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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

ciliatus,-a,-um (adj.A): ciliate, fringed with hairlike appendages; “fringed with hairs on many leaves and petals” (Stearn 1996); cf. fimbriatus,-a,-um (adj.A); fringed, “having the margin bordered by long slender processes” (Lindley); opp. glaber,-ra,-rum (adj.A), smooth, hairless;

- foliis oblongis subintegris pilis simplicibus ciliatis (DeCandolle), with the leaves oblong, nearly entire, ciliate with unbranched [i.e. simple] hairs.

- foliis pilis bipartitis ciliatis (DeCandolle), with the leaves ciliate with two-parted hairs.

- stipulae pectinato-ciliatae (B&H), the stipules ciliate like a comb.

- foliis in rosulas densas pulvinatas congestis linearibus subacutis supra uninerviis glabris setis rigidis pectinato-ciliatis (Boissier), with the leaves congested into dense, pulvinate rosettes, linear, nearly acute, above, with one nerve, glabrous with pectinate-ciliate with rigid bristles.

- semina longe ciliata (B&H), the seeds long ciliate.

- capsula (parva) stipitata, subelavata, septo parallele compressa, ambitu plumoso-ciliata (B&H), the capsule (small) stalked, somewhat elevated, with the septum parallel-compressed, with the periphery plumose-ciliate.

- petala 5, obovata, unguiculata, unguibus saepissime barbatis ciliatisve (B&H), petals 5, obovate, unguiculate, with the claws most often bearded [i.e. with long, weak hairs] or ciliate.

- marginibus ciliatis serrulatis v. laevibus (B&H), with the margins ciliate, serrulate or smooth.

- [alga]] Sp. clavulata nob. fronde subregulariter dichotoma filiformi geniculis prostantibus ciliatis, internodiis hexaèdre areolatis (Agardh), our Sp. clavulata with the frond somewhat regularly dichotomous, filiform, with the genicula projecting, ciliate, with the internodes hexagonally areolate.

- [lichen] scyphis irregularibus proliferis et hinc inde margine nigro-ciliatis (ciliis rhiziniformibus, crassit. circa 0,03 millim., interdum bifurcato-divisis, ex elementis tenuibus nigricantibus (Nyl.), with the scyphi irregular, bearing offspring and here and there on the margin with (shining) black cilia (with the cilia like rhizinae (root-like hairs), around 0.03 milimeters in thickness, sometimes bifurcate-divided, from thin blackish elements.

- [moss] folia laciniis dentalo-ciliatis, dorso ciliato-cristata; (C. Mueller), leaves with the lacinia dentate-ciliate, on the back ciliate-crested [i.e. with cilia down the ridge or crest].

ciliato-dentatus,-a,-um (adj.A): “when the teeth of anything are finely serrated as if fringed” (Lindley);

- [lichen] thallus plumbeo-rufescens membranaceus longitudiualiter rugulosus, lacero-laciniatus marginibus ciliato-dentatis (Nyl.), the thallus lead (colored) to reddish, membranaceous, longitudinally with small wrinkles, lacerate-laciniate, with the margins ciliate-dentate [i.e. the teeth appearing fringed].

- [moss] folia argute saepe ciliato-dentata (C. Mueller), the leaves sharply, often ciliately dentate [i.e. the teeth appearing fringed].

ciliato-fimbriatus,-a,-um (adj.A), fimbriato-ciliatus,-a,-um (adj.A): fringed with long, slender processes;

- petala unguiculata, fìmbriato-ciliata (B&H), the petals unguiculate [i.e. clawed], ciliate-fringed [i.e. fringed with cilia].

ciliato-fissus,-a,-um (part.A): split half-way into ciliate processes;

- [moss] dentibus peristomalibus basi latis trabeculatis superne pluries ciliato- fissis (C. Mueller), with the peristome teeth at the base broad, trabeculate, above many times ciliate-split [i.e. split half-way into ciliate processes].

ciliato-imbricatus,-a,-um (adj.A): with overlapping cilia.

ciliato-papillosus,-a,-um (adj.A): with the papillae provided with cilia, when the papillae end in a hair or cilium;

- [moss] folia margine erecto, ciliato-papillose (C. Mueller), leaves with an erect margin, ciliate-papillose [i.e. on the margin with cilia arising from marginal papillae].

ciliato-scaber,-ra,-rum (adj.B): ciliately scabrous, scabrous with minute, hair-like projections;

- foliis pube sparsa bifida ciliato-scabris (DeCandolle), with the leaves ciliate-scabrous with a pubescense scattered, bifid.

ciliato-serratus,-a,-um (adj.A): “when the serratures of anything end in a hair” (Lindley);

- foliis subobovatis ciliatoserratis, (DeCandolle), with the leaves slightly obovate, ciliate-serrate.

ciliatulus,-a,-um (adj.A): somewhat or slightly ciliate; with cilia smaller than usual, with minute cilia.

glanduloso-ciliatus,-a,-um (adj.A): glandular-ciliate, the cilia with glands;

- petala inaequalia, unguiculata, basi v. toto ambitu glanduloso-ciliata (B&H), petals unequal, unguiculate, at the base or the entire circumference, glandulose-ciliate.

lanuginoso-ciliatus,-a,-um (adj.A): ciliate in the manner of wool;

- filamentis conniventibus lineari-subulatis tota longitudine lanuginoso- ciliatis (F. Mueller), with the filaments connivent, linear-subulate, wooly-ciliate the whole length.

lobato-ciliatus,-a,-um (adj.A): with lobed cilia, the cilia with rounded divisions or projections;

- [moss] folia e basi angustissima lato-rotundato- spathulata lobato-ciliata, cillis longis inaequallbus articulatis (C. Mueller), the leaves from the base very narrow, widely-roundedly spathulate, lobed-ciliate, with the cilia long, unequal, jointed.

multiciliatus,-a,-um (adj.A): with many cilia.

pectinato-ciliatus,-a,-um (adj.A): comb-like, i.e. with the cilia rather rigid.

- stipulae saepius pectinato-ciliatae (B&H), the stipules more often pectinate-ciliate.

subciliatus,-a,-um (adj.A): somewhat ciliate.

Ciliata,-ae (s.f.I), a class of protozoans “distinguished by possession of cilia or cirri throughout the vegetative stages of the life cycle” (WIII).

(fungus) Tubercularia ciliata, receptaculo margine albo • ciliato (S&Z), with the receptacle with the margin white-ciliate; (lichen) Leplogium albociliatum, with white cilia; (moss) Hedwigia ciliata.


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