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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

capsularis,-e (adj.B): capsular, capsule-like; 'belonging to, resembling, provided with, capsules;

- fructus aut capsularis et indehiscens, apice clausus v. hians, aut raro baccatus (B&H), fruit either capsular and indehiscent, at the apex closed or gaping, or rarely berried.

- fructus capsularis, poris valvisve dehiscens, rarius indehiscens (B&H),the capsular fruit dehiscing by pores or valves, more rarely indehiscent.

- fructus capsularis v. baccatus, rarissime drupaceus, dum capsularis saepissime elongatus, compressus, 2-valvis, oo-spermus, siliquaeformis, valvis a replo persistente secedentibus (B&H), the fruit capsular or baccate [i.e. berry-like], very rarely like a drupe, when capsular, most often elongate, compressed, 2-valved, [numerous]-seeded, like a siliqua, separating by valves from a persistent replum [i.e. a frame-like placenta from which the valves separate].

- fructus nunc capsularis, loculicide dehiscens, valvis rarius septicide fissis, nunc indehiscens, coriaceus v. baccatus (B&H), fruit sometimes capsular, dehiscing loculicidally [i.e. longitudinally along the locule], with the valves more rarely septicidally [i.e. longitudinally along the locular lines of locular junction) split, sometimes indehiscent, leathery or berry-like.

- herbae a prioribus calyce apice saepius contracto v. inter sepala non membranaceo et valvis capsularibus brevioribus distinctae (B&H), herbs from the preceding species distinct by the calyx more often with a contracted apex or between the sepals not membranaceous and by the capsular valves shorter.

- fructu aut capsularis et indehiscens, apice clausus v. hians, aut raro baccatus, aut e folliculis tot quot carpellis ovarii constans (B&H), fruit either capsular and indehiscent, closed at the apex or gaping, or rarely berry-like, or consisting of follicles as many as the carpels of the ovary.

- carpella nunc capsularia rima supera dehiscentia, nunc capsularia bivalvia rima infera dehiscentia, nunc follicularia, nunc subcarnosa indehiscentia (DeCandolle), the carpels sometimes resembling a capsule, dehiscent above the fissure, sometimes like a bivalved capsule, dehiscent below the fissure, sometimes like a follicle, sometimes nearly fleshy and indehiscent [i.e. opening irregularly].

- [moss] perist. nullum, sed membrana capsularis ad orificium e cellulis transverse elongatis hexagono-rotundatis conformibus teneris areolata (C. Mueller), peristome none, but [a capsular membrane at the orifice areolate from hexagonally-rounded cells transversely elongate, of the same shape, delicate.

- [algae] fructus capsularis sequentes modificationes in generibus diversis Floridearum offert. — ln Ceramieis constat pericarpio hyalino subgelatinoso, intra quod sporae oblongae numerosae laxius nidulantur (= Favellae) (Agardh), the capsular fruit, exhibits the following modifications in various genera of the Florideae. - In the Ceramieae it consists of a hyaline, somewhat gelatinous pericarp within which numerous oblong spores more loosely nestle (= the Favellae).

- In Sphoerococcoideis et Delesserieis est fructus capsularis subsphaericus (aut hemisphaericus) et intra pericarpium cellulosum, distentione vel dilaceratione denique apertum, sporas oblongas in glomerulum arcte congestas e placenta centrali egredientes fovens; capsulas has Coccidia nominavi (Agardh), in Sphaerococcoideae and Delesserieae there is a nearly spheric (or hemispheric) capsular fruit, and within the cellulose pericarp, with distension or being torn apart, finally opened, enclosing oblong spores tightly congested into a glomerule issuing from the central placenta; I am calling these capsules Coccidia.

- [algae] fructus capsularis contra (saepissime saltim) strati interioris productum mihi apparuit; hoc est, pericarpium ex strato frondis exteriore, et sporae a cellulis strati interioris oriuntur (Agardh), on the other hand the capsular fruit appeared to me (very often at any rate) [to be] an extension of the inner layer; that is to say, the pericarp arises from the exterior layer of the frond, and the spores arise from cells of the inner layer.

Platystemon capsularis; [moss] Phascum multicapsulare, with many capsules.


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