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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Commissure, the place, point or line of union between two parts or bodies, as a line joining two peristome teeth; the plane of coherence of the two carpels or mericarps in fruits of the Umbelliferae; {fungus) “a closing join; a seam” (Ainsworth & Bisby); in Sphagnum, the margins of hyaline cells where an apparent seam is formed by the adjoining narrow green cells; “junction; e.g., in leaves of Sphagnum, the seam between adjacent walls of hyalocysts and chlorocysts” (Magill); a joint, seam, closure, a connecting or connection: commissura,-ae (s.f.I), abl. sg. commissura, nom. pl. commissurae, acc. pl. commissuras, dat. & abl. pl. commissuris 'a joining or connecting together; a band, knot, joint, seam, juncture' [> L. committo,-misi,-missum, 3., to unite, connect, combine + -ura]; cf. raphe,-es (s.f.I), a seam or suture, especially in Diatoms; see seam, suture; note that any organ with valves with most likely have a commissure at their juncture;

- valvis aetate omnino solutis ad commissuram (F. Mueller), with the valves with age [i.e. after the passage of time] completely separated at the commissure.

- cellulae hyalinae in superficie convexa commissuras secus poris numerosis, hyaline cells on the convex surface along the commissures with numerous pores.

- sepala marginibus commissurae incrassatis albidis quasi vittam formantia (F. Mueller), sepals with the margins of the commissures thickened, whitish as if [the sepals] forming a stripe.

- Valleculae interiores 3 exteriores 4-vittatae. Commissura utrinque 2-vittata, vitta interiori lata. Carpophorum integrum liberum (Boissier), the inner valleculae 3, the outer ones 4-vittate [i.e. with oil-bearing fistulae]. The commisure on both sides 2-vittate, the inner vitta broad. The carpophore entire, free.

- fructus maturi paulo majoris aculeis brevioribus crassioribus, commissura utrinque evidentius aculeolata (Boissier), the mature fruits somewhat larger with shorter, thicker spines, with the commisure on both sides more evidently with small prickles.

- [Flindersia] capsula magna subvelutina lignosa tuberculis subconicis fere asqualiter echinata, valvis aetate basin versus cohaerentibus ad commissuram tuberculato-asperis (F. Mueller), the capsule large, somewhat velutinous, woody, nearly evenly echinate with subconic tubercles, with the valves in age toward the base coherent to the tuberculate-roughened commissure [i.e. suture or seam].

- [Sphagnum] pori ad commissuras elliptici, the pores at the commissures elliptic.

- [Sphagnum] dorso nonnunquam pseudopori minutissimi multi in series breves ad commissuras dispositi (Warnst.) on the back sometimes many very minute pseudopores arranged in a short row on the commissures.

- [Sphagnum] dorso pori multi minuti annulati in series ad commissuras dispositi (Warnst.), on the back many minute annulate pores in a row deposited on the commissures.

- [Sphagnum] folia ramulina interiore superficie poris praesertim in cellularum angulis connatis, dorso consimilibus, hic illic etiam pseudoporis in series breves prope commissuras ordinatis instructa (Warnst.), branch leaves on the inner surface with fused pores in the angles of the cells, on the back [the pores] quite similar, here and there also provided with pseudopores arranged near the commissures.

- [Sphagnum] folia superne non serrulata, sicca vix undulata, interiore superficie poris multis in series ordinatis ad commissuras, dorso superne saepe pseudoporis in series breves ad commissuras dispositis instructa (Warnst., leaves above not serrulate, when dry scarcely undulate, on the interior surface with many pores in a row arranged on the commisures, on the back above often provided with pseudopores in a short series arranged on the commissures.


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