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Niagara Documents





    The Gardner Report, 1880


    Niagara Falls: The Report of the
    New York State Survey (1880), a

    Discussion and Evaluation


    General Plan for the Improvement of

    the Niagara Reservation.

    Fredrick Law Olmstead and Calvert

    Vaux. Supplemental Report of the

    Commissioners of the State Reservation

    at Niagara. 1887: 7-50. Albany, New York.

    (“The Olmstead Report”) In PDF format.

    [The same in parts as smaller 1 mb files:

    Part One,  Two,  Three,  Four,  Five]

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    (free) to read the Olmstead Report.





In the creation of the Reservation at Niagara, Olmsted showed his ability and commitment…"



Contributions by P. M. Eckel





This section of Res Botanica is largely about the flora of the vicinity of Niagara Falls, an icon of American nature.

Additional Contributions

    Observations on the Niagara River
    focusing on the Niagara Falls area:
    a set of small papers describing the
(click here)



    Questionable Species at Niagara

    The Vascular Flora of the Vicinity of the
    Falls of Niagara

    Botanical Evaluation Goat Island Complex,
    Niagara Falls, New York

    Mosses, Liverworts and Lichens
    at Niagara Falls (Menu)

    Natural Regeneration in an Unnatural
    World at the UB Campus
    Some Preliminary Proposals for
    Relicensing Settlement


    Bob Baxter's Greenhouse


    Some Potential Impacts of Conditions
    in the Saint Clair River on NYPA
    Relicensing, Lake Erie, and the
    Niagara River

    Some Thoughts on Isostatic Rebound as a     Hypothetical Factor in Lake and Strait     Characteristics in the Great Lakes


    Comments on the Feasibility Study
    of the New York Power Authority, 2008


    The Physical  Removal of a Recent     Population of Phytolacca americana     Pokeweed) in the Niagara River Gorge


    The Echium Bugloss Imp along

    the Niagara River, 2018


    The Curious Distribution of Geum

    urbanum and Lapsana communis

    in the Niagara Gorger


    The invasive species Galega officinalis

    in landscoping along Gill Creek at

    Porter Road, Niagara Falls, New York.



    Additional material on the flora of
    the Niagara River:

    Botanical Notes on Squaw Island,
    Niagara River

    Botanical Observations at Devil's Hole
    State Park, 2002

    Olmsted, Yosemite and the Niagara


    The Pictorial Tradition at Niagara Falls

    Historic Background at Niagara Falls:
The Porters


    The Village of Niagara Falls


    Botanical Notes on the South Grand

    Island Bridge Area, Erie County, New York
    (Photo Essay)

     Vegetation of the South Grand Island

    Bridge Shoreline Parcel, Mainland, Town

    of Tonawanda, Erie County, New York

    (in depth discussion)


    Niagara Issues: Cayuga Island
    (a photo essay)


    Flora of a Marsh on Cayuga Island,
    Niagara County, New York


    Proposal for a new forest type in

    New York State


    Tiny Species : Myosotis stricta

    Link, a Rare Component of

    Some Vernal Microfloras in New

    York and Ontario Along the Niagara



    Notes On the Limits of the Sacred Precinct

    on Scovell's Knoll (Oak Hill), Lewiston,

    Niagara County, New York


    Epilobium  parviflorum

, a Rare European

    Introduction along the Niagara River


    Goat's Rue (Galega officinalis) in the
    Niagara Area of Western New York


    Epilobium parviflorum along the
    Niagara River Reconsidered


    Trees Along the Crest of the Niagara
    River Gorge from Devil's Hole to
    DeVeaux (Whirlpool) Steps in New
    York State

          Photo Gallery - Trees

          Photo Gallery - Herbs

          Photo Gallery - Views


    Jetboat Endangers Rare NYS

    Species, A Movie (.wmv file)

The restoration of the natural habitat around Niagara Falls was a major goal of legislation in the late 1880's, but has been affected by politics, commerce, and other factors.


"It is interesting that Dufferin's reference to the environment was deleted from the executive report of the Niagara Association. . . "

"In  1834,  a  tourist guide  indicated: Cayuga Island…"

"This is a wet Oak-Hickory assemblage…"



Material by Various Authors




Floristic information from studies of others:

    Environmental Impacts of the Niagara
    Power Project  (A Summary Prepared
    by Friends of the Buffalo-Niagara Rivers)

    Strawberry Island Report
    by C. Sweeney (pdf)

    Baseline Study of Vegetation at
    Strawberry Island, Niagara River, NY

    by R. Lichvar (pdf)

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