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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

deciduous: deciduus,-a,-um (adj.A) 'that which falls down,' falling off or away, shed periodically, not persistent, not evergreen; “finally falling off; as the calyptra and corolla of Crucifers” (Lindley); “falling in season, as petals fall after flowering, or leaves in autumn, evergreens excepted” (Jackson); (in mosses) “shedding of the operculum” (Magill 1990); [> L. decido,-cidi, 3. (de + cado) to fall down], caducus,-a,-um (adj.A), q.v., 'that which has fallen or is failing;' cf. fugax,-acis (adj.B), withering or falling off quickly (Stearn 1996); see fallen; see ephemeral, see fragile, fugacious; opp. evergreen, q.v.; opp. persistent, q.v.;

- in maturitate calycis lobis deciduis (non in maturitate calycis lobis praesentibus), at maturity, with the lobes of the calyx deciduous (not at maturity with the lobes of the calyx present).

- cortex super quovis poro in ostiolum hemisphaericum, globulo cirrhulove spermatico nigro demum deciduo paullo post coronatum, plerumque elevatur, the cortex above to any place whatever is usually elevated [by a pore] into a hemispheric ostiole, somewhat later crowned with a black reproductive globule or cirrhulus that is ultimately deciduous.

- praeter ligna Pruni domesticae arida etiam in ramis alneis deciduis hinc inde occurrit, besides the dried wood of Prunus domesticus also on fallen Alder branches it occurs here and there.

- sepala usque ad apicem in tubum persistentem v. superne deciduum ovario adnatum coalita (B&H), the sepals fused to the apex into a persistent tube or above deciduous tube adnate to the ovary.

- stipulae v. 0 v. petioli adnatae aliformes et cito deciduae (B&H), stipules either none or wing-shaped adnate to the petiole and quickly deciduous.

- folia sempervirentia v. decidua (B&H), leaves evergreen or deciduous.

- carpella maturitate decidua (B&H), carpels at maturity deciduous.

- sepala valvata v. rarius imbricata, persistentia v. decidua (B&H), sepals valvate or more rarely imbricate, persistent or deciduous.

- sepala et petala conferruminata, calyptratim decidua (B&H), sepals and petals fused together, deciduous in the manner of a calyptra [or cap].

- sépala et pétala in massam conicam calyptratim a pedunculi apice (seu tubo perianthii) turbinato deciduam conferruminata.(B&H), sepals and petals fused into a conical mass in the manner of a cap deciduous from the turbinate apex of the peduncle (or from the tube of the perianth).

- pappi setae distinctae v. basi annulo cum iis deciduo inserta.(B&H), the bristles of the pappus separate or at the base inserted into an ring [= annulus] deciduous with them.

- receptaculum epaleaceum v. paleis deciduis instructum. (B&H), the receptacle is without paleae or provided with deciduous paleae.

- achaenia calva paleis cum iis deciduis involuta (B&H), achenes hairless, enveloped by the paleae, deciduous with them.

- receptaculum nudum v. foveolatum, v. rarius paleis nonnullis deciduis inter flores instructum. (B&H), receptacle naked or foleolate or more rarely provided with some deciduous paleae among the flowers.

- bracteis ovatis acutis minimis citissime deciduis, with the bracts ovate acute very small very quickly deciduous.

- appendice brevi basi hirsuto post anthesin cito deciduo, with the appendage short hirsute at the base, after the period of flowering quickly deciduous.

NOTE: for deciduous forest see frondosus,-a,-um (adj.A).

Aestatisilvae,-arum (pl.f.I), abl. pl. aestatisilvis (silva,-ae (s.f.I), a wood): deciduous forests, that is, that lose their foliage in winter and are leafed out in summer; opp. hiemisilvae,-arum (silva, a wood): woods in which the trees shed their leaves in the dry summer season (Jackson), hence, with foliage in winter.

Sylva (s.f.I) caducifolia (adj.A), deciduous forest.

indeciduus,-a,-um (adj.A): not deciduous.


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