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1.  Agave atrovirens. Maguey cerisso - the principalpulque plant near Durango.



2.  Agave. A roadside pulque farm near Durango, Mexico.

Building, possibly schoolhouse on hill in background. 


3.  Agave group. (Note on envelope 'Just about where Before-After Gardens are').

Stone wall in background. 

4.  Agave collection in bed. Missouri Botanical Garden looking west from Agave Dome.

Agave collection in bed. View in Missouri Botanical Garden looking west from Agave Dome near Before-After Gardens. 


5.  Agave macroacantha. Missouri Botanical Garden. Panicle with bulbils.



6.  Agave lechuguilla Weaving bags Monterrey Trelease

Weaved bags being made from Agave lechuguilla in the Monterrey region. 


7.  Main Garden Agave filifera filamentose

Agave filifera filamentose growing in wooden tub in the Parterre. Back side of Juno is in the background. Color magic lantern slide. 


8.  Yucca decipiens Durango (near R R Station) Mexico

Yucca decipiens. Durango (near R.R. Station) Mexico. 


9.  Yucca DeSmetiana (Ascribed to Parry) From Mexico Missouri Botanical Garden

Yucca DeSmetiana (Ascribed to Parry) from Mexico. 


10.  Yucca filifera = australis In the City Monterey, Mexico

Yucca filifera australis. Growing in the city of Monterey, Mexico in 1900. 


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