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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

coarctatus,-a,-um (part.A): “contracted; drawn close together” (Lindley); pressed together, close-set, squeezed in, squeezed in tight, constricted, narrowed; compressed; tightly packed together, crowded; occasionally applied to the strangulate capsules in the moss genera Orthotrichum and Ulota [> L. coarcto (coarto),-avi,-atum, 1., a crowding together; to make narrower; to bring closer together; to cause to converge; to constrict (an orifice or passage); to fit closely together; to crowd or pack together, confine in a narrow space; to pack (a place” (after Glare); see contracted; see tight; see wasp-waisted;

NOTE: this participle in recent Latin is generally used in place of the classical ‘artus,-a,-um (adj.A) or actus,-a,-um (adj.B), q.v.’ ‘Coarctatus’ derives from cum + arctus, ‘cum’ being an intensifier with the sense of ‘together.’ Hence the definitions of arctus,-a,-um (adj.A) also apply to ‘coarctatus’ but with a more intense sense. The adverb arcte, q.v., would be the adverb of ‘coarctatus;’ see arctus,-a,-um (adj.A);

- calycibus hirsutis, fructiferis ovatis fauce coarctatis (DeCandolle), with the calyces hirsute, the fruit-bearing ones ovate, close set to the throat.

- squamae, coarctata, in ambitu florum minime membranácea (Necker), the scales pressed close together, on the periphery of the flowers the least membranous.

- panicula contracta, elongata, racemis brevibus alternis coarctata (Swartz), the panicle contracted, elongate, close-set with racemes short, alternate.

- [Solidago] squamae perigynandae communis, coarctatae (Necker), the scales of the involuvre close-set.

- [Tussilago] squamulae basi, auctae, sphacelatae, coarctatae (Necker), the squamules at the base enlarged, sphacelate [i.e. gangrenous-looking], close set.

- [fungi] sphaerulis contiguis quidem, at non coarctatis (S&A), the sphaerules indeed contiguous, but not crowded.

- [moss] folia caulina in sterilibus decussata magis erecta, vel apicibus coarctata, caclerum elongate oblonga (C. Muell.), stem leaves in sterile [plants] decussate, more erect, or crowded together at the apices.

- [moss] Theca aequalis parva ore plus minus coarctata (C. Muell.), theca equal [i.e. symmetrical], small, more or less contracted at the mouth.

- [moss] theca in pedunculo elongato ovalis cylindrica sub ore coarctata (C. Muell.), the theca on an elongate seta, oval, cylindric constricted below the mouth.

- [moss] folia pallide olivacea, perichaetialia pauca in rosulam coarctatam congesta (C. Muell.), leaves pale olive, the perichaetial ones few, congested into a close-packed rosette.

- theca orificio coarctata, theca contracted at the orifice.

- theca sicca ore subcoarctata (C. Muell.), theca when dry somewhat constricted at the mouth.

- [moss] calyptra basi haud coarctata (C. Muell.), the calyptra at the base not narrowed.

- [moss] calyptra magna basi coarctata (C. Muell.) the calyptra large, narrowed [i.e. contracted] at the base.

- [moss] folia caulina e basi oblonga medio coarctata margine haud limbata (C. Muell.), the stem leaves oblong from the base, narrowed at the middle with the margine scarcely bordered.

ampullaceo-coarctatus,-a,-um (part.A): ampullaceous-constricted or contracted; contracted like an ampulla (i.e. a flask with a contracted neck);

- [moss] theca immersa elliptice oblonga, evacuata sicca ampullaceo-coarctata interdum infundibuliformi-urceolata (C. Muell.), the theca immersed, elliptically oblong, when empty when dry ampullaceous-contracted sometimes funnel-shaped-urceolate.

Cf. contiguus,-a,-um (adj.A): contiguous, touching or joining along boundaries often for considerable distances; nearby, close, not distant.

Bryum coarctatum, C. Muell., theca in pedunculo elongato gracili flexuoso ovali-cyiindrica utrinque attenuata ore constrica (C. Muell.), the theca on a slender elongate seta, oval-cylindric, narrowed on both sides, constricted at the mouth. = CONSTRICTED

Angstroemia coarctata, C. Muell., theca in pedunculo elongato apice parum inclinata erecta ore coarctata basi strumosa annulo lato valde revolubili praedita (C. Muell.), theca on an elongate peduncle [i.e. seta] slightly inclined, erect, drawn together at the mouth, strumose at the base, provided with a strongly revoluble annulus.


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