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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Limes,-itis (s.m.III), abl. sg. limite, nom. & acc. pl. limites, gen. pl. limitum: boundary, limit; barrier; border, margin; “a cross-path, balk between fields; any path, passage, road, way” (Lewis & Short); “a strip of uncultivated ground used to mark the division of land; the boundary of a plot of land, (in general) the boundary of an area or region, a dividing-line; a channel (of a river, etc.); the line followed by a road, coast, etc.” (after Glare); see border, channel, coast, path;

- species ad 25, quarum limites valde incerti sunt (B&H), species to 25, the limits [i.e. boundaries] of which are strongly doubtful.

- limites inter Eriostemon, Croweam et Philothecam nimis leves et vix admittendi (F. Mueller), the boundaries between Eriostemon, Crowea and Philotheca are excessively trivial and hardly to be admitted.

- subgenera sequentia pro generibus (etsi quoad limites acre disputatis) multis auctoribus habentur (B&H), the following subgenera are taken by many authors for genera (although as to limits, vehemently disputed).

- species ad 25, quarum limites valde incerti sunt, omnes regionum temperatarum et frigidarum hemisphaerii borealis incolae, praecipue littorales et alpino (B&H), species to 25, of which the limits are strongly without certainty, all dwellers of temperate regions and cold of the northern hemisphere.

- Hab. ad rupes obscuras currentibus expositas infra limitem maris Mediterranei frequenter (Agardh), it grows frequently on shadowy rocks exposed by the currents below the boundary [i.e. the line of the coast, coastline] of the Mediterranean Sea.

- ad limites nivium aeternarum extensae, extended to the limits of perpetual snows.

- ad limitem nivalem (DeCandolle), at the snow [sc. perpetual] boundary.

- (alga) Hab. ad corallinas, Flabellariam cet. parasitans, in sinubus tranquillissimis infra limitem maris; in portu Yillse Francae, mense sept., legi. (Agardh), it grows parasitic on coralline [sc. algae], Flabellaria etc. in completely tranquile bays within the limit of the sea.

- species ad 6, in uliginosis montium altiorum Andium Americae australis vigentes, usque ad limites nivium aeternarum extensae (B&H), species to 6, in the wet places of the higher mountains of the Andes of South America flourishing, extended up to the limits of perpetual snows.

- limites vegetationis phaenogamici in regionibus polaribus montibusque altissimis attingit (B&H), it reaches the limits of phaenogamic vegetation in polar regions and very high mountains.

-[alga: Bryopsis] Hab. ad corallinas, Flabellariam cet. parasitans, in sinubus tranquillissimis infra limitem maris (Agardh), it dwells parasitic on coralline [sc. algae], Flabellaria and others, in the most tranquile bays below the boundary of the sea.

- (algae) tribum ita justis limitibus circumscriptam, classem a vicinis Lichenibus et Fungís aeque distinctam dies postera forsan monstrabit (Agardh), after the tribe thus circumscribed by their rightful limits, a future day shall perhaps demonstrate a uniformly distinct class from near the Lichens and Fungi.

- ad saxa, muros, terram, palos, paulo infra limitem superiorem fluxus in Oceano Atlantico; on rocks, walls, earth, pales, a little below the upper limit of the tide in the Atlantic Ocean (Stearn).

- [algae] Hab. inter spongias cavernarum obscuriorum infra limitem maris utriusque haud frequenter (Agardh), it grows not frequently among sponges of the more hidden caverns below the limit of both seas.

Limes communis (adj.B), abl. sg. limite communi: “(obsol.) the neck or collar of a plant” (Lindley); see collum,-i (s.n.II).


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