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Checklist of Lope-Okanda Reserve, Gabon, Africa

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Taxa are arranged alphabetically by Family name (abbreviated in most cases to the first four letters), within each of which the genera and species are also alphabetically arranged. For each species one voucher specimen, the collector of which can be identified using the following list, is indicated:

  • 4-digit numbers are those of L. White;
  • 5-digit numbers are those of G. McPherson;
  • numbers preceded by "D" are those of J. Dibata;
  • numbers preceded by "K.McD." are those of K. McDonald;
  • numbers preceded by "L" are those of A. Louis;
  • numbers preceded by "R" are those of J. Reitsma;
  • numbers preceded by "SEGC" are those of C. Tutin;
  • numbers preceded by "W" are those of C. Wilks.


 Acan  Acanthus montanus (Nees)T.Anderson                   1010
 Acan  Asystasia gangetica (L.)T.Anderson                   0564
 Acan  Asystasia macrophylla (T.Anderson)Lindau             0748
 Acan  Dicliptera?                                          0034
 Acan  Elytraria marginata Vahl                             0811
 Acan  Hypoestes verticillaris (L.f.)Roem.&Schult.          0032
 Acan  Justicia tenella (Nees)T. Anderson                   0290
 Acan  Pseuderanthemum tunicatum (Afz.)Milne-Redh.          0060
 Acan  Pseudocalyx macrophyllus McPherson & Louis          13826
 Acan  Staurogyne letestuana R.Benoist                      1414
 Acan  Thomandersia congolana De Wild. & Th.Dur.           13774
 Acan  Thomandersia hensii De Wild. & Th. Dur.             13750
 Amaryl  Agave sisalana Engelm.                             1222
 Amaryl  Crinum purpurescens Herb.                          0940
 Amaryl  Haemanthus sp.                                     1235
 Amaryl  Sanseviera trifasciata Prain                       1422
 Amaryl  Scadoxus cinnabarinus (Decaisne)Friis & Nordal    13693
 Anac  Lannea welwitschii (Hiern)Engler                     1096
 Anac  Pseudospondias microcarpa (A.Rich.)Engler            1169
 Anac  Sorindeia sp.                                        0485
 Anac  Sorindeia sp.                                        0991
 Anac  Sorindeia africana (Engler)van der Veken            16206
 Anac  Sorindeia aff. claessensii De Wild.                  0160
 Anac  Sorindeia gilletii De Wild.                         16044
 Anac  Sorindeia cf. juglandifolia (A.Rich.)Oliver       SEGC378
 Anac  Sorindeia mayumbensis van der Veken                 15622
 Anac  Sorindeia sparanoi De Wild.                         15629
 Anac  Sorindeia aff. warneckei Engler                      0237
 Anac  Sorindeia zenkeri Engler                            16304
 Anac  Trichoscypha acuminata Engler vel aff.               0997
 Anac  Trichoscypha aff. atropurpurea Engler                1232
 Anac  Trichoscypha gossweileri Exell & Mendonca           15677
 Anac  Trichoscypha laxiflora Engler vel aff.               1341
 Anac  Trichoscypha oba Aubreville & Pellegrin              1217
 Anac  Trichoscypha oddonii De Wild.                       13799
 Anac  Trichoscypha patens (Oliver)Engler                   0275
 Aniso  Anisophyllea polyneura Floret                      16153
 Aniso  Anisophyllea purpurascens Hutchinson & Dalziel      1129
 Annon  Anonidium floribundum Pellegrin                    13764
 Annon  Artabotrys cf. crassipetalus Pellegrin              0911
 Annon  Artabotrys thomsonii Oliver                        16305
 Annon  Cleistopholis staudtii Engler & Diels              16019
 Annon  Enantia chlorantha Oliver                          13702
 Annon  Exellia scammopetala (Exell)Boutique                0879
 Annon  Hexalobus sp.                                      13813
 Annon  Hexalobus crispiflorus A.Rich.                     R2365
 Annon  Monanthotaxis sp.                                   0371
 Annon  Monanthotaxis congoensis Baillon                   16336
 Annon  Monanthotaxis declina (Sprague)Verdc.              16158
 Annon  Monanthotaxis letestui Pellegrin var. hallei       15708
 Annon  Monodora angolensis Welw.                          16025
 Annon  Neostenanthera robsonii Le Thomas                   1159
 Annon  Pachypodanthium staudtii (Engler & Diels)E.& D.     0975
 Annon  Polyalthia suaveolens Engler & Diels var suaveolens13748
 Annon  Polyalthia suaveolens Engler & Diels var. gabonica 13716A
 Annon  Popowia aff. klainii Engler & Diels                 1104
 Annon  Uvaria sp.                                         15658
 Annon  Uvaria comperei Le Thomas                           1412
 Annon  Uvaria klainei Pierre ex Engler & Diels            13860
 Annon  Uvaria lastourvillensis Pellegrin                  16060
 Annon  Uvaria aff. lastoursvillensis Pellegrin             1131
 Annon  Uvaria aff. ngounyensis Pellegrin                  13854
 Annon  Uvaria psorosperma Engler & Diels           K.McD.262(38)
 Annon  Uvaria scabrida Oliver                             13823
 Annon  Uvaria aff. scabrida Oliver                         1423
 Annon  Uvariastrum pierreanum Engler & Diels              15696
 Annon  Uvariodendron?                                      0706
 Annon  Xylopia sp.                                         0285
 Annon  Xylopia aff. acutiflora (Dunal)A.Rich.             16058
 Annon  Xylopia aethiopica (Dunal)A.Rich.                  13712
 Annon  Xylopia hypolampra Mildb.                          13763
 Annon  Xylopia parviflora (A.Rich.)Bentham                 0944
 Annon  Xylopia pynaertii De Wild.                         13825
 Annon  Xylopia quintassii Engler & Diels                  13766
 Apoc  Alstonia boonei De Wild.                            13727
 Apoc  Baissea axillaris (Bentham)Hua                      R2280
 Apoc  Baissea baillonii Hua                               13861
 Apoc  Baissea leonensis Bentham                           13862
 Apoc  Cyclocotyla congensis Stapf                         15640
 Apoc  Dictyophleba ochracea (K.Schum. ex Hall.f.)Pichon   15662
 Apoc  Holarrhena floribunda (G.Don)Dur. & Schinz          15516
 Apoc  Landolphia sp.                                       0079
 Apoc  Landolphia dewevrei Stapf                           15807
 Apoc  Landolphia glabra (Pierre ex Stapf)Pichon           15666
 Apoc  Landolphia cf. heudelotii A.DC.                   SEGC380
 Apoc  Landolphia incerta (K.Schum.)Persoon                 0931
 Apoc  Landolphia cf. jumellei (Pierre ex Jumelle)Pichon    0306
 Apoc  Landolphia mannii Dyer                              15642
 Apoc  Landolphia owariensis P.Beauv.                      13696
 Apoc  Landolphia reticulata Hall. f.                      13801
 Apoc  Landolphia subrepanda (K.Schum.)Pichon               1185
 Apoc  Orthopichonia barteri (Stapf)H.Huber                16065
 Apoc  Pycnobotrya nitida Bentham                          13741
 Apoc  Rauvolfia vomitoria Afzel.                          13711
 Apoc  Strophanthus preussii Engler & Pax                   1221
 Apoc  Strophanthus?                                        0241
 Apoc  Tabernaemontana sp.                                 15771
 Apoc  Vahadenia laurentii De Wild.                        15635
 Arac  Anchomanes sp.                                      13863
 Arac  Anubia barteri Schott                               R2457
 Arac  Cercestis congensis Engler                           1210
 Arac  Culcasia scandens P.Beauv. vel aff.                  1022
 Aral  Schefflera sp.                                      R2344
 Arist  Pararistolochia flos-avis (A.Chev.)Hutch. & Dalz    0676
 Arist  Paristolochia flos-avis vel aff.                    1005
 Asclep  Calotropis gigantea (L.)R.Br.                      0956

 Balanoph  Thonningia sanguina Vahl                         1098
 Bals  Impatiens mannii Hooker f.                           0874
 Beg  Begonia sp.                                          15650
 Beg  Begonia sp.                                          16188
 Beg  Begonia sp.                                           0464
 Beg  Begonia clypeifolia Hooker f.                        R2319
 Bign  Kigelia cf. moosa Sprague                            0897
 Bign  Newbouldia laevis (P.Beauv.)Seemann ex Bureau        0121
 Bign  Spathodea campanulata Beauv.                         0120
 Bixac  Bixa orellana L.                                    0691
 Bomb  Rhodognaphalon/Bombax                                0615
 Borag  Heliotropium indicum L.                             1055
 Burman  Gymnosiphon longistylus (Bentham)Hutch. & Dalz.   R2682
 Burs  Aucoumea klaineana Pierre                           16293
 Burs  Canarium schweinfurthii Engl.                       13701
 Burs  Dacryodes buettneri (Engler)Lam.                    13815
 Burs  Dacryodes igaganga Aubr. & Pellegrin                13769
 Burs  Dacryodes klaineana (Pierre)Lam.                    13742
 Burs  Dacryodes normandii Aubr. & Pellegrin               13726
 Burs  Santiria trimera (Oliver)Aubr.                      13755

