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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Coelum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. coelo, also caelum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. caelo: the sky, heaven, the vault of heavens; a climate, region, zone; the weather, atmosphere, temperature, the air; see air; see atmosphere; see sky; see weather; cf. Jovis,-is (s.m.III); cf. divum,-i (s.n.II); related to Gk. koilos: ‘hollow, vaulted, concave,’ hence the empty space between the earth and the vault of heaven;

- vesperascente coelo, in the evening twilight.

- caelum pingue et concretum (opp. caelum tenue et purum) (Cicero), a sky [thick, dense (as of air)] and condensed [i.e. overcast] (opp. a sky thin [i.e. fine] and pure [i.e. clean, cloudless].

- intemperies caeli, the inclemency of the weather.

- coelum hibernum, a wintery climate, sky or wintery weather.

- coelum austrinum, a southern clime or climate.

- caelum siccum, a rainless (i.e. dry) sky (opp. caelum imbridum, rainy sky).

- caelum hic, in quo nubes, imbres ventique coguntur, the atmosphere in this place in which the clouds, rains and winds are driven together.

- in quisquiliis vegetabilibus humi jacentibus hortorum, agrorum etc. coelo pluvio minime infrequens (S&A), on discarded plant rubbish on the ground of gardens, fields, etc., least infrequent in wet weather.

- caelum pice nigrius, a sky blacker than pitch.

- caelum imbridum, rainy sky or weather; caelum serenum, calm weather.

- [fungi] utramque var. mixtam alimus loco unico ad Abietum truncos radicesque coelo pluvio frequentem (S&A), we maintain each variety mixed in one place on the trunks and roots of Abies [sc. trees] frequent in rainy weather.

- in cortice pineo abunde habitat, perennis: vigentem vidimus coelo pluvio, Octobri, it abundantly dwells on pinebark, perennial; we saw it flourish in rainy weather in October.

- coelo pluvio autumali et praecipue aestivali, in autumn rainy weather and especially summer.

- pileus ex hemisphaerico planiusculus, acute (rarius obtusiuscule) umbonatus, coelo madido valde glutinosus, sereno sicciusculus (S&A), the pileus from hemisphaeric to somewhat flat, acutely (more rarely somewhat obtusely) umbonate, in wet weather strongly glutinous, in fair (weather) somewhat dry.

- (fungus) stipes aeque ac pileus coelo humente lubricus, solidus, valens , (S&A), the stipe just as the pileus in damp weather slimy [i.e. smooth and slippery], solid [i.e. dense], stout.

- stercora passim obtegit animalium variorum, locis humentibus sylvaticis vel alio modo umbrosis jacentia — succerdas , muscerdas etc. coelo praesertim madente (S&A), everywhere it covers over the droppings thrown down of various animals, in moist forest places or,in another place, only shady places - swine dung, mouse dung etc. primarily in wet weather.

- [fungi] pileus nunc laevis , nunc (coelo praesertim sereno) squamoso - tessellatus, the pileus sometimes smooth, sometimes (especially in calm weather) scaly-checkered [i.e. checkered with scales.

- [moss] sane in illis regionibus, campi depressi marique propiores tractus muscos nullos educare possunt, at in locis editioribus, quae frigidiore coelo crebrioribusque imbribus fruantur successu haud infelici quaerentur (Brid.), obviously in those regions, low plains and tracts [of land] nearer to the sea, are able to bring forth no mosses [i.e. are not capable of supporting any mosses], but in higher situations, which enjoy a colder climate and more frequent rains, they achieve a not unhappy success.

- legimus speciem pulchram epiphyllam, rarius epixylam, in acervis foliorum variorum exsiccatorum, coelo madente, Junio, Julio, Augusto (S&D), we collected the beautiful species epiphyllous, more rarely epixylous, on heaps of various dessicated leaves in wet weather in June, July, August.

- fiat justicia, ruat coelum, “let justice be done though the heavens fall;" justice must be done regardless of the consequences.

NOTE: toto coelo, Latin phrase, “by the whole of heaven;” the men differ ‘toto coelo,’ i.e. their dispositions are as opposite as the poles; = exceedingly, completely; toto caelo, “completely (by the width of the sky apart)” (Stearn);

- domatiis irregulariter circularibus vel ellipticis toto coelo apertisque, with the domatia irregularly circular or elliptic exceedingly open.

- a muscis vegetationis pleurocarpicae Rhizogonia toto coelo distant (C.Muell.), from the mosses of pleurocarpous growth, the Rhizogonia are totally distant.

NOTE: ad caeum: very much, ‘to heaven;’

- lianae ad caelum tendentes, lianas stretching out to the sky [i.e. ‘sky high’ i.e. very high].


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