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11.  Agave mirabilis. Las Vigas, Mexico. Blooming plant.

Mexican standing beside plant. (Possibly August 26, 1903) 


12.  Agave pruinosa. 275/04/137. Missouri Botanical Garden. Young flower stalk.



13.  MBG -- Parterre

PRINT AVAILABLE at PHO 2006-3046. SEE ALSO GPN 1982-0522. 


14.  MBG -- Greenhouse

Agave group, looking east from display greenhouse. Main greenhouse on left. PRINT AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1983-0468. Folder - Conservatory (Main Greenhouse): (historical) Folder #1 


15.  Agave lechuguilla Weaving bags Monterrey Trelease

Weaved bags being made from Agave lechuguilla in the Monterrey region. 


16.  Main Garden Agave filifera filamentose

Agave filifera filamentose growing in wooden tub in the Parterre. Back side of Juno is in the background. Color magic lantern slide. 


17.  Agave filifera filimentosa x1

Agave filifera filimentosa. Color magic lantern slide. 


18.  Agave vestita x1

Agave vestita. Color magic lantern slide. 


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