 Capp  Buchholzia tholloniana Hua                           1132
 Celas  Euonymus congolensis Wilczek                       16037
 Celas  Maytenus sp.                                       16018
 Chrys  Acioa sp.                                           0610
 Chrys  Acioa pallescens Baillon                            1118?
 Chrys  Acioa staudtii Engler vel aff.                     16317
 Chrys  Chrysobalanus icaco L.                              0823
 Chrys  Licania elaeosperma (Mildbraed)Prance & F.White     1054
 Chrys  Magnistipula? sp.                                   0701
 Chrys  Magnistipula aff. zenkeri Engler                    0777
 Chrys  Maranthes aubrevillei (Pellegrin)Prance vel aff.    0697
 Chrys  Maranthes gabunensis (Engler)Prance                15467
 Chrys  Maranthes glabra (Oliver)Prance                    R2323
 Comb  Combretum sp.                                       16320
 Comb  Combretum cuspidatum Planchon ex Bentham            16330
 Comb  Combretum mannii Engler & Diels                     16054
 Comb  Combretum paniculatum Vent. vel aff.                 1002
 Comb  Combretum paradoxum Welw.                            0250
 Comb  Combretum pecoense Exell                            15703
 Comb  Combretum platypterum (Welw.)Hutch. & Dalz.         15766
 Comb  Combretum rabiense Jongkind                         15804
 Comb  Combretum racemosum P.Beauv.                         1170
 Comb  Pteleopsis hylodendron Mildb.                        0369
 Commel  Aneilema sp.                                      16066
 Commel  Aneilema beniniense (P.Beauv.)Kunth                1316
 Commel  Commelina capitata Bentham                         0045
 Commel  Floscopa africana (P.Beauv.)C.B.Cl.               D1159
 Commel  Murdannia simplex (Vahl)Brenan                     1355
 Commel  Palisota satabiei Brenan                          R2361
 Commel  Stanfieldiella imperforata (C.B.Cl.)Brenan        D1160
 Comp  Ageratum conyzoides L.                               0385
 Comp  Aspilia africana (Pers.)C.D.Adams                    0551
 Comp  Bidens pilosa L.                                     0544
 Comp  Elephantopus mollis Kunth                            0853
 Comp  Grangea maderaspatana (L.)Poir.                      1019
 Comp  Hyptis lanceolata Poir.                              0425
 Comp  Laggera heudelotii C.D.Adams                         1332
 Comp  Launaea rarifolia (Oliv. & Hiern)L.Bolus             0553
 Comp  Mikania chenopodiifolia Willd.                      15647
 Comp  Vernonia amygdalina Del.                             0982
 Comp  Vernonia smithiana Less.                             0982A
 Comp  Vernonia stellulifera (Bentham)Jeffrey               1419
 Conn  Agelaea paradoxa Gilg var. paradoxa                 13802
 Conn  Agelaea pentagyna (Lam.)Baillon                     15473
 Conn  Agelaea poggeana Gilg                                0327
 Conn  Agelaea rubiginosa Gilg                             15654
 Conn  Cnestis corniculata Lam.                            15517
 Conn  Cnestis ferruginea Vahl ex DC.                      15485
 Conn  Connarus griffonianus Baillon                       15472
 Conn  Hemandradenia mannii Stapf                           1404
 Conn  Jollydora sp.                                       13848
 Conn  Jollidora duparquetiana (Baillon)Pierre             16081
 Conn  Manotes expansa Sol. ex Planchon                    13808
 Conn  Manotes griffoniana Baillon                          0765
 Conn  Manotes macrantha (Gilg)Schellenb.                  15474
 Conn  Rourea sp.                                          15806
 Conn  Rourea calophylla (Gilg ex Schellenberg)Jongkind     0092
 Conn  Rourea coccinea (Thonn. ex Schum.)Bentham           16263
 Conn  Rourea erythrocalyx (Gilg ex Schellenberg)Jongkind  15765
 Conn  Rourea minor (Gaertner)Alston                        0871
 Conn  Rourea myriantha Baillon                             0436
 Conn  Rourea parvifolia Gilg                            SEGC494
 Conn  Rourea solanderi Baker                              16013
 Conn  Rourea thomsonii (Baker)Jongkind                     1040
 Conv  Calycobolus campanulatus (Hallier f.)Heine          15780
 Conv  Calycobolus insignis (Rendle)Heine                  13805
 Conv  Dipteropeltis poranoides Hallier f.                 15682
 Conv  Hewittia sublobata (L.f.)O.Ktze.                     0913
 Conv  Ipomoea blepharophylla Hallier f.                    0509
 Conv  Ipomoea cairica (L.)Sweet                            1008
 Conv  Ipomoea involucrata P.Beauv.                         0914
 Conv  Ipomoea mauritiana Jacq.                             0460
 Conv  Merremia hederacea (Burm.f.)Hallier f.               0942
 Cucur  Cogniauxia podolaena Baillon                        0958
 Cucur  Ruthalicia longipes (Hook.f.)C.Jeffrey              1215
 Cyp  Bulbostylis sp.                                       0829
 Cyp  Bulbostylis sp.                                       0830
 Cyp  Bulbostylis cf. densa (Wall.)Hand.-Mazz.              0522
 Cyp  Bulbostylis laniceps C.B. Cl. ex Dur. & Schinz        0512
 Cyp  Cyperus sp.                                          16096
 Cyp  Cyperus rotundus L.                                   0817
 Cyp  Cyperus sphacelatus Rottb.                            0845
 Cyp  Fimbristylis sp.                                      1018
 Cyp  Fimbristylis cf. debilis Steud.                       0529
 Cyp  Fimbristylis dichotoma (L.)Vahl                       0407
 Cyp  Fimbristylis pilosa Vahl                              0499
 Cyp  Kyllinga sp.                                          0813
 Cyp  Mariscus sp.                                          0525
 Cyp  Pycreus  sp.                                          0510
 Cyp  Pycreus  sp.                                          0526
 Cyp  Scleria  sp.                                          0422
 Cyp  Scleria verrucosa Willd.                              0878

 Dich  Dichapetalum sp.                                     0048
 Dich  Dichapetalum sp.                                     0140
 Dich  Dichapetalum sp.                                     0236
 Dich  Dichapetalum sp.                                     0506
 Dich  Dichapetalum sp.                                     1032
 Dich  Dichapetalum sp.                                    16268
 Dich  Dichapetalum angolense Chodat                       15697
 Dich  Dichapetalum barteri Engler                         15481
 Dich  Dichapetalum bellum Breteler                        16069
 Dich  Dichapetalum choristilum Engler                     15636
 Dich  Dichapetalum congoense Engler & Ruhl.               R2304
 Dich  Dichapetalum crassifolium Chodat                    16329
 Dich  Dichapetalum dewevrei De Wild. & Th.Dur.             L610
 Dich  Dichapetalum gabonense Engler                       15689
 Dich  Dichapetalum heudelotii (Planchon ex Oliv.)Baillon  16331
 Dich  Dichapetalum librevillense Pellegrin                16276
 Dich  Dichapetalum madagascariense Poiret                  L707
 Dich  Dichapetalum aff. mundense Engler                    0283
 Dich  Dichapetalum parvifolium Engler                     16056
 Dich  Dichapetalum tomentosum Engler                      15779
 Dich  Dichapetalum zenkeri Engler                         15499
 Dich  Tapura sp.                                           0065
 Dich  Tapura bouquetiana N.Halle & Heine                  15503
 Dill  Tetracera sp.                                       15790
 Dill  Tetracera podotricha Gilg                            0488
 Diosc  Dioscorea minutiflora Engler                       16284
 Dipt  Marquesia excelsa R.E.Fries                         16039

