Rendered by P. M. Eckel
Editor, The Clinton Papers
Buffalo Museum of Science
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Buffalo, NY 14211 USA
January 10, 2003

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[1863]     Dec. 1. Submitted to the Board of Regents the resolution of our Society, tendering its aid in perfecting the State Collection, which were well received. Found C. F. Austin, Esq. of Closter, Bergen Co., N.Y., in the employment of The Regents, on the recommendation of Dr. Torrey, in examining the State Herbarium. Suggested (approved by Dr. Wood) with the printing of the Cat. of State Plants, from Torrey's Report, marking deficiencies of the Herbarium in plants contained in that Cat., by italics, or otherwise. Send catalogues to be sent to botanists everywhere in the State, to the end that they may contribute to the herbarium such defficient specimens, & subsequently, discovered plants. 

W. Austin recommends us to apply for a copy of L. Lesquereux' (Columbus, O.) Musci Exsiccati, 2d Ed. price $25.00.

Also to elect Charles F. Parker, Esq. (323 Chestnut St., Philadelphia) a corresponding member, &c.

Left Albany in the 5*45' P.M. train, * reached Buffalo at 6*20' A.M. of the 2d December.

In  Albany  Col. Jewett gave me some seeds of the Nelumbium,  last year's.  Mr.  Austin says they should  be  put  in  boiling  water,  before planting. 

[Dr. Wood is perhaps Alphonso Wood.]


[1863]     Dec. 3. Went over the River & dug up a few roots of the Glycyrrhiza. Sent them, by Express, to Prof. Gray.

D.F. Day suggests that what he brought from Chautauqua Co. (Ap. 30‑May 1) and called Betula pumila and collected there by us June 26th, and by me, among the Thousand Islands, (Aug.24), is Myrica Gale. I can't determine this until I disinter the specimens. The truth is, I never examined it. (It is clearly so!)

In the evening, at the Annual Meeting of the Society, found a package of plants from Dr. J. W. Robbins, from the Lake Superior Country. Looked them over with Day, & took them home.

[The specimens of Glycyrrhiza from Waterloo (= Fort Erie)].

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