Rendered by P. M. Eckel
Editor, The Clinton Papers
Buffalo Museum of Science
Missouri Botanical Garden, Res Botanica
July 1, 2003

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[1865]    Nov. 2. By 8 A.M. train to Syracuse, walked about marsh &c., at Salina, no mosses. In the evening, delivered an address at the opening of Bryant, Stratton & Co.'s Syracuse College.


[Note that now Clinton is looking for mosses and liverworts (= bryophytes) he can collect during the fall, winter and early spring when the vascular flora is dormant after the growing season ends for the year ‑ approximately mid‑October in the Buffalo area. Hence his collecting here in November.]


[1865]    Nov. 3. By 7*40' train to Chittanango Station, thence, by Stage, to The Chittenango Falls. Explored the chasm. At foot of Fall found Fissidens grandifrons. In the ravine, what I take to be Anomodon viticulosus common. Walked back to the station. Train, at 5 P.M., picked me up & took me to Syracuse, supped, got into 6*20' train & home by about 11 P.M.


[1865]    Nov. 4. By 9 A.M. train to Suspension Bridge, crossed & down to Foster's Flats. Explored that and the Whirlpool Brook (so I shall call the brook which has formed a deep ravine. What I take to be Anomodon viticulosus is common at both places, indeed everywhere about the Falls. Found Desmatodon arenaceus on rock, & stones on the Flat & some Seligeria with it on stones. Took the 5*50' train at the Bridge & got home at about 7*P.M.


[1865]    Nov. 6. Sent off packages by American Express to G. F. Matthews, Curator Soc. of Nat. Hist., St. John's, N.B. Blowing a gale.


[1865]    Nov. 8. Mossed a little in & about The Grove.


[1865]    Nov. 9. Mossed on The Plains. Collected some Thelia hirtella, Platygyrium repens, & other things.


[1865]    Nov. 10. To the Falls by 9*A.M. train crossed & walked up, along the river, nearly to The Horseshoe looking for Trichostomum rigidulum, am afraid I did not find it. Icicles hanging from the cliffs. Back to Goat Island, where I spent the rest of the day looking for Dicranum montanum & Hypnum Sprucei, am afraid that I found neither. Home by the 6 P.M. train.


[1865]    Nov. 11. Took a boat at the Dam & went down to Strawberry Island after Isoetes for Engelmann. Cold, water roiley, got very little, if any. Big Bay had in it sheets of ice.


[1865]    Nov. 13. A. M. Street car to the Rock, walked to the Dam, & then crossed Main Street & went on to Pine Hill Woods There found a Leucodon, & one of the common Hepaticaceae in fruit. Back to Main St. & home by the street car. 


[The Rock is Black Rock.]


[1865]    Nov. 14. Tuesday. By 6*30' train to Irving. Walked over the dunes, & up to & all about Silver Creek, mossing. Took 4* P.M. train & got back by 5 1/2*


[1865]    Nov. 16. Thursday. After breakfast, crossed to Canada, walked down the R. R. to Frenchman's Creek, & down & about the Creek, & crossed fields back to the Ferry. Found Phascum? & Pottia?


[1865]    Nov. 17. Friday. Being anxious to find the Pottia? & the Phascum? on this side of the River, walked, after diner, to the Genesee St. wood, & found neither. In returning to Main St., by the road that runs by the North side of the Cemetery, found a small moss common in the northerly side of the road, & it may be the Pottia?


[1865]    Nov. 18. Saturday. Street car to The Dam, walked on, down the River Road, to first wood beyond Cornelius's [sic] Creek, & found therein the Phascum?, also in open field beyond, in a single spot, what seems, through my pocket glass, a minute moss, but could detect no foliage. Also, in the field next the wood, radical leaves of an Oenothera, & they remind me of Oenothera fruiticosa, as I saw it, late in the Autumn, near Harlem. Tried the grove on Cornelius's Creek, nil!


[1865]    Nov. 20. Monday. Put into American Express, packages for Mr. Bebb and Dr.  Bumstead. 


[1865]    Nov. 21. Mossed at Devil's Hole, in Whirlpool Wood, and in grove by the American Staircase. Received a small packet from Lewis Foote.


[1865]    Nov. 22. Commenced snowing last night, & is snowing this morning.


[1865]    Nov. 24. Buckley called, dined with me, gave him some specimens, such as he wished, looking over my past season's collections, promised to write to me.


[1865]    Nov. 27. Received small, rich, package from Canby. Put into American Express, a package for Mr. Stark of Edinburgh now at Toronto.


[Robert M. Stark.]


[1865]    Nov. 28. Walked out to Smoke's Creek, a mossing.


[1865]    Nov. 29. 12 3/4 P.M. to Niagara Falls to see if Fissidens grandifrons shows any signs of fruiting, it dosen't. On Goat Island, Euonymus atropurpureus in fruit, very pretty, searched the whole of the wooded part of the Island. About this date, received a package from Dr. Martindale.

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