 Eben  Diospyros abyssinica (Hiern)F. White                 0343
 Eben  Diospyros boala De Wild.                            15705
 Eben  Diospyros conocarpa Guerke & K.Schum.               16308
 Eben  Diospyros crassiflora Hiern                          1147
 Eben  Diospyros dendo Welw. ex Hiern                      13797
 Eben  Diospyros gabunensis Guerke                         16292
 Eben  Diospyros iturensis (Guerke)Letouzey & F.White      15657
 Eben  Diospyros kamerunensis Guerke                       13830
 Eben  Diospyros mannii Hiern                              15753
 Eben  Diospyros melocarpa F.White                          1135
 Eben  Diospyros piscatoria Guerke                         15688
 Eben  Diospyros polystemon Guerke                         15751
 Eben  Diospyros soyauxii Guerke & K.Schum.              SEGC577
 Eben  Diospyros suaveolens Guerke                       SEGC574
 Eben  Diospyros viridicans Hiern                        SEGC169
 Eben  Diospyros zenkeri (Guerke)F. White                   0307
 Eryth  Aneulophus africanus Bentham                       15781
 Eryth  Pinacopodium congolense (S.Moore)Exell             15645
 Euph  Alchornea cordifolia (Schum. & Thonn.)Muell. Arg.    0661
 Euph  Alchornea floribunda Muell. Arg.                    15761
 Euph  Alchornea hirtella Bentham                           0658
 Euph  Antidesma laciniatum Muell. Arg.                     0320
 Euph  Antidesma sp.                                       15797
 Euph  Antidesma venosum Tul.                               1069
 Euph  Antidesma vogelianum Muell. Arg.                     0232
 Euph  Argomuellera macrophylla Pax                         1044
 Euph  Bridelia ferruginea Bentham                          0633
 Euph  Bridelia grandis Pierre ex Hutch.                    0932
 Euph  Centroplacus glaucinus Pierre                       13734
 Euph  Chaetocarpus africanus Pax                           1319
 Euph  Cleistanthus cf. bipindensis Leon                   15700
 Euph  Conceveiba macrostachys Breteler                    13740
 Euph  Croton sp.                                          16042
 Euph  Croton mubango Muell. Arg.                           1041
 Euph  Crotonogyne manniana Muell. Arg.                    16079
 Euph  Crotonogyne parvifolia Prain                        W2743
 Euph  Cyathogyne viridis Muell. Arg.                      16015
 Euph  Cyrtogonone argentea (Pax)Prain                     13735
 Euph  Dichostemma glaucescens Pierre                      15507
 Euph  Discoglypremna caloneura Baillon                    13733
 Euph  Drypetes sp.                                        13754
 Euph  Drypetes sp.                                        13851
 Euph  Drypetes sp.                                        D1174
 Euph  Drypetes aff. arborescens Hutchinson                15502
 Euph  Drypetes aff. aylmeri Hutch. & Dalz.                 0197
 Euph  Drypetes gilgiana (Pax)Pax & K.Hoffmann             15500
 Euph  Drypetes aff. gilgiana (Pax)Pax & K.Hoffmann         1346
 Euph  Duvigneaudia inopinata (Prain)Leonard               13806
 Euph  Euphorbia thymifolia L.   [Chamaesyce]               0542
 Euph  Euphorbia cf. venenifica Kotschy                     1052
 Euph  Grossera sp.                                         0625
 Euph  Jatropha gossypiifolia L.                         SEGC497
 Euph  Klaineanthus gaboniae Pierre ex Prain               13749
 Euph  Lingelsheimia longepedicellata J. Leonard           15505
 Euph  Macaranga barteri Muell. Arg.                        0319
 Euph  Macaranga gabunica Prain                             0309
 Euph  Macaranga monandra Muell. Arg.                      15475
 Euph  Maesobotrya dusenii (Pax)Hutch.                      1326
 Euph  Maesobotrya aff. dusenii (Pax)Hutch.                16168
 Euph  Maesobotrya cf. pynaertii (De Wild.)Pax & K. Hoffm.  0585
 Euph  Manniophyton fulvum Muell. Arg.                     13820
 Euph  Maprounea membranacea Pax & K.Hoffmann              15669
 Euph  Mareya micrantha (Bentham)Muell. Arg.               15686
 Euph  Mareyopsis longifolia (Pax)Pax & K.Hoffmann         16155
 Euph  Margaritaria discoidea (Baillon)Webster              0896
 Euph  Martretia quadricornis Beille                        0939
 Euph  Micrococca mercurialis (L.)Bentham                   1314
 Euph  Microdesmis afrodecandra Floret, Louis, & Reitsma    0724
 Euph  Panda oleosa Pierre                                 13776
 Euph  Pentabrachion reticulatum Muell. Arg.               15470
 Euph  Phyllanthus acidus (L.)Skeels                        0091
 Euph  Phyllanthus diandrus Pax                            15627
 Euph  Phyllanthus aff. nigericus Brenan                    0826
 Euph  Phyllanthus polyanthus Pax                          15706
 Euph  Phyllanthus urinaria L.                              0855
 Euph  Plagiostyles africana (Muell. Arg.)Prain            15492
 Euph  Pycnocoma cornuta Muell. Arg.                       D1162
 Euph  Sapium ellipticum (Krauss)Pax                       15476
 Euph  Thecacoris cf. annobonae Pax & K. Hoffmann           0969
 Euph  Thecacoris stenopetala (Muell. Arg.)Muell. Arg.      0749
 Euph  Uapaca sp.                                          15465
 Euph  Uapaca sp.                                          16014
 Euph  Uapaca guineensis Muell. Arg.                        0287
 Euph  Uapaca guineensis Muell. Arg. vel aff.               0124
 Euph  Uapaca heudelotii Baillon                            1013
 Euph  Uapaca heudelotii Baillon vel aff.                   0889
 Euph  Uapaca aff. paludosa Aubreville & Leandri            0967
 Euph  Uapaca aff. togoensis Pax                            0286
 Euph  Uapaca vanhouttei De Wild.                           0234

 Flac  Caloncoba glauca (P. Beauv.)Gilg                     0088
 Flac  Camptostylus mannii (Oliver)Gilg                     1121
 Flac  Casearia barteri Mast.                              15691
 Flac  Dasylepis brevipedicellatus Chipp                   16074
 Flac  Homalium sp.                                        16169
 Flac  Homalium aff. abdessammadii Aschers. & Schweinf.     1068
 Flac  Homalium aff. buchholzii Warb.                       1323
 Flac  Homalium letestui Pellegrin                          0703
 Flac  Homalium aff. neurophyllum Hoyle                     0062
 Flac  Homalium sarcopetalum Pierre                         0632
 Flac  Lindackeria dentata (Oliver)Gilg                     0704
 Flac  Oncoba brachyanthera Oliver                         16017
 Flac  Scottellia coriacea A.Chev. ex Hutch. & Dalz.       13814

 Gent  Neurotheca loeselioides (Spruce ex Prog.)Baillon     0515
 Gent  Voyria primuloides Baker                            R2666
 Gram  Anadelphia afzeliana (Rendle)Stapf                  13729
 Gram  Andropogon fastigiatus Sw.                           0505
 Gram  Andropogon macrophyllus Stapf                        ?100
 Gram  Axonopus compressus P.Beauv.                         0828
 Gram  Axonopus flexuosus (Peter)C.E.Hubb. ex Troupin        ?43
 Gram  Brachiaria jubata (Fig. & De Not.)Stapf              0502
 Gram  Centotheca lappacea (L.)Desv.                        0404
 Gram  Coelorachis afraurita (Stapf)Stapf                   ?174
 Gram  Ctenium newtonii Hackel                             13730
 Gram  Digitaria diagonalis (Nees)Stapf                     0832
 Gram  Eleusine indica (L.)Gaertner                         0835
 Gram  Eragrostis atrovirens (Desf.)Steud.                   ?11
 Gram  Eriochrysis brachypogon (Stapf)Stapf                 ?154
 Gram  Guaduella macrostachys (K.Schum.)Pilger              1158
 Gram  Hyparrhenia bracteata (Humb.&Bonpl.ex Willd.)Stapf   ?188
 Gram  Hyparrhenia diplandra (Hack.)Stapf                   0500
 Gram  Hyparrhenia familiaris (Steud.)Stapf                 0563
 Gram  Jardinea gabonensis Steud.                          13728
 Gram  Leersia hexandra Sw.                                 ?181
 Gram  Leptapsis cochleata Thwaites                        R2667
 Gram  Loudetia phragmitoides (Peter)C.E.Hubb.              ?163
 Gram  Megastachya mucronata (Poir.)P.Beauv.                0466
 Gram  Olyra latifolia L.                                   0031
 Gram  Oplismenus hirtellus (L.)P.Beauv.                    0428
 Gram  Panicum sp.                                          0152
 Gram  Panicum sp.                                          0208
 Gram  Panicum sp.                                          0430
 Gram  Panicum dregeanum Nees                               0516
 Gram  Panicum dregeanum Nees vel aff.                      0834
 Gram  Panicum fulgens Stapf vel aff.                       0864
 Gram  Panicum griffonii Franch.                            0532
 Gram  Panicum cf. walense Mez                              0549
 Gram  Paspalum sp.                                         0463
 Gram  Paspalum paniculatum L.                              0426
 Gram  Pennisetum polystachion (L.)Schultes                 0839
 Gram  Perotis indica (L.)Ktze.                             0523
 Gram  Rhytachne rottboellioides Desv.                      0831
 Gram  Sacciolepis typhura (Stapf)Stapf                     ?107
 Gram  Sporobolus pyramidalis P.Beauv.                      0860
 Gram  Streptogyna crinita P.Beauv.                         0429
 Gram  Trichopteryx fruticulosa Chiov.                      0968
 Gram  Trichopteryx marungensis Chiov.                      ?187
 Gutt  Garcinia sp.                                        15663
 Gutt  Garcinia sp.                                        16068
 Gutt  Garcinia afzelii Engl.                               0219
 Gutt  Garcinia afzelii Engl. vel aff.                      0158
 Gutt  Garcinia conrauana Engler                           16303
 Gutt  Garcinia epunctata Stapf                            13778
 Gutt  Garcinia gnetoides Hutchinson & Dalziel             W2698
 Gutt  Garcinia aff. gnetoides Hutchinson & Dalz.           0767
 Gutt  Garcinia kola Heckel                                 1233
 Gutt  Garcinia mannii Oliver                              15784
 Gutt  Garcinia aff. ovalifolia Oliver                      0631
 Gutt  Garcinia cf. ovalifolia Oliver                      15772
 Gutt  Garcinia smeathmannii (Planchon & Triana)Oliver     W2697
 Gutt  Harungana madagascariensis Lam.                      0790
 Gutt  Mammea africana Sabine                              13859
 Gutt  Pentadesma butyracea Sabine                          0799
 Gutt  Pentadesma grandifolia Baker f.                     16157
 Gutt  Psorospermum sp.                                    15789
 Gutt  Psorospermum tenuifolium Hooker f.                  13713
 Gutt  Symphonia globulifera L.f.                          D1168
 Gutt  Vismia guineensis (L.)Choisy                        13818
 Gutt  Vismia rubescens Oliver                              1063

