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  News from MO - 2001 Table of Contents  

North America

Flora of North America: The Flora of North America is a collaborative project to provide information in printed and electronic form on the vascular plants and bryophytes growing spontaneously in North America north of Mexico. Four volumes — an introduction, the ferns and gymnosperms, the first 32 families of dicots, and the first of five volumes covering the monocots have already been published. This information with many additional files and links to other sites is available on the World Wide Web. Volume 22 was published in March 2000 and contains treatments for 30 families of monocots with 89 genera and 423 species; 174 (41%) of the species are endemic to the flora area and 71 (17%) are introduced species. Plant groups in Volume 22 include palms, aroids, banana- and ginger-relatives, rushes, bromeliads, duckweeds, and many other important groups of aquatic monocots. Flora of North America Volumes 26 (Liliales and Orchidales) and 23 (Cyperaceae) are currently being prepared for publication. Treatments based on original observations, as well as a critical evaluation of existing literature, are being written by specialists throughout the world. The Garden is one of several editorial centers for the Flora in the U.S. and Canada. Altogether, more than 30 U.S. and Canadian institutions participate in the project. James L. Zarucchi is Managing Editor at the Flora of North America office at the Garden. Claire Hemingway is working as FNA Technical Editor in St. Louis, and Doug Harrison, Eloise Cannady, and Pat Harris assist part-time with manuscripts. Yevonn Wilson-Ramsey continues as Illustrations Coordinator on a part-time basis, and Barbara Alongi, Bee Gunn, John Myers, Libby Zimmermann, and Susan Reznicek are contributing illustrators. On May 1, 2001 Charles M. Levine became the Executive Director and CEO of the Flora of North America Association.

Missouri: The Flora of Missouri project, an ongoing effort to update and compile information on the state’s flora, is jointly sponsored by the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Missouri Department of Conservation. One of its main goals is a two-volume revision of former MO curator Julian A. Steyermark’s Flora of Missouri, first published in 1963. Information from the 1990 Catalogue of the Flora of Missouri, published in the Monographs in Systematic Botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden series, has been computerized and is updated regularly. The 586 plates of new art prepared for the Flora were computerized in 1996. An expanding database of specimen label data for use in preparation of county dot maps presently contains about 95,000 records from MO and other Missouri herbaria. In late February 1999, the project reached a milestone with the publication of Volume 1 of the revised Steyermark’s Flora of Missouri, which includes the introductory chapters and treatments of nearly 800 species of pteridophytes, conifers, and monocots. This volume was published by the Missouri Department of Conservation in collaboration with the Missouri Botanical Garden Press. The second volume, which will include treatments of the dicot families, will follow in about three years. In contrast to the first volume, Volume 2 will include selected treatments by outside contributors. Botanists continue to increase MO’s holdings of the state’s flora by about 5,000 specimens per year.

The Flora of Missouri project is directed by George Yatskievych. He is assisted by David Bogler and John Archer. Pat Walker and Kathleen Wood continue to volunteer their services to the project.

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News from MO 2001 was created by Kathy Hurlbert, Leslie Miller, Eloise Cannady and Mary Merello (October 2001) and placed on the MOBOT webserver 1/22/02.


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