Rendered by P. M. Eckel
Editor, The Clinton Papers
Buffalo Museum of Science
Missouri Botanical Garden, Res Botanica
July 16, 2003

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[1866.]    April 6 or 7. Walked to Forest Lawn. Found Hypnum rutabulum, & Bryum argenteum, in last year's fruit. Ceratodon purpureus, everywhere on the ground. 


[1866.]    April 7‑8. On rocks in White's Grove, found an Orthotrichum with young capsules & having calyptra, which Peck thinks O. anomalum. On edge of little quarry in the wood, Barbula unguiculata, Pottia truncata, & Weisia viridula intermixed. 


[Dr. White of Buffalo: see July 29, 1862.]


[1866.]    April 14. Devil's Hole, found Mr. Colt, from Oregon (old man died last Fall.) repairing the steps, or rather planning repairs. Walked up along the bank to & through Whirlpool woods.  Hypnum rugosum, &c. 


[Note how often these stairs and those at DeVeaux need repairs due to talus slumping. This is evidence for stairs at Devil's Hole at this early date.]


[1866.] April 17. Delighted by a visit of Miss Lydia W. Shattuck, on her way to Painesville from South Hadley, Mass. She spent the day with us. 


[1866.]  April 21. Niagara Falls, by 12* 20' train, to see Mr. Pettibone, who had told me that there was a plant on Goat Island a tea from the roots & seeds of which, drunk as you would any tea, had relieved him very much in his kidney complaint ‑ gravel. Went over the Island with him, he looking in vain for it. He describes it as a low bush, with a small, pearshaped, white hard seed. It occurring to me that it was, most probably, Lithospermum officinale, I looked it up & dug up a root, with a dead stalk on, & he thought it to be the plant, though, the seed being gone, he could not tell certainly. Said the root looked & smelt like it. The channel between the Island & the first Sister being dry, I walked over & explored it. Hypnum rugosum abundant. Collected an Orthotrichum on Goat Island. Also in the Grove opposite the Ferry House from a tree, O. anomalum with calytra.


[Hypnum rugosum Hedw. = Rhytidium rugosum (Hedw.) Kindb. On soil or soil over rock, usually in calcareous regions, often in dry places" Lawton p. 3331. Note at this date there was no bridge between Goat Island and the First Sister Island.]


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