 Hippocrat  Cuervea isangiensis (De Wild.)Halle             1238
 Hippocrat  Hippocratea myriantha Oliver                    0001
 Hippocrat  Loeseneriella apiculata (Oliver)Wilczek        15785
 Hippocrat  Prionostemma fimbriata (Exell)N.Halle          15681
 Hippocrat  Salacia sp.                                     0175
 Hippocrat  Salacia sp.                                     0176
 Hippocrat  Salacia sp.                                     0274
 Hippocrat  Salacia sp.                                     0308
 Hippocrat  Salacia sp.                                    13759
 Hippocrat  Salacia sp.                                    13807
 Hippocrat  Salacia sp.                                    15643
 Hippocrat  Salacia sp.                                    15685
 Hippocrat  Salacia sp.                                    16163
 Hippocrat  Salacia sp.                                    16333
 Hippocrat  Salacia alata De Wild.                         R2324
 Hippocrat  Salacia callensii Wilcz.                        1347
 Hippocrat  Salacia cornifolia Hooker f.                    1122
 Hippocrat  Salacia dusenii Loes.                          16190
 Hippocrat  Salacia elegans Oliver vel aff.                R2656
 Hippocrat  Salacia cf. klainei                            15699
 Hippocrat  Salacia mannii Wilczek                          1392
 Hippocrat  Salacia mayumbensis Exell & Mendonca            1320
 Hippocrat  Salacia nitida (Bentham)N.E.Brown               1187
 Hippocrat  Salacia cf. nitida (Bentham)N.E.Brown          13855
 Hippocrat  Salacia staudtiana Loes.                       13788
 Hippocrat  Salacia cf. whytei Loes.                       13747
 Hua  Afrostyrax lepidophyllus Mildb.                      15638
 Humir  Sacoglottis gabonensis (Baillon)Urb.               13714
 Hypox  Curculigo pilosa (Schum. & Thonn.)Engler           15483
 Hypox  Hypoxis angustifoliia Lam. sens. lat.               1430
 Hydro  Ottelia ulvifolia (Planch.)Walp.                    1321

 Icac  Alsodeiopsis poggei Engler                           1067
 Icac  Icacina mannii Oliver                               15799
 Icac  Lasianthera africana P.Beauv.                        0359
 Icac  Pyrenacantha klaineana Pierre ex Exell & Mendonca    0721
 Icac  Raphiostylis ferruginea Engler var. villosa         16048
 Irv  Desbordesia glaucescens (Engler)van Tieghem          13758
 Irv  Irvingia gabonensis (O'Rorke)Baillon                  1060
 Irv  Irvingia grandifolia (Engler)Engler                  15488
 Irv  Klainedoxa gabonensis Pierre                         13695
 Ixon  Ochthocosmus congolensis De Wild. & Th.Dur.       SEGC271
 Ixon  Ochthocosmus sessiliflorus (Oliver)Baillon          13810
 Ixon  Ochthocosmus cf. sessiliflorus (Oliver)Baillon       0015

