Niagara Issues:
Observations on the Niagara River

P. M. Eckel
Res Botanica
Missouri Botanical Garden
March 8, 2003

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The book Botanical Heritage of the Islands

at the Brink of Niagara Falls, by P. M. Eckel, 2013,

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Art Park Area (mostly groundwater images)

Artesian river bank

Bedrock seepage

Fish Creek upper bank intake

Fish Creek lower bank discharge

Invasive species

Northern boundary stream


Scoville's Knoll

White Cedar


Devil's Hole




Art Park Botanical Field Notes


Black Oak Wood near Niagara University


Botanical Observations at Devil's Hole
State Park, 2002


Botanical Notes on the South Grand Island
Bridge Area, Erie County, New York (Photo Essay)

Vegetation of the South Grand Island Bridge Shoreline Parcel, Mainland, Town of Tonawanda, Erie County, New York (in depth discussion)


Niagara Issues: Cayuga Island (a photo essay)


Flora of a Marsh on Cayuga Island, Niagara County,

New York


The Mystery Oak: Quercus shumardii Buckley at Buckhorn Island


Proposal for a new forest type in New York State


Iris virginica New to New York State


Flora of DeVeaux College Woods, Niagara Falls, New York


Two Problems in Betulaceae along the Niagara River: Alnus glutinosa and Betula cordifolia


Notes On the Limits of the Sacred Precinct on Scovell's Knoll (Oak Hill), Lewiston, Niagara County, New York


Preliminary Review of the Rare Plants of the Niagara River Gorge, U.S.A. and Canada


Aster ontarionis - A Rare Plant New to the Niagara Region


The Honeysuckle Hybrid Lonicera morrowii x tatarica = L. x bella Zabel at Buckhorn Island State Park, Erie County, New York


Some Preliminary Proposals for Relicensing Settlement


Bob Baxter's Greenhouse


The Oriental Mystery Mollusc (Cipangopaludina chinensis) at Buckhorn Island State Park, Erie County, New York


Mosses of DeVeaux - Whirlpool Steps, Whirlpool State Park, Niagara Falls, New York State. A Photographic Checklist


The Physical Removal of a Recent Population of Phytolacca americana (Pokeweed) in the Niagara River Gorge


The distribution of Cotinus coggygria (Smoke Tree) at Niagara Falls and along Porter Road, Niagara Falls, NY, with notes on its use as an indicator species




For Other Information see Niagara Flora Notes and:


The Vascular Flora of the Vicinity of the

Falls of Niagara


Botanical Evaluation of the Goat Island Complex, Niagara Falls, New York


A Second Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Niagara Frontier Region


G. W. Clinton's Botanical Journal 1862-1875


Menu for Mosses, Liverworts and Lichens at Niagara Falls


John Goldie in North America, Parts One and Two



This Web site is intended to be a clearing house for various kinds of information relevant to the botanical resources of the Niagara River, with a particular focus on the Niagara gorge and vicinity. The site is under construction and changes to it may be expected throughout 2003.



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