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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

bullatus,-a,-um (adj.A): provided with a bulla or bullae; “ blistered; puckered; when the parenchyma of a leaf is larger than the area in which it is formed” (Lindley); bullate, blistered or puckered, provided with blisters or bubbles, usually applying to foliage, “as the leaf of the Primrose” (Jackson); “blistered or puckered” (Fernald 1950); (in fungi) “of a pileus, having a rounded projection at the center (Ainsworth & Bisby); (in fungi) “(of a pileus) having a rounded knob or boss; (of cystidia, in certain species of Peniophora, Corticium, and Odontia), having a tip like a bubble, evanescent, leaving only a collar consisting of the basal portion of the original wall (D. P. Rogers, 1948) (S&D) [> L. bulla,-ae (s.f.I) “any object swelling up, and thus becoming round; a bubble; a boss, knob, stud” (Lewis & Short)]; see boss, umbo; cf. knobbed;

NOTE: ‘pucker’ or ‘puckered’ in American English has a different sense: “to become wrinkled or constricted: present an uneven appearance: contract, furrow, wrinkle” (WIII) “to contract into folds or corrugations; draw together so as to wrinkle or crimp: constrict, furrow.”

- folia natantia, supra corrugato-bullata, punctis pertusa, subtus costis insigniter prominentibus reticulata (B&H), leaves floating, above corrugate-bullate, perforated with dota, underneath with the costa remarkably prominent, reticulate.

- stipulae bullatae, altera 2-loba setifera, altera integra (B&H), stipules bullate, the one 2-lobed, bristle-bearing, the other entire.

- [alga] Diplotrichia polyotis nov. sp. fronde magna laete viridescente inflato-bullata, Diplotrichia polyotis nov. sp., with the frond large, bright green, inflated-blistered.

- [Diplophractum] stipulae bullatae, altera 2-loba setifera, altera integra. (B&H), the stipules bullate [i.e. with rounded projections], one 2-lobed bearing bristle[s], the other entire.

- foliis parvis cordatis subsessilibus subtus bullato-rugosis (F. Mueller), with the leaves small, cordate, nearly sessile, underneath bullate-wrinkled.

- [Brassica bullata] caule tereti subelongato, foliis junioribus subcapitalis demum patulis bullatis crispatisve, racemis (DeCandolle), with the stem rounded-cylindric, somewhat elongate, with the younger leaves somewhat capitate, then spreading, bullate or crisped.

- folia opposita, petiolata, serrata, 3-nervia, saepe (nec semper) bullato-rugosissima (B&H), leaves opposite, petiolate, serrate, 3-nerved, often (not always) strongly bullate-wrinkled.

- foliis ovalis obovatisve bullato-rugosis (DeCandolle), with the leaves oval or obovate, bullate-wrinkled.

- foliis ovato-oblongis acutis basi subcordatis bullato-rugosis subtus nervosis (Boissier), with the leaves ovate-oblong, acute, at the base nearly cordate, underneath full of veins.

- [Leptogium bullatum; lichen] apothecia obscure rufa concaviuscula vel plana margine tumido receptaculi thallini rugulosi bullato-prominentis cincta (saepissime quasi urceolariformia) (Nyl.) apothecia obscurely red, somewhat concave or flat, bounded with the swollen margin of the thalline, rugulose, bullate-prominent receptacle (most often somewhat urceolariform [i.e. pitcher-shaped]).

- [Parmelia bullata; lichen] receptaculum a thallo formatum saepe turbinato- bullatum (Nyl.), the receptacle formed from the thallus often turbinate [i.e. obconic]-bullate [i.e. blister-shaped].

- [Leptogium sphinctrinum; lichen] Receptaculum apotheciorum saepe bullato-protrusum vel pyriformi-prominens (Nyl.) the receptacle of the apothecia often bullate-protruded [i.e. pushed out] or pyriform-prominent [i.e. projecting].

- [fungi] sphaerulae papillatae , demum plus minus bullatae, nonnullae ad volumen triplex fere inflatae (S&A), the sphaerules with little papillae, then more or less blister-shaped, some inflated to nearly three rimes their volume.

- [S. serpens var. ebulliens; fungi] sphaerulis nonnullis in bullas inflatis insignis (S&A), with some sphaerules noteworthy inflated into bullae [i.e. bubbles or blisters].

- [fungi] cauligena ingens valde bullata hemiellipsoidea (S&A), born from the stem, immense, strongly bullate, half-ellipsoid.

bullato-expansus,-a,-um (part.A): expanded into a blister- or bubble-like shape;

- [alga] frons sinubus varie divisa et irregulariter bullato-expansa (Agardh), the frond variously divided by sinuses and irregularly bullate-expanded [i.e. stretched out by bubbles or blisters].

bullato-prominens,-entis (part.B): projecting out as a bubble or blister;

- [lichen] thallus membranaceus tenuis dilute plumbeo-cinerascens, profunde grosseque reticulatim foveolatus, foveolis infra bullato-prominentibus, dilatatus (Nyl.), the thallus membranaceous, thin, pale lead-gray to somewhat gray, deeply and coarsely reticulately foveolate, with the foveolae [i.e. small pits] below bullate-prominent [perhaps on the underside, the ‘pits,’ concave on the upper side, are convex-blistered].

bullato-rugosus,-a,-um (adj.A): furrowed or wrinkled with blister-like shapes;

- foliis ovatis incisis valde bullato-rugosis (Boissier), with the leaves ovate, incised [i.e. divided by deep incisions], strongly bullate-rugose [i.e. wrinkled with bubble- or blister-like shapes.

bullato-verrucosus,-a,-um (adj.A): with bubble-like or wart-like protuberances;

- petalis super. subrotundis brevioribus basi bullato-verrucosis (DeCandolle), with the upper petals nearly rounded, shorted, at the base bullate-verrucose.

corrugato-bullatus,-a,-um (adj.A): furrowed or wrinkled with blister-like shapes;

- [Victoria; a genus] folia natantia, maxima, supra corrugato-bullata, punctis pertusa, subtus costis insigniter prominentibus reticulata (B&H), leaves floating, very large, on top corrugate-bullate [i.e. coarsely wrinkled and with blister-like projections], pierced through with punctures [i.e. small holes], beneath reticulate with strikingly prominent ribs.

Crispatura,-ae (s.f.I): crispature, “when the edge is excessively and irregularly divided and twisted; also when the surface of a leaf is much puckered and crumpled. A diminutive of ‘bullate,’ q.v.” (Lindley).

inflato-bullatus,-a,-um (adj.A): inflated or expanded into a blister- or bubble-like shape;

- (alga) fronde magna laete viridescente inflato-bullata (Agardh), with the frond large, brightly greenish, inflated-bullate [i.e. blistered or bubbly].

Blister: “a disease of plants caused by ascomycetous fungi (genus Taphrina) that produce large swollen patches on the leaves (as that of the pear caused by T. bullata)” (WIII).

Didymodon bullatus (moss); Varronia bullata; Leptogeum (Lichen) bullatum (lichen); Rivullaria bullata (an alga).


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