 Lab  Neohyptis paniculata (Baker)J.K.Morton                1379
 Lab  Solenostemon sp.                                      0543
 Lab  Solenostemon aff. decumbens (Hooker f.)Baker          1315
 Lab  Solenostemon latifolius (Bentham)J.K.Morton           1383
 Laur  Beilschmiedia sp.                                    0193
 Laur  Beilschmiedia sp.                                    1168
 Laur  Beilschmiedia sp.                                   15774
 Laur  Beilschmiedia sp.                                   16027
 Laur  Beilschmiedia sp.                                   16072
 Laur  Beilschmiedia congolana Rob. & Wilcz.               R2663
 Laur  Beilschmiedia dinklagei (Engler)Rob. & Wilcz.        1134
 Laur  Beilschmiedia aff. klainei Rob. & Wilcz.             1087
 Laur  Hypodaphnis zenkeri (Engler)Stapf                   15469
 Laur  Ocotea gabonensis Fouilloy                          16162
 Lecyth  Napoleonaea gabonensis Liben                      16154
 Lecyth  Napoleonaea imperialis P.Beauv.                    0225
 Lecyth  Napoleonaea cf. leonensis Hutch. & Dalz.           0103
 Lecyth  Napoleonaea vogelii Hook. & Planch.                1339
 Lecyth  Petersianthus macrocarpus (Pal.)Liben              1240
 Leg-Caes  Afzelia bella Harms                              0977
 Leg-Caes  Afzelia pachyloba Harms                          0312
 Leg-Caes  Aphanocalyx djumaensis (De Wild.)Leonard         0949
 Leg-Caes  Anthonotha macrophylla P.Beauv.                 15518
 Leg-Caes  Augouardia letestui Pellegrin                   15493
 Leg-Caes  Baikiaea aff. fragrantissima Baker f.           W2673
 Leg-Caes  Baikiaea insignis Bentham                        0929
 Leg-Caes  Baikiaea robynsii Ghesquier                      0941
 Leg-Caes  Berlinia auriculata Bentham                     13827
 Leg-Caes  Berlinia bracteosa Bentham                      15798
 Leg-Caes  Caesalpinia welwitschiana (Oliv.)Brenan         16337
 Leg-Caes  Cassia alata L.                                  0775
 Leg-Caes  Cassia kirkii Oliver                             0888
 Leg-Caes  Cassia mannia Oliver                             1212
 Leg-Caes  Cassia mimosoides L.                             0859
 Leg-Caes  Cassia obtusifolia L.                            0822
 Leg-Caes  Copaifera mildbraedii Harms                      0056
 Leg-Caes  Crudia gabonensis Pierre ex Harms                0588
 Leg-Caes  Crudia harmsiana De Wild. vel aff.               0723
 Leg-Caes  Cryptosepalum pellegrinianum (Leonard)Leonard   W2712
 Leg-Caes  Cryptosepalum staudtii Harms                     1062
 Leg-Caes  Cynometra mannii Oliver                         W2749
 Leg-Caes  Cynometra schlechteri Harms                      1015
 Leg-Caes  Daniella soyauxii (Harms)Rolfe                  W2703
 Leg-Caes  Dialium densiflorum Harms                        0365
 Leg-Caes  Dialium dinklagei Harms                         13834
 Leg-Caes  Dialium dinklagei Harms vel aff.                 1151
 Leg-Caes  Dialium guineense Willd.                        16300
 Leg-Caes  Dialium cf. guineense Willd.                    16288
 Leg-Caes  Dialium lopense Breteler                        15800
 Leg-Caes  Dialium pachyphyllum Harms                      13761
 Leg-Caes  Dialium cf. soyauxii Harms                      13831
 Leg-Caes  Dialium zenkeri Harms                           15803
 Leg-Caes  Dialium cf. zenkeri Harms                       13832
 Leg-Caes  Duparquetia orchidacea Baillon                  16287
 Leg-Caes  Eurypetalum batesii Baker f.                     0612
 Leg-Caes  Gilbertiodendron sp.                            W2701
 Leg-Caes  Gilbertiodendron grandistipulatum(De Wild.)Leon. 1118
 Leg-Caes  Gilbertiodendron cf. stipulaceum (Benth.)Leonard 1406
 Leg-Caes  Gilletiodendron pierreanum (Harms)Leonard       16269
 Leg-Caes  Guibourtia demeusei (Harms)Leonard               1095
 Leg-Caes  Guibourtia ehie (A.Chev.)Leonard                13760
 Leg-Caes  Guibourtia tessmannii (Harms)Leonard            15750
 Leg-Caes  Hylodendron gabunense Taubert                   15667
 Leg-Caes  Hymenostegia sp.                                16325
 Leg-Caes  Hymenostegia klainei Pierre ex Pellegrin        16321
 Leg-Caes  Hymenostegia pellegrinii (A.Chev.)Leonard        0586
 Leg-Caes  Isomacrolobium sp.                              16310
 Leg-Caes  Julbernardia brieyi (De Wild.)Troupin            0491
 Leg-Caes  Julbernardia seretii (De Wild.)Troupin           1156
 Leg-Caes  Leonardendron gabunense (Leonard)Aubreville     W2683
 Leg-Caes  Mezoneuron angolense Oliver                      0649
 Leg-Caes  Monopetalanthus coriaceus Morel ex Aubreville   D1141
 Leg-Caes  Monopetalanthus durandii F.Halle & Normand      W2693
 Leg-Caes  Monopetalanthus heitzii Pellegrin               13849
 Leg-Caes  Neochevalierodendron stephanii (A.Chev.)Leonard 13691
 Leg-Caes  Oddoniodendron micranthum (Harms)Baker f.       16270
 Leg-Caes  Paraberlinia bifoliolata Pellegrin              13706
 Leg-Caes  Pellegriniodendron diphyllum (Harms)Leonard     15684
 Leg-Caes  Plagiosiphon gabonensis (A.Chev.)Leonard        D1181
 Leg-Caes  Scorodophloeus zenkeri Harms                    15755
 Leg-Caes  Sindoropsis letestui (Pellegrin)Leonard         16302
 Leg-Caes  Tessmannia africana Harms                       16311
 Leg-Caes  Tessmannia anomala (Micheli)Harms               W2702
 Leg-Caes  Tessmannia dewildemanniana Harms                 0629
 Leg-Caes  Tessmannia lescrauwaetii (De Wild.)Harms        13756
 Leg-Caes  Tetraberlinia bifoliolata (Harms)Hauman          0973
 Leg-Mim  Albizia gummifera (J.F.Gmel.)C.A.Sm.             R2306
 Leg-Mim  Albizia laurentii De Wild.                        1017
 Leg-Mim  Calliandra surinamensis Bentham                   0971
 Leg-Mim  Calpocalyx klainei Pierre ex Harms vel aff.       0611
 Leg-Mim  Calpocalyx ngouniensis Pellegrin                 16328
 Leg-Mim  Cathormion altissimum (Hooker f.)Hutch. & Dan     0768
 Leg-Mim  Entada gigas (L.)Fawcett & Rendle                 0722
 Leg-Mim  Fillaeopsis discophora Harms                   SEGC518
 Leg-Mim  Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.)De Wit                1006
 Leg-Mim  Mimosa pigra L.                                   1195
 Leg-Mim  Newtonia leucocarpa (Harms)Gilbert & Boutique     0984
 Leg-Mim  Pentaclethra eetveldiana De Wild. & Dur.         13725
 Leg-Mim  Pentaclethra macrophylla Bentham                 13709
 Leg-Mim  Piptadeniastrum africanum (Hooker f.)Brenan      D1183
 Leg-Mim  Pseudoprosopis gilletii (De Wild.)Villiers       15644
 Leg-Mim  Samanea leptophylla (Harms)Brenan & Brummitt      0393
 Leg-Mim  Tetrapleura tetraptera (Schum. & Thonn.)Taub.    15477
 Leg-Pap  Abrus canescens Baker                             1388
 Leg-Pap  Aganope impressa (Dunn)Polhill [Ostryoderris]     0318
 Leg-Pap  Angylocalyx oligophyllus (Bak.)Bak.f.             1349
 Leg-Pap  Baphia sp.                                       15673
 Leg-Pap  Baphia sp.                                       15676
 Leg-Pap  Baphia buettneri Harms                           16063
 Leg-Pap  Baphia leptostemma Baillon                        1148
 Leg-Pap  Baphia maxima Baker                              13773
 Leg-Pap  Camoensia brevicalyx Bentham                     15695
 Leg-Pap  Craibia aff. atlantica Dunn                       1127
 Leg-Pap  Craibia laurentii (De Wild.)De Wild.              0950
 Leg-Pap  Crotalaria axillaris Ait.                         1334
 Leg-Pap  Crotalaria ochroleuca G.Don                       1286
 Leg-Pap  Crotalaria pallida Aiton                          0663
 Leg-Pap  Dalbergia sp.                                     0791
 Leg-Pap  Dalbergia sp.                                     1020
 Leg-Pap  Dalbergia sp.                                     1089
 Leg-Pap  Dalbergia sp.                                    16278
 Leg-Pap  Dalbergia sp.                                    16286
 Leg-Pap  Dalbergia sp.                                     0718
 Leg-Pap  Dalbergia aff. rufa G.Don                         0645
 Leg-Pap  Dalbergia aff. olongifolia G.Don                 D1155
 Leg-Pap  Dalhousiea africana S.Moore                      13811
 Leg-Pap  Desmodium ramosissimum G.Don                      0867
 Leg-Pap  Desmodium scorpiurus (Sw.)Desv.                   0513
 Leg-Pap  Desmodium velutinum (Willd.)DC.                   0868
 Leg-Pap  Eriosema glomeratum (Guill. & Perr.)Hooker f.     0675
 Leg-Pap  Erythrina tholloniana Hua ex desc.                0713
 Leg-Pap  Erythrina aff. vogelii Hooker f.                  1066
 Leg-Pap  Indigofera sp.                                    0559
 Leg-Pap  Indigofera sp.                                    0567
 Leg-Pap  Indigofera sp.                                    0571
 Leg-Pap  Indigofera conjugata Baker                        0518
 Leg-Pap  Indigofera aff. welwitschii Baker                 1387
 Leg-Pap  Leptoderris brachyptera (Bentham)Dunn             0469
 Leg-Pap  Leptoderris congolensis (De Wild.)Dunn            1025
 Leg-Pap  Leptoderris fasciculata (Bentham)Dunn            R2672
 Leg-Pap  Leptoderris hypargyrea Dunn                    SEGC488
 Leg-Pap  Leucomphalos capparideus Planchon                 1242
 Leg-Pap  Millettia sp                                     15612
 Leg-Pap  Millettia sp.                                    15490
 Leg-Pap  Millettia sp.                                    15752
 Leg-Pap  Millettia sp.                                    15767
 Leg-Pap  Millettia barteri (Bentham)Dunn                   1000
 Leg-Pap  Millettia conraui Harms                          13817
 Leg-Pap  Millettia laurentii De Wild.                      1350
 Leg-Pap  Millettia mannii Baker                           13812
 Leg-Pap  Millettia aff. warneckei Harms                    1250
 Leg-Pap  Millettia sanagana Harms                       SEGC522
 Leg-Pap  Ostryocarpus riparius Hooker f.                   1248
 Leg-Pap  Platysepalum sp.                                  0603
 Leg-Pap  Pterocarpus soyauxii Taub.                       13765
 Leg-Pap  Swartzia fistuloides Harms                       13793
 Leg-Pap  Tephrosia purpurea (L.)Pers.                      0535
 Leg-Pap  Uraria picta (Jacq.)DC.                           0495
 Leg-Pap  Vigna gracilis (Guill. & Perr.)Hooker f. vel aff. 1384
 Leg-Pap  Vigna multinervis Hutch. & Dalz.                  1312
 Leg-Pap  Zornia latifolia Sm.                              0504
 Lentib  Utricularia sp.                                    1378
 Lil  Chlorophytum laxum R.Br. vel aff.                     1359
 Lil  Dracaena aubryana Brongn. ex C. Morren                0728
 Lil  Dracaena thalioides Makog ex C. Morren                0916
 Lil  Smilax kraussiana Meisner                             1001
 Lin  Hugonia sp.                                          15783
 Lin  Hugonia gabunensis Engler                             0908
 Lin  Hugonia obtusifolia C.H.Wright                        0978
 Logan  Anthocleista schweinfurthii Gilg                   16043
 Logan  Anthocleista vogelii Planchon                       0716
 Logan  Mostuea brunonis Didrichsen                        13690
 Logan  Strychnos aff. angolensis Gilg                      0340
 Logan  Strychnos congolana Gilg                            0872
 Logan  Strychnos densiflora Baillon                       D1173
 Logan  Strychnos longicaudata Gilg vel aff.               16307
 Logan  Strychnos malacoclados C.H.Wright                   0712
 Logan  Strychnos malacoclados C.H.Wright vel aff.          0106
 Logan  Strychnos ngouniensis Pellegrin                    16295
 Logan  Strychnos ternata Gilg ex Leeuwenberg              13795
 Loran  Englerina aff. gabonensis (Engler)Balle             0918
 Loran  Globimetula dinklagei (Enger)van Tieghem           13798
 Loran  Helixanthera sp.                                   15793
 Loran  Helixanthera mannii (Oliver)Danser                  0402
 Loran  Phragmanthera aff. batangae (Engler)Balle           0979
 Loran  Phragmanthera longiflora (Balle)Polhill & Wiens    13791
 Loran  Tapinanthus sp.                                     0444
 Luxemb  Testulea gabonensis Pellegrin                      0689

