An Annotated Checklist and Atlas of the Mosses of Thailand

Si He

Missouri Botanical Garden, P. O. Box 299, St. Louis, MO 63166-0299, USA

ABSTRACT. The moss flora of Thailand contains a total of 620 species and 31 subspecific taxa distributed in 190 genera and 52 families. The annotated checklist provides up-to-date nomenclature for all published names of Thai mosses through 1996. All accepted taxa are provided with information on synonyms, illustrations, habitats, provincial localities as well as with the range of species distribution in Asia. Accompanying each accepted species is a dotted map showing its provincial distribution. A systematic arrangement of the genera and a list of the accepted species are included. Special notes and taxonomic comments are made for problematic names and uncertain records. Ninety three taxa are reported as new records or newly updated binomials for Thailand. Ten such genera as Anomodon Hook. & Tayl., Archidium Brid., Bryohumbertia P. de la Varde & Thér., Homomallium (Schimp.) Loeske, Hygrohypnum Lindb., Hypnum Hedw., Schwetschkeopsis Broth., Scopelophila (Mitt.) Lindb., Taxiphyllopsis Higuchi & Deguchi, and Weissia Hedw. are reported new to Thailand.

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