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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

determinatus,-a,-um (part.A): determinate, definite in outline [> L. de-termino,-avi,-atum, 1. to limit, determine, prescribe; to enclose within a boundary or limit];

1. limited in number or extent; “with a definite number” (Fernald 1950);

2. bearing a terminal organ, as in an inflorescence when a branch ends in a flower bud; “in an inflorescence with a single terminal flower opening before those below, as in a cyme” (Fernald 1950); “of indefinite growth, as a theoretical racemose inflorescence” (Fernald 1950);

3. “to discover the taxonomic position (of a plant or animal)’ to ascertain the generic and specific names of (WIII), to identify taxonomically; determined: to be able to identify or determine the genus, species or other taxonomic category to which a specimen or group of specimens belongs; opp. indeterminatus,-a,-um (part.A), q.v.; cf. variable; see ‘infinity sign;’

- ab Radula cordiloba longitudine determinata ramorum differt, it differs from Radula cordiloba by the length of the branches determinate.

- inflorescentiis determinatis, with the inflorescences determinate.

- petala v. 1-2-serialia sepalis dissimilia, v. 2-oo-serialia sepalis gradatim mutata (B&H), petals either in 1-2 rows, dissimilar to the sepals, or 2-[indeterminate]-rowed, gradually changed into sepals.

- stamina oo, v. si definita perianthii 3-oo-serialis seriebus interioribus opposita (B&H), stamens [indeterminate], or if definite, the stamens of the perianth 3-[indeterminate]-rowed opposite to the inner series.

- stamina oo v. definita (B&H), stamens [indeterminate] or definite.

- ovula oo (pauca) v. reversa in Celastrineis perpaucis (B&H), (ovules [indeterminate] (few) or reversed in very few Celastrineae [sc. species].

- stamina definita v. oo (B&H), stamens definite or [indeterminate].

- fructus 1-oo-coccus (B&H), fruit 1-[indeterminate]-berried.

- plerumque valde gregarium, in acervum aliquot unclarum quandoque confertum, situ indeterminato, usually strongly gregarious, in several clusters unclear whenever close together, with the [substrate] unidentified.

- sed deficientibus descriptionibus certi nil determinare possumus (B&H), but we are able with deficient descriptions to determine nothing [with certitude].

- species fere omnes in speciminibus exsiccatis difficillime determinandae. (B&H), almost all the species in dried-out specimens must be determined with the utmost difficulty.

- ad quamnam vero species Ludwigiana trahenda sit e descriptione quatuor verbis data difficillimum profecto est determinatu, to what on earth Ludwigian species, really, it might have been treated from a description given with four words, it is extremely difficult for an effective determination.

- (algae) dispositio semper per spiras continuas, nunquam per cyclos (verticillos) determinatos; forma plus minusve foliacea expansa, thecis antheriferis saepe numerosis, unde similitudo quaedam cum bracteis sporangiophoris Lycopodii, sporophyllis Equiseti etc. (Braun), the regular arrangement always through continuous spirals, never through definite whorls (verticils); the expanded, more or less leaf-like form, the anther-bearing thecae often numerous, whence a kind of similarity with the sporangiophore bracts of Lycopodium, the sporophyls of Equisetum, etc.

NOTE: determinate growth: “growth in which the axis being limited by the development of the terminal flower bud or other reproductive structure does not continue to elongate indefinitely (as in a cymose inflorescence and in certain mosses); growth that proceeds only during part of the vegetative season and then ceases” (WIII); (bryophytes) growth that is limited, as in leafy liverworts where the apical cell is used up in producing archegonia” (Crum 1919):

- crescentia,-ae (s.f.I), determinata; cf. indeterminate growth;

- semper incrementum determinatum ostendenti, always showing determinate growth.


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