 Malp  Acridocarpus camerounensis Niedenzu                 16281
 Malp  Acridocarpus longifolius (G.Don)Hooker f.           13775
 Malp  Acridocarpus macrocalyx Engler                      D1146
 Malp  Acridocarpus smeathmannii (DC.)Guillemin & Perrottet15632
 Malp  Heteropteris leona (Cavanilles)Exell                 0945
 Malv  Hibiscus asper Hooker f.                             1223
 Malv  Hibiscus rostellatus Guillemin & Perrottet           1011
 Malv  Hibiscus surattensis L.                              0920
 Malv  Sida linifolia Juss. ex Cav.                         1295
 Malv  Sida rhombifolia L.                                  0044
 Malv  Sida stipulata Cav.                                  1425
 Malv  Urena lobata L.                                      0800
 Maran  Halopegia azurea (K.Schum.)K.Schum.                 0674
 Maran  Haumania liebrechtsiana (De Wild. &Th.Dur.)Leonard 15704
 Maran  Hypselodelphys sp.                                  0696
 Maran  Hypselodelphys hirsuta (Loes.)J.Koechlin            1328
 Maran  Marantochloa cordifolia (K.Schum.)Koechlin          0669
 Maran  Marantochloa mildbraedii Koechlin                   1145
 Maran  Marantochloa purpurea (Ridl.)M.-Redh.               0685
 Maran  Megaphrynium macrostachyum (Bentham)M.-Redh.        1331
 Maran  Megaphrynium velutinum (Bak.)Koechlin , ex desc.    0672
 Maran  Sarcophrynium prionogonium (K.Schum.)K.Schum.       1176
 Melast  Amphiblemma aff. gossweileri Exell                 0375
 Melast  Calvoa monticola A.Chev. ex Hutch. & Dalz.         0370
 Melast  Calvoa trochainii Jacques-Felix                   15702
 Melast  Dicellandra cf. descoingsii Jacques-Felix         16326
 Melast  Dichaetanthera africana (Hooker f.)Jacques-Felix  15618
 Melast  Dissotis sp.                                       0546
 Melast  Dissotis brazzae Cogniaux                         W2742
 Melast  Dissotis congolensis (Buettner)Jacques-Felix       0693
 Melast  Dissotis multiflora (Sm.)Triana                    0481
 Melast  Guyonia ciliata Hooker f.                          0812
 Melast  Heterotis decumbens (Pal.de Beauv.)Jacques-Felix   1304
 Melast  Memecylon collinum Jacques-Felix                   0789
 Melast  Memecylon collinum Jacques-Felix vel aff.          0935
 Melast  Memecylon diluviorum Exell                        R2332
 Melast  Memecylon aff. lateriflorum (G.Don)Brem.           0468
 Melast  Ochthocharis dicellandroides (Gilg)C.Hansen&Wickens0904
 Melast  Tristemma sp.                                      0573
 Melast  Tristemma leiocalyx Cogniaux                       0391
 Melast  Warneckea sp.                                     15659
 Melast  Warneckea membranifolia (Hooker f.)Jacques-Felix   0995
 Melast  Warneckea yangambensis (A.&R.Fern.)Jacques-Felix  13839
 Meliac  Carapa procera DC.                                 1053
 Meliac  Trichilia gilgiana Harms                           1078
 Meliac  Trichilia monadelpha (Thonn.)J.J. De Wilde         0278
 Meliac  Trichilia prieuriana A. Juss.                      0893
 Monim  Glossocalyx brevipes Bentham                       13723
 Mor  Dorstenia aff. barteri Bureau                         0156
 Mor  Ficus barteri Sprague                              SEGC441
 Mor  Ficus bubu Warburg                                 SEGC571
 Mor  Ficus cyathistipuloides De Wildeman              K.McD.568
 Mor  Ficus cf. dicranostyla Mildbraed                      0200
 Mor  Ficus kimuenzensis Warburg                            0270
 Mor  Ficus ovata Vahl                                      1035
 Mor  Ficus polita Vahl                                     0957
 Mor  Ficus subsagittifolia Mildbr. ex Berg                 1036
 Mor  Ficus sur Forsskal                                    0891
 Mor  Ficus variifolia Warburg                              0635
 Mor  Ficus wildemaniana Warb. ex De Wild. & Th.Dur.       13746
 Mor  Milicia excelsa (Welw.)C.C.Berg                      16087
 Mor  Treculia africana Decaisne                            0946
 Mor  Treculia obovoidea N.E.Brown                         15652
 Moss  Callicostella emarginatula Brotherus                 1106
 Moss  Calymperes palisotii Schwaegrichen                   0809
 Moss  Ectropothecium sp.                                   0754A
 Moss  Fissidens sp.                                        0756
 Moss  Fissidens sp.                                        0757
 Moss  Fissidens sp.                                        0808
 Moss  Jaegerina scariosa (Lorentz)Arzeni                   0746
 Moss  Leucobryum cameruniae C.Mueller ex Renauld & Cardot  0750
 Moss  Leucophanes molleri C. Mueller                       0741
 Moss  Octoblepharum albidum Hedwig                         0735
 Moss  Porothamnium stipitatum (Mitten)Touw ex Sloover      0753
 Moss  Racopilum sp.                                        0807
 Moss  Sematophyllum sp.                                    0740
 Moss  Sematophyllum sp.                                    0745
 Moss  Sematophyllum crassirete (Cardot)Brotherus           0744
 Moss  Syrrhopodon armatus Mitten                           0736
 Moss  Taxithelium subrotundatulum Brotherus & Paris        1105
 Moss  Thuidium gratum (P.Beauv.)Jaeger                     0761
 Myrist  Coelocaryon preussii Warb.                        13770
 Myrist  Scyphocephalium ochocoa Warb.                     13745
 Myrist  Staudtia gabonensis Warb.                         13724
 Myrt  Eugenia sp.                                          1070
 Myrt  Psidium guineense Sw.                                0083
 Myrt  Syzygium aff. staudtii (Engler)Mildbr.               0381
 Myrsin  Ardisia buesgenii (Gilg & Schellenb.)Taton        R2605

 Nymph  Nymphaea maculata Schum. & Thonn.                   0815

 Och  Campylospermum calanthum (Gilg)Farron                R2609
 Och  Campylospermum elongatum (Oliver)van Tieghem         13744
 Och  Lophira alata Banks ex Gaertn. f.                    16035
 Och  Ochna afzelii R.Br. ex Oliver                         0882
 Och  Ochna aff. multiflora DC.                             1090
 Och  Ouratea aff. arnoldiana De Wild.                      1061
 Och  Ouratea dusenii Gilg                                  1021
 Och  Ouratea flava (K.Schum.&Thonn.)Stapf                  0634
 Och  Ouratea cf. flava (K.Schum. & Thonn.)Stapf            0084
 Och  Ouratea cf. flava (K.Schum. & Thonn.)Stapf            1100
 Och  Ouratea aff. latepedunculata De Wild.                 0639
 Och  Ouratea cf. myrioneura Gilg                           0075
 Och  Rhabdophyllum calophyllum (Hooker f.)van Tieghem     13822
 Och  Sauvagesia erecta L.                                  0694
 Olac  Coula edulis Baillon                                13738
 Olac  Engomegoma sp., ined.                               15693
 Olac  Heisteria parvifolia Smith                           1076
 Olac  Octoknema affinis Pierre                             1046
 Olac  Olax gambecola Baillon                               1045
 Olac  Olax gambecola Baillon vel aff.                      0938
 Olac  Olax mannii Oliver vel aff.                          1056
 Olac  Ongokea gore (Hua)Pierre                            15464
 Olac  Ptychopetalum petiolatum Oliver                     16076
 Olac  Strombosia pustulata Oliver                          0583
 Olac  Strombosia zenkeri Engler                           15674
 Olac  Strombosiopsis tetrandra Engler                     13721
 Oleac  Linociera mannii Solereder                          0886
 Oleac  Linociera aff. mannii Solereder                     0662
 Onag  Ludwigia stenorraphe (Brenan)Hara                    1420
 Opil  Opilia congolana Baillon                             1340
 Orch  Cyrtorchis chailluana (Hooker f.)Schlechter          1209
 Orch  Eulophia angolensis (Reichenb. f.)Summerh.          R2447
 Orch  Eulophia aff. angolensis (Reichenb. f.)Summerh.      1287
 Orch  Eulophia aff. barteri Summerh.                       1179
 Orch  Eulophia cucullata (Sw.)Steud.                      R2448
 Orch  Eulophia gracilis Lindley                            1285
 Orch  Eulophia oedoplectron Summerh. vel aff.              1292
 Orch  Platycoryne buchaniana (Kranzlin)Rolfe              R2449
 Orch  Polystachya sp.                                      1211
 Oxal  Biophytum petersianum Klotzsch                       0496
 Oxal  Biophytum talbotii (Baker f.)Hutch. & Dalz.          0061
 Oxal  Biophytum zenkeri Guillaumin                         0818

