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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

-coccous (Eng. adj. suffix), ‘composed of cocci:’ in L. or Gk. comp.:

Adjectives: in epithets: “plant having berries, seeds, or cocci (of a specified type); berry-shaped organism; having a (specified) mericarp [coccus]; having small, rounded bodies (of a specified type); see mericarp.

prefix: cocci- (L.), cocco- (Gk.):

- Quercus coccifera, the kermes oak, the ‘berry’ or galls set by insects on this tree were used for produce a scarlet dye (Liddell & Scott).

- coccophorus,-a,-um (adj.A): bearing cocci.

suffix: -coccus,-a,-um (adj.A).

Adjectives: in epithets: “plant having berries, seeds, or cocci (of a specified

- diplococcus,-a,-um (adj.A), with 2 cocci; tricoccus,-a,-um (adj.A): with 3 cocci, i.e. breaking into 3 one-seeded parts; “a fruit, consisting of three cocci, or elastically dehiscing shells” (Lindley).

- pentacoccus,-a,-um (adj.A): “composed of five cocci, or shells [=cells?], splitting with elasticity, and falling off a central axis or column” (Lindley); “with five cocci elastically splitting away from the main axis” (Jackson); see ‘-coccous (Eng. adj. suffix)’.

- tetracoccus,-a,-um (adj.A): tetracoccous, “having four cells elastically dehiscing and separating” (Lindley).

- Capsule (capsula,-ae (s.f.I): tricoccous, (capsula tricocca), “when a trilocular capsule appears as if three were grown together, as in the tea-shrub, Thea viridis, Euphorbia, Ricinus, &c.; a trilocular capsule. (Capsule) berried, (baccata), when the coat is fleshy and soft” (Willdenow).

- [Xylophylla (Phyllanthaceae)] capsula 3-gona, 3-sulca, sub-3-cocca somewhat 3-[mericarped, i.e. with common mericarps], 3-locularis, 6-valvis (Swartz), capsule 3-angled, -3-grooved, 3-locular, 6-valved

- [Euphorbia] capsula pedicellata, 3-cocca, subrotunda, 3-locularis (Swartz), capsule with a pedicel, with 3 mericarps, somewhat round, 3-locular.

- capsula subrotunda, 3-cocca, 3-loc. hirta (Swartz), capsule somewhat round, with 3 mericarps, 3 loculare, hirtous.

- [Euphorbia] capsula tricocca, capsule tricoccous [i.e. with three mericarps].

- capsula 3-cocca, 1. 3-gona, 3-locularis (Swartz), capsule with 3 mericarps, [l. = ‘vel’] = or 3-angled, with 3 locules.

- fructus 2-5-coccus, cocci globosi v. angulati, laeves v. reticulati v. late alati, indehiscentes (B&H), fruit with 2-5-mericarps, the mericarps globose or with angles, smooth or reticulate or broadly winged, indehiscent.

- capsula 3-cocca, 3-locularis; loculis extus callis duobus notatis, 1-spermis (Swartz), capsule with 3 meristems, 3-locular; with the locules marked externally with two callosities [i.e. hardened parts], 1-seeded.

- capsula oblonga, sub-3-gona, tandem 3-cocca, 3-locularis, 3-valvis (Swartz), capsule oblong, somewhat 3-angled, in the end, with 3 mericarps, 3-locular, 3-valved.

- capsula subglobosa, muricata v. echinata, rarissime laevis, septicide 5-cocca, coccis loculicide 2-valvibus 1-spermis, endocarpio elastice 2-lobo soluto v. semi-adnato (B&H), capsule nearly globose, muricate or echinate, very rarely even [i.e. smooth], septicidally 5-mericarpous, with the mericarps loculicidally 2-valved, 1-seeded, with the endocarpium separated elastically into 2-lobes or halfway adnate.

NOTE: in Lichens: -coccous may mean (the thallus) (coarsely) powdery or granulose, verrucose (-areolate), with surface granules, rounded protunerances.

Lecidia Sect. L. xanthococca Vain. (lichens), the covered substrate with a beaded or granulose appearance; Thelocarpon coccosporum Lett. in Fedde (lichen);

[Lichens] Coccocarpia,-ae (s.f.I), Endococcus,-i (s.m.II), Lichen cocciferus, Cladonia coccifera; Cenomyce coccifera; Scyphophorus cocciferus

- [Synalissa polycocca] Thallus niger granulosus effusus, in glomerulis granulans quasi areolatus, glomerulis polycarpis difformibus granulis cujusvis glomeruli invicem confluentibus, majoribus hemisphaericis fertilibus (Nylander), thallus (a shining) black, granulose [i.e. full of grains], outspread, becoming grainy in glomerules, as if areolate [i.e. marked into small areas), with the polycarpous [i.e. many-fruited] glomerules of different forms [i.e. misshapen] with the granules [i.e. constituent parts] of any of which glomerules in succession confluent, with the larger hemispheric ones fertile.


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