Rendered by P. M. Eckel
Editor, The Clinton Papers
Buffalo Museum of Science
Missouri Botanical Garden, Res Botanica
May 21, 2003

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[1865.]    Feb. 1. Father Holzer called with some plants, &c.

Received & answered letters from Dewey  & C. M. Booth.


[1865.]    Feb. 1. 10*40' A.M. Left, with Minnie, intending to accompany her on her way to New York, only to Albany, but went through with her, & arrived at New York about 11 P.M. of Thursday, the 2d.


[1865.]    Feb. 2d. Called, A.M., on Dr. Allen, & on Dr. Bumstead. Left at 6 P.M. by Hudson R. R. R., & reached Albany at 2 A.M. of [Feb. 3d]


[1865.]    Feb. 3d. Stayed over till Monday, at the request of the Secretary [Woolworth], to attend a meeting of the Regents.


[1865.]    Feb. 5. The Regents received the Senate Resolution of inquiry touching the People's College, and committed it to the Com. hearing in change the former resolution of the Senate Com. in Literature, of which Regent's Com. I was one, intending it to visit the College &c., [=passage confusing].


[1865.]    Feb. 6. Tuesday. At 1 P.M. Judge Johnson, I & Secretary Woolworth, started for Havana. Mr. Downs, Charles Cook's representation here, went with us, reached Canandaigua at 1 A.M. of [Feb. 7].


[Havana was a postal village in Schuyler Co. "upon Catharines Creek, on the line of Dix, 3 mi. from Seneca Lake, was incorporated May 13, 1836. It contains a courthouse, jail, clerk's office, the People's Colles .... It is a canal village and a station upon the Chemung R. R. Pop. 1,290. ... This institution was incorp. April 13, 1854, and was located at Havana Jan. 8, 1857. The college edifice ‑ the erection of which has been commenced ‑ is to be 320 by 52 feet, 4 stories high, with a basement. At either end is a wing, 206 by 52 fty., 68 by 64 ft., 3 stories high. Above the basement the walls are to be erected of brick; the whole at an estimated cost of $175,000. The institution is to afford instruction in some departments of mechanics and manufactures, and students are to be paid for their services. The trustees have resolved to establish 19 professorships.' (French p. 610 and ftnt. no. 3).]


[1865.]    Feb. 7. At 8 A.M. took the Elmira R. R. and reached Havana, late in the afternoon, put up at the Morton House, Professors Phin & Pickett called in the evening. Devoted  residue of this day & the 8th to visiting the College, taking testimony, &c.


[Presumably this is E. J. [G?] Pickett of the miscellaneous index as there is an entry there for Feb. 7 of this year.]


[1865.]    Feb. 9. Thursday. Rode to Watkins (3 m.) at the head of the Seneca Lake, & took the Steamboat for Geneva. Started at 8 A.M. & reached Geneva at 2 P.M. Took R. R. at about 4 P.M. & arrived at Rochester at about 8*20' Took train at 11 P.M. and got home at about 2 A.M. of [Feb. 10]


[1865.]    Feb. 10. Friday. Found a good package from Rev. G. Blake.


[1865.]    Feb. 13. Wrote to George T. Stevens, Esq., Wadhams Mills, Essex Co., to Prof Henry A. Ward, Bebb, Blake, Holzer & Bennett.


[1865.]    Feb. 14. Wrote to Mr. Gould, Hudson [N.Y.], and to Bennett. Met Everard Palmer in the Society's Room, he introduced Jay A. Hubbell, Esq., of Houghton, Mich., microscopist, & both concurred in recommending me to write to E. F. Bingham, Esq. of Houghton, Botanist. Did so. Am to nominate both of these gentlemen, as corresponding members, at the next meeting.


[1865.]    Feb. 15. Received letter from C. Robinson. Wrote to G. W.  Hazeltine, Jamestown, for my reptiles &c, also to Mr. Robinson, & to Prof. Gray, & Prof. James Hall. P.M. Received & answered letter from E. G. [J?] Pickett. 

In the evening, with Mr. Joel Wheeler, called on Mr. Stearns (Eagle, North side, 2d down West of Elm) & saw some nice things, mainly from Syria & Palestine. Mr. S. gave me a specimen of a plumose grass (an Erianthus?) from wet places on Mt. Lebanon, one of the tare[s] of the East (a Lolium? perhaps temulentum, but the glume much longer than the flowers, and the paleae not awned) and a piece of a pillar of the temple of the Sun at Baalbec. Wrote to E. Hall. 


[1865.]    Feb. 16. Called on Miss Addie Wilson, at Gilford R. Wilson's, and wrote to her Uncle, Charles E. Smith [x], Esq., of Philadelphia.


[1865.]    Feb. 17. Received a letter from Dr. Stevens, of Wadhams' Mills, Essex Co., with some plants, & wrote him.


Made up a packet to send to Gray, containing

1. Fedia   from Dr. Clarke, Mich. = fagopyrum

2. Chenopodium opulifolium? Niagara Falls. No!

3. Helianthus  ? Chittenango Springs,  [@illegible word] ?

4. Bidens    ? Cayuga Marsh, chrysanth. [=chrysanthemoides] var. of

5. Leptopoda?    Buffalo, No!

Wrote him & expressed it.


[Leptopoda Nutt. in the Compositae: L. brachypoda Torrey and Asa Gray, "Damp soil, from Illinois southward." p. 224 in Gray's Manual of 1862.]


[1865.]    Feb. 29. Received a packet from Canby.


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