 Palm  Podococcus barteri Mann & Wendl.                     1401
 Pandan  Pandanus candelabrum P.Beauv.                      1188
 Pass  Deidamia clematoides (C.H.Wright)Harms              15792
 Pass  Paropsia sp.                                        16161
 Pass  Paropsia grewioides Welw. ex Mast.                  13816
 Pedal  Sesamum radiatum Schum. & Thonn.                    0937
 Podostem  Inversodicraea sp.                               0936
 Polygal  Carpolobia lutea G.Don vel aff.                   1057
 Polygal  Polygala sp.                                      1289
 Polygal  Polygala sp.                                      1299
 Polygon  Afrobrunnichia erecta (Asch.)Hutch. & Dalz.      D1147
 Polygon  Polygonum salicifolium Willd.                    D1133
 Pont  Heteranthera callaefolia Reichenb. ex Kunth          0711
 Pter  Arthropteris orientalis (Gmel.)Posthumus             0654
 Pter  Asplenium africanum Desvaux                          1171
 Pter  Asplenium buettneri Hieronymus                       0873
 Pter  Asplenium hemitomum Hier.                           13785
 Pter  Bolbitis gaboonensis (Hooker)Alston                 R2648
 Pter  Bolbitis heudelotii (Bory)Alston                    R2292
 Pter  Cyathea camerooniana Hooker                          1146
 Pter  Davallia chaerophylloides (Poir.)Steudel            16290
 Pter  Dicranopteris linearis (Burm.)Underwood              0493?
 Pter  Drynaria laurentii (Christ.)Hier.                   13768
 Pter  Lomariopsis hederacea Alston                        R2681
 Pter  Lygodium microphyllum (Cav.)R.Br.                    0934
 Pter  Microgramma ovariensis (Desv.)Alston                13762
 Pter  Nephrolepis biserrata (Sw.)Schott                    1325
 Pter  Pellaea holstii Hieronymus                           0714
 Pter  Phymatosorus scolopendria (Burm.f.)Ching          SEGC510
 Pter  Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.)Link                    0497
 Pter  Platycerium stemaria (P.Beauv.)Desv.                 1333
 Pter  Psilotum nudum (L.)P.Beauv.                          1138
 Pter  Pteris atrovirens Willd.                             0492
 Pter  Selaginella molliceps Spring                         0730
 Pter  Tectaria aff. angelicifolia (Schum.)Copeland         1343
 Pter  Trichomanes cupressoides Desv.                       1393
 Pter  Triplophyllum buchholzii (Kuhn)Holttum               1397
 Pter  Triplophyllum protensum (Sw.)Holttum                 1396
 Pter  Triplophyllum speciosum (Mett.)Holttum              R2679
 Pter  Vittaria owariensis Fee                             16291

 Rham  Maesopsis eminii Engler                              1186
 Rhiz  Anopyxis klaineana (Pierre)Engler                    1126
 Rhiz  Cassipourea congoensis R.Br. ex DC.                  1014
 Rub  Aidia micrantha (K.Schum.)F.White                    16313
 Rub  Aidia ochroleuca (K.Schum.)Petit                      0655
 Rub  Atractogyne gabonii Pierre                           15773
 Rub  Bertiera aethiopica Hiern                             0133
 Rub  Bertiera batesii Wernham                              0282
 Rub  Bertiera breviflora Hiern                            16053
 Rub  Bertiera globiceps K.Schum.                          16047
 Rub  Bertiera iturensis K.Krause                          13757
 Rub  Bertiera aff. letouzeyi N.Halle                       0814
 Rub  Bertiera loraria N. Halle                             0139
 Rub  Bertiera racemosa (G.Don)K.Schum.                     1074
 Rub  Borreria latifolia (Aubl.)K.Schum.                    0533
 Rub  Borreria pusilla (Wall.)DC.                           0508
 Rub  Brenania brieyi (De Wild.)E.Petit                     0884
 Rub  Canthium mannii Hiern                                R3551
 Rub  Canthium aff. C. multiflorum                          0297
 Rub  Cephaelis sp.                                         0202
 Rub  Cephaelis sp.                                         0206
 Rub  Cephaelis sp.                                        16077
 Rub  Cephaelis peduncularis Salisb.                        0260
 Rub  Chassalia corallifera (De Wild.)Hepper               R2643
 Rub  Coffea eketensis Wernham                              1033
 Rub  Coffea aff. liberica Bull ex Hiern                    0903
 Rub  Corynanthe mayumbensis (R. Good)N.Halle              13737
 Rub  Craterispermum sp. nov. (Bridson 1993)               15506
 Rub  Crossopteryx febrifuga (Afzel. ex G.Don)Bentham      15515
 Rub  Cuviera calycosa Wernham                             16332
 Rub  Cuviera cf. longiflora Hiern                         16297
 Rub  Dictyandra arborescens Welw. ex Hooker f.            15478
 Rub  Diodia scandens Sw.                                   0423
 Rub  Feretia?                                              0646
 Rub  Gaertnera paniculata Bentham                         16334
 Rub  Geophila afzelii Hiern                                0424
 Rub  Heinsia crinita (Afz.)G.Taylor                       16188A
 Rub  Ixora sp.                                            15519
 Rub  Ixora hippoperifera Bremek.                           0413
 Rub  Leptactina sp.                                       16062
 Rub  Leptactina arnoldiana De Wild.                       13847
 Rub  Leptactina cf. arnoldiana De Wild.                    0143
 Rub  Leptonychia echinocarpa K.Schum.                      0379
 Rub  Massularia acuminata (G.Don)Bullock ex Hoyle         13864
 Rub  Mitracarpus scaber Zucc.                              0538
 Rub  Mitragyna ciliata Aubr. & Pellegrin                   0063
 Rub  Morelia senegalensis A.Richard                        0948
 Rub  Mussaenda sp.                                         0353
 Rub  Mussaenda polita Hiern                               13856
 Rub  Mussaenda tenuiflora Bentham                         15754
 Rub  Mussaenda cf. tenuiflora Bentham                      0111
 Rub  Nauclea sp.                                           0194
 Rub  Nauclea diderrichii (De Wild.)Merr.                  16021
 Rub  Nauclea vanderguchtii (De Wild.)Petit                 1128
 Rub  Oldenlandia corymbosa L.                              0569
 Rub  Oldenlandia lancifolia (Schumach.)DC.                 0534
 Rub  Otomeria elatior (DC.)Verdc.                         R2450
 Rub  Otomeria guineensis Bentham                           0040
 Rub  Otomeria micrantha K.Schum.                           0494
 Rub  Oxyanthus unilocularis Hiern                          0887
 Rub  Pauridiantha callicarpoides (Hiern)Brem.             15619
 Rub  Pauridiantha aff. dewevrei (De Wild. & Dur.)Brem.  SEGC575
 Rub  Pauridiantha efferata N.Halle                      SEGC318
 Rub  Pauridiantha floribunda (K.Schum. & Kr.)Brem.      SEGC317
 Rub  Pausinystalia johimbe (K.Schum.)Dupouy & Beille      13780
 Rub  Pausinystalia macroceras (K.Schum.)Beille            16064
 Rub  Pavetta sp.                                           0205
 Rub  Pavetta aff. brachycalyx Hiern                       16294
 Rub  Pavetta cf. cellulosa Brem.                          16181
 Rub  Pavetta lasioclada (K.Krause)Bremek.                 R2644
 Rub  Pavetta plumosa Hutch. & Dalz. vel aff.               1137
 Rub  Pavetta aff. viridiloba K.Krause                      0153
 Rub  Polycoryne fernandensis (Hiern)Keay                   1084
 Rub  Porterandia annulata (K.Schum.)Keay                  13824
 Rub  Porterandia cladantha (K.Schum.)Keay                 13836
 Rub  Pouchetia baumanniana Buettner                        1361
 Rub  Pouchetia gilletii De Wild.                          R2459
 Rub  Pseudosabicea batesii (Wernh.)N.Halle                 0170
 Rub  Pseudosabicea floribunda (K.Schum.)N.Halle            0172
 Rub  Pseudosabicea mildbraedii (Wernh.)N.Halle             0692
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0012
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0142
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0171
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0174
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0180
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0209
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0417
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0484
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0638
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0657
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                        0970
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                       13842
 Rub  Psychotria sp.                                       16034
 Rub  Psychotria calva Hiern                               R2678
 Rub  Psychotria aff. gilletii De Wild.                    13710
 Rub  Psychotria peduncularis (Salisb.)Steyerm.             0681
 Rub  Psychotria venosa (Hiern)Petit vel aff.               0785
 Rub  Psydrax sp.                                          15514
 Rub  Robynsia??                                            0773
 Rub  Rothmannia whitfieldii (Lindley)Dandy                16036
 Rub  Rutidea pavettoides Wernham                           0581
 Rub  Rytigynia sp.                                         1140
 Rub  Rytignyia sp.                                        W2746
 Rub  Rytigynia rubra Robyns                                0438
 Rub  Sabicea efulenensis (Hutch.)Hepper vel aff.           0700
 Rub  Sabicea fulva Wernh.                                  0955
 Rub  Sabicea mollis K.Schum. ex Wernh.                  SEGC432
 Rub  Sacosperma paniculatum (Bentham)G.Taylor             16029
 Rub  Schumanniophyton magnificum (K.Schum.)Harms          15641
 Rub  Tarenna sp.                                           0272
 Rub  Tarenna conferta (Bentham)Hiern                       0901
 Rub  Tarenna conferta (Bentham)Hiern vel aff.           SEGC517
 Rub  Tarenna eketensis Wernham                             0707
 Rub  Tarenna lasiorachis (K.Schum. & K.Krause)Bremek.      0465
 Rub  Tarenna pallidula Hiern                              R2645
 Rub  Tricalysia sp.                                        0081
 Rub  Tricalysia sp.                                        0082
 Rub  Tricalysia sp.                                        0097
 Rub  Tricalysia sp.                                        1133
 Rub  Tricalysia sp.                                       16156
 Rub  Tricalysia anomala E.A.Bruce                          0793
 Rub  Tricalysia anomalura N.Halle, vel aff.                0240
 Rub  Tricalysia concolor N.Halle vel aff.                  0486
 Rub  Tricalysia macrophylla K.Schum.                       0418
 Rub  Tricalysia cf. oligoneura K.Schum.                   15630
 Rub  Tricalysia cf. pallens Hiern                          0107
 Rub  Trichostachys aurea Hiern                             0289
 Rub  Uncaria africana G.Don                                0794
 Rub  Vangueriopsis sp.                                    D1144
 Rub  Vangueriopsis rubiginosa Robyns vel aff.              1124
 Rut  Fagara macrophylla (Oliver)Engler                    13857
 Rut  Teclea aff. verdooniana Exell & Mendonca              0708
 Rut  Vepris cf. louisii G.Gilbert                          0608

