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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

coronatus,-a,-um (part.A): crowned, wreathed; “furnished with a coronet [i.e. corona,-ae (s.f.I), q.v.]; also in the sense of ‘coronans,”-antis (part.B), q.v. (Lindley), “crowned, having a corona” (Jackson); often used of the pappus at the apex of a seed (achene);

- semina pappo coronata (Necker), the seeds crowned with a pappus.

- bacca globosa, calycis limbo coronata, berry globose, crowned with the limb of the calyx.

- bacca spongiosa, aculeata, irregulariter rupta, sepalis persistentibus coronata (B&H), berries spongy, prickly, irregularly ruptured, crowned with persistent sepals.

- calyx tubulatus 4-partitus, fauce squamis petaloideis coronata (DeCandolle), the calyx somewhat tubular, 4-parted, with the throat crownded with petaloid scales.

- torus floris expansus nunc in conum inversum ovaria in eo semi-immersa gerentem, nunc in urceolum ovaria includentem et stigmatibus coronatum (DeCandolle), the torus of the flower expanded, sometimes into an inversed cone bearing the ovaries half-immersed in it, sometimes enclosing the ovaries into an urceolus and crowned with the stigmas.

- herba rhizomate perenni, collo vaginis foliorum vetustis suberosis coronato (B&H), herb with a perennial rhizome, with the neck crowned with the somewhat erose old sheathes of leaves.

- ovarium syncarpium, inferum, disco coronatum (B&H), the ovary a syncarpium, inferior, crowned with a disc.

- [moss] theca globosa sessili apice mamillata tenui coronata (rubra), (C. Mueller), with the theca globose, sessile, crowned (red)with a thin, mamillate apex.

- [Bryum; moss] theca propria illi Br. atropurpurei similis sed ad insertionem pedunculi torosa veluti coronata (C. Mueller), the characteristic theca is similar to that of Bryum atropurpureum, but it is as if crowned at the insertion of the peduncle with a protuberance.

- [fungus] ostiolum hemisphaericum , globulo cirrhulove spermatico nigro demum deciduo paullo post coronatum (S&A), the ostiole herispheric, crowned with a (dull) black reproductive globule or cirrhulus, then a little afterward deciduous.

- [fungus] nos saltem hujusmodi cirrhulos, resumto post nocturnam quietem examine, juxta ora semipatula, per effluxum procul dubio, recubantes conspeximus eorumdem speciminum, quae vespera praecedente vasculo suo semi-emerso coronata animadverteramus (S&A), we ourselves, at least, had noticed cirrhuli of this kind, by an examination taken up again after the nightly stillness, beside the half-spread openings, [due to an efflux [i.e. an outflowing], beyond doubt, we had observed them lying on the back of the same specimens, which we had observed on the preceding evening, crowned with their own semi-emersed vasculum [i.e. seed-capsule].

- [fungus] farina ista sphaerulas alias totas farctas, alias jam evacuatas villi ad instar coronatas deprehendimus (S&A), we observe some entire sphaerules packed with that farina [i.e. powder], others, already evacuated, as though crowned with a villus [i.e. shaggy growth].

- [fungus] ostiola elongata, in exemplis plurimis glebula pendula gelatinae induratae sordide flavicantis subglobosa vel irregulari coronata (S&A), ostioles elongate, inmost specimens crowned with the pendulous glebule [i.e. lump] of an indurated dirtily yellowish gelatin, nearly globose or irregular [i.e. shapeless].

- [fungi] eorum apices obtusi, subtruncati, alii papilla prominente glabra coronati, alii poro rimulave conspicui (S&A), the apices of these obtuse, somewhat truncate, some crowned with a prominent papilla, others conspicuous with a pore or fissure.

- [Sphaeria; fungus] laciniis epidermidis totidem triangulis subaequalibus stellatim fissis ac retroflexis quasi corona cincta (S&A), with the laciniae of the epidermis just as many triangular as nearly equal, stellately split and bent backwars as if encircled by a crown.

Coronate Papillae, “growths with an appearance of crown-like cells at their apex (Solereder)” (Jackson): papilla,-ae (s.f.I) coronata.

ecoronatus,-a,-um (adj.A): lacking a corona;

- [Silene] petalorum limbo ad tertiam partem bifido ecoronato, (Boissier), with the limb of the petals bifid to the third part [i.e. by a third], lacking a corona.

- fauce ecoronata (F. Mueller), with the throat lacking a corona.

hippocrepicoronatus,-a,-um (adj.A): crowned with a horse-shoe; see hippocrepiformis,-e (adj.B);

- embryon ex endopleurae figura hippocrepicorenatum (F. Mueller), the embryo [> embryon (s.n.II)], from [i.e. on account of, due to] the shape of the endopleura, is horse-shoe-crowned.

Bryum coronatum Schwaegr. “the name of the species refers to its most distinctive feature, the curiously rounded neck of the capsule, which Schwaegrichen likened to a crown” (C&A); Polytrichum coronatum.

Bryum coronatum: theca nutans dolioliformi-oblonga brunnea parva basi haud collosa sed aequalis (C. Mueller), the theca nodding, dolioliform [i.e. shaped like a small barrel]-obtuse, brown, small, at the base hardly collose [i.e. with a large neck] but symmetrical.


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