[Cover title:] Report of New York State Survey for the Year 1879.

James T. Gardner, Director.

The Niagara Falls Reservation.


[Title Page:] Special Report of New York State Survey on the Preservation of the Scenery of Niagara Falls, and Fourth Annual Report on the Triangulation of the State, for the Year 1879.

James T. Gardner, Director.

Albany: Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons.



[First page of report:] Part I. Special Report on the Preservation of Niagara Falls.



Included in this online copy of the 1880 report are the text, and all illustrations and maps, as GIF images, with indication of file sizes.


The “Notes by Mr. Olmsted” [Frederick Law Olmsted] on page 27 through 30 are of particular interest. Between pages 28 and 29 of his comments is the wonderful plate 10 of “In the Woods of Goat Island.”



  All scanned text pages in one file, 19 kb. Skipped pages are blank or are illustrations.



 Plate 1, 1744 kb, Ideal view of the American Rapids.

 Plate 2, 245 kb, General view of Niagara Falls and Goat Island.

 Plate 3, 193 kb, American Falls and Prospect Park shore.

 Plate 4, 227 kb, Village shore just above American Falls.

 Plate 5, 262 kb, Disfigured banks, upper American Rapids.

 Plate 6, 276 kb, Bath Island in the American Rapids.

 Plate 7, 213 kb, Disfigured banks, lower American Rapids.

 Plate 8, 287 kb, Disfigured banks, approaching Goat Island.

 Plate 9, 220 kb, Natural banks, upper American Rapids.

 Plate 10, 312 kb, In the woods of Goat Island.

 Plate 11, 252 kb, Disfigured banks, brink of Horseshoe Falls.



 Map of Recession of the Falls, 3583 kb.

 Map of Niagara Falls showing the Proposed Reservations, 1137 kb.

 Official Property Map of Niagara Falls Village, legend, 38 kb.

 Same, northern area, 50 kb.

 Same, middle area, 45 kb.

 Same, southeastern area, 40 kb.




Searchable Text (pdf)

Also, here is an OCR-generated searchable PDF of all pages of text, presented in five sections for easier downloading, but more difficult to read.

 Section 1, 333 kb.

 Section 2, 451 kb.

 Section 3, 1120 kb.

 Section 4, 393 kb.

 Section 5, 931 kb.