 Santal  Thesium equisetoides Welw. ex Hiern                1294
 Sapind  Allophylus africanus P.Beauv.                      0784
 Sapind  Allophylus imenoensis Pellegrin                   15639
 Sapind  Allophylus letestui Pellegrin                      0161
 Sapind  Allophylus poungouensis Pellegrin                 15648
 Sapind  Aporrhiza paniculata Radlk.                       15510
 Sapind  Aporrhiza aff. talbotii Baker f.                  13821
 Sapind  Blighia welwitschii Radlk.                         0276
 Sapind  Chytranthus angustifolius Exell                   R2649
 Sapind  Chytranthus edulis Pierre                          0766
 Sapind  Chytranthus macrophyllus Gilg                      1136
 Sapind  Chytranthus talbotii (Baker f.)Keay                1119
 Sapind  Chytranthus talbotii (Baker f.)Keay vel aff.    SEGC514
 Sapind  Deinbollia?                                        0983
 Sapind  Eriocoelum sp.                                     0623
 Sapind  Eriocoelum kerstingii Gilg ex Engler              16020
 Sapind  Eriocoelum macrocarpum Gilg ex Engler              0643
 Sapind  Eriocoelum oblongum Keay vel aff.                  0925
 Sapind  Eriocoelum petiolare Radlk.                       13800
 Sapind  Ganophyllum giganteum (Chevalier)Hauman           16022
 Sapind  Haplocoelum?                                       0182
 Sapind  Laccodiscus ferrugineus (Baker)Radlk.              0986
 Sapind  Lecaniodiscus cupanioides Planchon              SEGC247
 Sapind  Pancovia floribunda Pellegrin                     R2629
 Sapind  Placodiscus cf. angustifolius Radlk.              16075
 Sapind  Placodiscus cf. opacus Radlk.                   SEGC243
 Sapot  Aningeria?                                          0803
 Sapot  Baillonella toxisperma Pierre                      13792
 Sapot  Donella ogowensis (A.Chev.)Aubr. & Pellegrin        0702
 Sapot  Gambeya africana (Don ex Baker)Pierre              13850
 Sapot  Gambeya subnuda (Baker)Pierre                      15637
 Sapot  Gambeya subnuda (Oliver)Pierre vel aff.             0264
 Sapot  Lecomtedoxa?                                        0228
 Sapot  Letestua durissima (A.Chev.)Lecomte                16038
 Sapot  Manilkara fouilloyana Aubr. & Pellegrin            16173
 Sapot  Omphalocarpum procerum P.Beauv.                    13789
 Sapot  Pachystela brevipes (Bak.)Engl.                     0943
 Sapot  Sideroxylon mayombense Greves                      16275
 Sapot  Synsepalum aff. dulcificum (Schum.)Baillon          1024
 Sapot  Synsepalum aff. stipulatum (Radlk.)Engler           1115
 Sapot  Tieghemella africana Pierre                        13786
 Sapot  Tulestea tomentosa Aubr. & Pellegrin               W2733
 Scroph  Cycnium camporum Engler                            0917
 Scroph  Lindernia diffusa (L.)Wettst.                      1302
 Scroph  Micrargeria barteri Skan                           1308
 Scroph  Scoparia dulcis L.                                 1318
 Scyto  Oubanguia africana Baillon                          1220
 Scyto  Rhaptopetalum sindarense Pellegrin                 R2629
 Scyto  Scytopetalum klaineanum Pierre ex Engler           15494
 Simar  Hannoa klaineana Pierre & Engler                    1166
 Simar  Quassia africana (Baillon)Baillon                  15683
 Solan  Schwenckia americana L.                             0501
 Solan  Solanum nigrum L.                                   0959
 Sterc  Cola chlamydantha K.Schum.                          1027
 Sterc  Cola digitata Masters                              16318
 Sterc  Cola ficifolia Masters                             13708
 Sterc  Cola lizae N.Halle                                 13717
 Sterc  Cola mahoundensis Pellegrin                         0601
 Sterc  Cola cf. tsandensis Pellegrin                      15509
 Sterc  Leptonychia echinocarpa K.Schum.                   13833
 Sterc  Nesogordonia papaverifera (A.Chev.)Capuron          0578
 Sterc  Pterygota bequaertii De Wild.                       0974
 Sterc  Scaphopetalum blackii Masters                      13837
 Sterc  Scaphopetalum thonneri De Wild. & Th.Dur.          13772
 Sterc  Scytopetalum klaineanum Pierre ex Engler           13779
 Sterc  Sterculia tragacantha Lindley                      16182

 Thym  Dicranolepis buchholzii Engler & Gilg               13843
 Thym  Dicranolepis disticha Planchon                       1180
 Thym  Dicranolepis pusilla Aymonin                         1123
 Thym  Octolepis decalepis Gilg                            16016
 Til  Duboscia macrocarpa Bocq.                            13731
 Til  Grewia coriacea Masters                              15497
 Til  Grewia pinnatifida (Masters)Burret                   D1128
 Til  Triumfetta cordifolia A.Rich.                         0035

 Ulm  Trema guineensis (Schum. & Thonn.)Ficalho             1064

 Verb  Clerodendrum sp.                                    15795
 Verb  Clerodendrum aff. buettneri Guerke                  W2740
 Verb  Clerodendrum capitatum (Willd.)Schum. & Thonn.      W2734
 Verb  Lantana camara L.                                    1007
 Verb  Lippia multiflora Moldenke                      K.McD.599
 Verb  Stachytarpheta cayennensis (L.C.Rich.)Schau.         0852
 Verb  Vitex doniana Sweet                                  1117
 Verb  Vitex cf. doniana Sweet                             15484
 Verb  Vitex rivularis Guerke                               0774
 Viol  Allexis cf. cauliflora (Oliver)Pierre               13784
 Viol  Hybanthus enneaspermus (L.)F.Mueller                 0514
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                          0055
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                          0132
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                          0284
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                          0642
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                          1050
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                         13694
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                         13715
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                         13790
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                         13838
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                         15655
 Viol  Rinorea sp.                                         15787
 Viol  Rinorea cf. elliotii Engler                          0899
 Viol  Rinorea ilicifolia (Welw. ex Oliv.)O.Ktze. vel aff   0881
 Viol  Rinorea cf. parviflora Chipp                         1080
 Viol  Rinorea cf. preussii Engler                          0596
 Vit  Cissus barbeyana De Wild. & Th.Dur.                  D1131
 Vit  Cissus aff. barteri (Baker)Planchon                   0351
 Vit  Cissus dewevrei De Wild. & Th.Dur. vel aff.           1178
 Vit  Cissus diffusiflora (Baker)Planchon                  W2735
 Vit  Cissus dinklagei Gilg & Brandt                        0100
 Vit  Cissus ruginosicarpa Descoings                        0252
 Voch  Erismadelphus exsul Mildbr.                          0251

 Xyri  Xyris decipiens N.E. Br.                             1305

 Zing  Aframomum daniellii (Hooker f.)K.Schum. vel aff      1394
 Zing  Costus dewevrei De Wild. & Th.Dur. vel aff.          1213
 Zing  Renealmia sp.                                       16299
 Zing  Renealmia macrocolea K.Schum.                        0678
 Zygoph  Balanites wilsoniana Dawe & Sprague               D1157



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