (B&H), with spurious septa continuous with the endocarp transversly divided, and at that time sometimes at maturity separating into monospermous segments.

- ovarium nunc septis spuriis placentas connectentibus divisum (B&H), the ovary sometimes separated by false septa connecting the placentas.

- fructus 2-10-locularis, v. abortu 1-locularis, v. loculis inter semina dissepimentis spuriis longitudinaliter v. transversim divisis oo-locularis (B&H). fruit 2-10-locular, or by abortion 1-locular, or with the locules among the seeds with spurious dissepimenta longitudinally or transversally divided, [indeterminate]-locular.

- ovarium 1-loculare v. dissepimentis spuriis divisum placentis parietalibus. (B&H), ovary 1-locular or by false dissepiments divided by parietal placentae.

- ovarium spurie 2-loculare placentis nerviformibus dissepimento spurio connexis (B&H), the ovary spuriously 2-locular with the nerviform placentae connected by a false dissepiment.

- placentae dissepimento spurio saepius connexae (B&H), the placentae more often connected by a false dissepiment.

NOTE: nerviform may relate to the term nervalis: nervalis,-e (adj.B):“1. synonym of loculicidal, the dehiscence being along the mid-rib of the carpels; 2. relating to the midrib of a leaf, as a prolongation of it - as a tendril” (Jackson).


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