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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Causa,-ae (s.f.I), (also caussa,-ae (s.f.I), abl. sg. causa: a cause, reason, purpose, motive, inducement; occasion, opportunity; condition, position, state, situation, relationship; party, faction, sect; connection, friendship; business enterprist; pretext, excuse, just cause; theme, topic, subject; case; with objective genitive: causa morbi, the cause of the disease;

e.c. (abbr.) exempli causa, for example, for the sake of example;

- [algae] phycomatis nomine admisso aliarum quoque classium phytomata nominibus propriis salutanda forent, e. c. pro fungís mycoma, pro muscis bryoma, pro filicibus pteridoma adoptandum (Braun), since the name of ‘phycoma’ has been accepted, the phytomata of other classes also ought to be greeted with characteristic names, e.c.[= exempli causa, for the sake of example] for fungi ‘mycoma,’ ought to be adopted, for mosses ‘bryoma,’ for ferns ‘phytoma.’

causa or caussa (abl. sg. with genitive): for the sake of.

causa (abl.) brevitatis; gratia (abl.) brevitatis: for the sake of brevity or conciseness.

causam ago: to try a case in law.

causam dico, to defend a charge in law.

cum causa, with good reason, advisedly.

eam ob causam, hanc ob causam, for this reason, due to this cause, because of this.

sine causa, for no reason at all, irresponsibly, for no good reason; see ‘why;’

- causa (abl.sg.), with genitive, usually put after the noun: on account of, for the sake of: honoris cause, for the sake of honor, on account of honor.

- qua de causa, quam ob causam: why, wherefore? for what reason?

- quam ob causam tum gravis?, why [for what reason are you] so serious?

- ob eam rem, ob eam causam, quam ob rem, ob ea, ob hoc, ob id: therefore; that’s why, for this or that reason.

- quam ob causam, on account of what cause, for or from which cause, for what reason, to the end that.

- nitidus & purus est Muscus, a terra & aliis sordibus liber, tener item & mollis, quam ob causam piscatores Lancastrienses eo utuntur ad purgandos vermes (Dill.), a moss glossy and pure [i.e. unstained, unpolluted], free from earth and other dirt, likewise delicate and soft, that’s why [i.e. for which reason] the fishermen of Lancaster use it for expelling worms.

- exempli causa, for example; verbi causa, for example.

- nos causa belli sumus, we are the cause of the war.

- causa mortis, the cause [i.e. reason for] of death.

- honoris causa, for the sake of honor.

- alimenti causa cultus, for food cultivated (Stearn), for the sake of.

- duae sunt causae cur, there are two reasons why.

- cum causa, with good reason

- sine cause, without reason.

- in causa esse, to be the cause of, to be responsible for: in causa haec sunt, these are the reason for, are responsible for.

- with genitive: causa capsulae ruptae ignota est, the cause of the ruptured capsule is unknown.

- praeter causas a cl. Schradero allegatas imprimis etiam var. nostra [beta beta], colore pulveris ab argillaceo nimis abludente, laete nimirum sulphureo - flavo, beyond the reasons mentioned by the eminent Schrader, especially also our variety (beta beta], differs very much from the clayey color of the powder, certainly by the bright sulphur-yellow [color].

- sori simplices pauci obliqui vel fere recti, in venulis superioribus insidentes et HANC OB CAUSAM a costa valde remoti et margini approximati, sori simple few oblique or almost straight, on the upper veinlets situated and for this reason very remote from the costa and near to the margin (Stearn).


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