Rendered by P. M. Eckel
Editor, The Clinton Papers
Buffalo Museum of Science
Missouri Botanical Garden, Res Botanica
May 5, 2003

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[1864.]    Dec. 3. Received since last date, a packet from Dr. Daniel Clarke, & one from Prof. Porter. Received today, one from C. F. Parker.


[1864.]    Dec. 4. Received letter from Rev. J. Fowler, of Richibucto, N.B., with some beautiful specimens of Callitriche verna.


[1864.]    Dec. 6. Received packet from Prof. Tuckerman, containing his Potamogeton Claytonii, Juncus Greenei, 2 Carices, and a very kind letter.


[1864.]    Dec. 14. Sent packets, by Express to Miss Hortense Kinney, care of J. E. Mayhew, Esq., Jamestown, N.Y. Miss Anna Bliss, care of Col. John H. Bliss, Erie, Pa. Received a packet from Miss Shattuck, & one, from F. G. Bumstead, M.D., New York.


[1864.]    Dec. 16. Expressed a packet, principally of Junci & Cyperaceae other than Carex, to Bebb.


[1864.]    Dec. 20. Expressed packets to Prof. Porter, & to Dr. T. F. Allen.


[1864.]    Dec. 24. Received, by Express, from Dr. Dewey, a small, but very precious, packet of Carices. From Bebb, a letter acknowledging receipt of my packet of Junci &c. Also letter of acknowledgement from Miss Kinney.


[1864.]    Dec. 28. Received letter of acknowledgement from Anna Bliss.


[1864.]    Dec. 29. Received letter of acknowledgement from Dr. Allen.


[1864.]    Dec. 30. Received letter of acknowledgement from Prof. Porter. He thinks that my Aster longifolius is Aster ae... (I, probably, sent him Dr. Clarke's A. longifolius from Flint, Mich.) & writes that my Carex debilis is Carex arctata (in which he is right, I had confounded the two.) Prof. Ward of the Rochester University called. He suggests that Charles Wordsworth would, if I personally applied to him, help the Society to casts, as he did the State Collection. As to the State Collection, he complains, & says that he hears others complain. 1st. That the minerals are not cleaned, but are defiled with the dust of years.

2nd. That the fossils are not labelled.



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