Rendered by P. M. Eckel
Editor, The Clinton Papers
Buffalo Museum of Science
Missouri Botanical Garden, Res Botanica
July 1, 2003

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[1865]    Oct. 2. Walked from landing near the Lighthouse, up the beach to the Ferry near Ohio St. Found one little familiar looking moss.


[This is a ferry across Big Buffalo Creek.]


[1865]    Oct. 4. Went to Akron, & mossed on and about Counterfeiter's ledge. Nothing new, I fear.


[1865]    Oct. 5. Took a little bit of an afternoon walk on the Plains  & collected 2 or 3 common mosses. Prof. James Hall came in, from Canada, about 7 P.M. & took up the evening in talk about The State Cabinet, &c.


[1865]    Oct. 6. With George, went, by 6*15' train to Hall's Station, in [blank space] Niagara Co., a squirreling, picked up Fontinalis antipyretica on the ground, in a timbered swamp, and, also an Orthotrichum from a beech tree, & Bryum bimum.  We got 6 black & 6 red squirrels, of which I shot 2 of each kind.  Took 9* P.M. train home. Mr. John Beebe at the station (P.O. Beech Ridge, Niagara Co.) kindly volunteered & gave us an excellent tea. 


[Hall's Station at P.O. Beech Ridge? Neither in gazetteers.]


[1865]    Oct. 10. Tuesday. Mr. Letchworth having invited me to lie on my back in Glen Iris, started by 5 A.M. train, with George, for Portage, taking the key of Mr. L.'s.  wine chest, & reached Portage by 7 1/2 or 8 A.M. Mr. Joseph Benbendeff [sp.?], Mr. L's farmer, opened the house. & Mr. B. made the beds, & gave us our meals at the farm house. Arrived with their children, John & Annie. Nutted (chest & butternuts) mossed, I fear with little success. George found little use for his gun, visited all the falls, & Portageville. Enjoyed ourselves very much. Started back by 4*44' P.M. train, on the [October] 12th, & got home about 10* P.M.


[The nut trees are Castanea dentata and Juglans cinerea (a Walnut)].


[1865]    Oct. 14. (I believe it was) Went to Caledonia, & botanized in the railroad swamp, & in the creek, at & above Seth Green's. Found some nice mosses, particularly at & above Mr. G's, among them Fissidens grandifrons.


[1865]    Oct. 18. Before Breakfast, received letter from W. Lesquereux, giving the precise station of Anomodon viticulosus on Goat Island. Went to Suspension Bridge by 9 A. M. train, mossed at Devil's Hole, turned up to the Falls & to Goat Island and examined the station, but, alas! no Anomodon vit's there!  The Station was on Goat island, on a rock, about halfway down the path leading from the Carriage way to the Bridge to Luna Island, not the Hog's Back path, but the one above it. There's no rock there. Perhaps the path has been changed since W. L. was there. 


[1865]    Oct. 20. I know so little about the mosses & hepaticaceae, that I have not kept my journal of my collections of them. I commenced collecting them this Spring, and have submitted them, as collected to Charles H. Peck, of Albany, &, when he has been in doubt, have applied to Mr. Lesquereux who has, most cheerfully, aided me.


Down to this date, excluding some 1‑3 not yet determined, I have collected of

Hepaticaceae, 18 species

Musci, including a var. in one, 122 species.


[1865]    Oct. 21. Went to the Falls, collected Orthotrichum anomalum  for

Mr. Lesquereux, from trees in the park opposite the Ferry House, also another lighter colored one also, from first tree, what Mr. James  thinks is Leskea nervosa.  Crossed the Ferry, & explored up to the Horseshoe Fall, under the cliff, looking specially for Trichostomum rigidulum. Found, on the wet talus, close to the Fall, a sterile moss? which may be it (= A singular conferva [= Alga]).  Recrossed, & walked down the river & took some more Didymodon rubellus.  Ascended the Stairs, went to Goat island, and, commencing at the end of the Bridge, explored the bank all the way down to opposite the middle of the island above Luna Island. Found no rock till I got there ‑ a ridge of the bank, & there, quite close to the bank, was a large rock, in the earth on top of which was an Anomodon which I am confident is not A.  obtusifolius (it turned out to be A. viticulosus.) At the foot of the Cascade, in the water, growing on the rock, more Fissidens grandifrons. Home by the 6* P. M. train. 


[1865]    Oct. 24. By 9 A. M. train, to Lewiston, mossed thereabouts, walked up railroad to where it leaves the bank of the river, & there descended to the river, & walked on, struggled up to Devil's Hole, mossed there, collected more Seligeria recurvata, walked up to Suspension Bridge, got there at 4*45' P.M., took the 5*50' train for home.


[1865]    Oct. 29. Walked, on R. R., to Smoke's Creek.


[1865]    Oct. 20. Walked on The Plains.


[1865]    Oct. 31. Put a package in American Express, for Rev. James Fowler, directed to Rev. Mr. Elder, St. John, N.B. Care of Robert Carter &

Bros., New York, & wrote to old Fowler.

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