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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

clarus,-a,-um (adj.A), compar. clarior,-ius (adj.B), superl. clarissimus,-a,-um (adj.A): opp. obscurus, q.v., caecus, q.v.; cf. praeclarus,-a,-um (adj.A), q.v.: very clear, very brilliant or bright; magnificent, honorable, distinguished, famous.

NOTE: cl. (abbrev.), q.v., also clar. (abbrev.), also clariss.: clarissimus,-a,-um (adj.A), ‘most renowned, most celebrated, most eminent, most esteemed;’

1. (relating to sight) clear, bright, distinct, seeing clearly; shining, brilliant, lustrous;

- splendor clarus vestis, the shining brightness of the garment.

- lumina clara mundi, the shining light of the world;

- caelum clarum, a clear [i.e. bright, shining, unclouded] sky, broad daylight.

- clarissimae gemmae, the clearest [i.e. flawless] of gems

- vitrum clarum, clear glass.

- luce clara et candida, with a light [i.e. day] bright and shining.

- color clarissimus, a color most lustrous.

- clari lapides, clear [i.e. flawless] jewels, precious stones.

Hieracium claricolor, ‘with bright or clear color;’ Dendrobium clarissimum

2. evident, plain; cf. clear, evident, obvious, distinct, unambiguous, plain, intelligible [syn. planus, apertus, perspicuus, dilucidus etc.); opp. obscurus,-a,-um (adj.A), dark, dim, shadowy; caecus,-a,-um (adj.A), without light, dark.

Anoectangium clarum, from the distinct leaf cells.

Crataegus clara; Rubus clarus “clear; now clarified” after confusion with R. centralis” (Fernald 1950); Taraxacum clarum.

- stirps a Ricinocarpo ad Bertyam transitum clarum efficit (F. Muell.), the plant makes a [clear transition] from Ricinocarpus to Bertya.

- Browneus affinitatem (nobis non claram) cum Euphorbiaceis indicat (B&H), Brown indicates a relationship (not evident to us) with the Euphorbiaceae.

- cum Lythraceis affinitas Saxifragearum clara est, per Crypteroniàm, Raleighiam, aliaque (B&H), the relationship of the Saxifrageae is clear, through Crypteronia, Rhaleighia and others.

3. (of people): illustrious, estimable, renowned, distinguished, famous, eminent, esteemed; “brilliant, celebrated, renowned, illustrious, honorable, famous, glorious” (Lewis & Short). In the superlative degree, “indicating the highest praise of the honor-loving Roman, hence, a standing ‘title’, at all times, ‘of distinguished public characters, as consuls, pro consuls, pontifices, senators, etc” (Lewis & Short): clarissimus,-a,-um (adj.A). Gibbon translates this word, as used of a class of magistrates in early Constantinople, by the word ‘Honourable’ [p.341 in Penguin condensed, Dero A. Saunders, 1952].

- VIRIS CLARISSIMIS DE STUDIIS BRYOLOGICIS NOSTRIS MERITISSIMIS G. KUNZE ET D. F. L. DE SCLECHTENDAL HANC SYNOPSIN MUSCORUM FRONDOSORUM D. D. D. gratus auctor (C. Muell.), the grateful author gave and dedicated as a gift to our most meritorious, most eminent men in the matter of bryological studies, G. Kunze and D. F. L. de Schlechtendal, this synopsis of the leafy mosses.

- E prov. Buitenzorg ejusdem insulae Cl. Miquel benevole communicavit (Mueller), from Buitenzorg district of the same island the most eminent Miquel kindly communicated it.

- Patria. E regno Chilensi Cl. Schwaegrichen nobiscum prius benevolo communicavit (Mueller), Native country. From the Chilean kingdom the most eminent Schwaegrichen earlier kindly shared it with us [i.e. with me, i.e. the author].

- praeter causas a cl. Schradero allegatas imprimis etiam var. nostra [beta beta], colore pulveris ab argillaceo nimis abludente, laete nimirum sulphureo - flavo, beyond the reasons mentioned by the eminent Schrader, especially also our variety (beta beta], differs very much from the clayey color of the powder, certainly by the bright sulphur-yellow [color].

- V.C., VC.: vir clarissimus, a man most illustrious, in Rome, “specifically to designate persons of senatorial rank or members of their families” (Glare).


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