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June 15, 2002

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[1862] June 1. Sunday. Lake Shore R. R. Wood, No. 1. Euonymus obovatus, Convallaria ['Smilacina' correctly written above] racemosa. Osmorhiza longistylis, everywhere, Hydrophyllum virginicum, In wood No. 2, a shrub which I, at first, supposed to be an Euonymus, but which turned out to be Nemopanthus canadensis. Aralia nudicaulis, the specimen of Corallorhiza innata. Also, near the wood running from the R. R. through this wood, a Pyrus - probably P. arbutifolia, and melanocarpa. In a wood between No. 1 and 2. Cardamine pratensis. In the ditch along the railroad, a Cardamine, perhaps hirsuta (!) 2 specimens. In the hollow by the R. R. bridge, a Lithospermum (latifolium), the Floerkea, and an Allium (canadense) not yet in flower. Returning, between the R. R. bridge over the Creek and the Elk Street Wood, I met or overtook, or was overtaken by a gentleman who had been to the Elk Street Wood collecting insects, and we chatted a little, but did not exchange names. That man was my dear friend Augustus R. Grote, who had just collected Ctenidia virg'a.

[1862] June 2. Between Waterloo and Fort Erie, by the road side, near the beach, Hyoscyamus niger, and, on the beach, near the Fort, a Crataegus with an obovate leaf, not yet in flower.

[1862] June 3. Genesee St. wood, No. 1. One specimen of Asarum canadense, Glechoma hederacea. In the Scajaquada, near where the Williamsville road from Genesee St. crosses it, Nuphar advena in flower. In the wood, over the Creek, and above the Williamsville road, Cornus canadensis (this is the only place near Buffalo in which I have seen it this season). Returning towards Schanzlin, in an old stone quarry on the right of the road and west of the Williamsville road, a Physa with a white stripe a little above and parallel to the lip. Aquilegia canadensis. In woods near Schanzlin, north of the road, Veronica anagallis! (No! V. americana).

[1862] June 4. On Squaw Island. Ranunculus scleratus and Moehringia lateriflora.

[1862] June 5. Woods west of Main St., beyond Scajaquada Creek, Polygala senega and a Galium. Near the Creek, a Viburnum and 2 species of Crataegus. Moffatt's hedge, a Rhamnus (R. catharticus). At the Physa quarry, Rubus hispidus? In the fields, Sisyrinchium bermudianum. Collected also, Cornus alternifolia. In dry woods, Triosteum perfoliatum and one specimen of Platanthera bracteata. Collected also Iris versicolor, Thaspium aureum, Zizia integerrima, Erigeron bellidifolium, Osmorhiza brevistylis and O. longistylis.

[1862] June 6. W. Scheffer's courtyard, 84 N. Division St., an Acer with flowers in racemes. Day thinks it Acer pensylvanicum - I don't. Mr. Hiram Pratt's garden, on Swan St., a liliaceous plant which Mr. P. says is native in Canada. Day thinks it a Scilla. Sed? Phlox reptans and P. subulata - a Salvia with a white-striped leaf, and a Dicentra (spectabilis) common in gardens. She [sic] has an Euonymus (which turned out to be E. atropurpureus). Afternoon, rode, with Dr. Wright, to Sulphur Spring. In the dead run, crossing the road from the Plank Road to the Spring, at the first wood, Callitriche verna and Chara vulgaris, and in the wood, Fedia fagopyrum, in prime condition, and the Floerkea, and a Galium. Oxalis stricta and Potentilla canadensis begin to blossom. Near the Clinton St. woods, in wet, bushy land, a Marchantia (M. polymorpha, and in the woods, a Hypnum (On my return, found in my box a single specimen of a small umbellifer - probably a Chamaephyllum, must have picked it up with the Fedia or Floerkea. (Afterward, searched the wood where we got them for it, in vain. Am now convinced that I picked it on the edge of the Clinton St. Wood.).

[1862] June 7. Afternoon. With George State L. R. R. Wood, No. 2, left hand. Some Corallorhiza innata. Found fallen buds of Magnolia acuminata. In the R. R. ditches, Potamogeton pauciflorus and P. pusillus (See D. Dewey's letter of 10th or 11th of June ) and Lemna trisulca.

[1862] June 8. North bank of Scajaquada Creek. Potentilla can's [canadensis]. Swampy land above Delaware St., Cornus stolonifera, Viburnum lentago. On Squaw Island. Potentilla anserina, several Carices and 2 or 3 Scirpi. Also there and up the Creek, Anemone pennsylvanica, Trifolium repens.

[1862] June 9. In George Coit's courtyard, Viburnum opulus, Lonicera tatarica, and Syringa vulgaris v. alba.

[1862] June 10. Squaw, Strawberry, Grand and Beaver Islands. Myosotis palustris. Strawberry Island, Lathyrus [palustris, some nomenclatural confusion here]. Grand Island, near Beaver Creek, Viburnum lentago, Zanthoxylum fraxineum. Edge of the wood on Grand Island, below Johnson's on Beaver Creek, Pyrus coronaria, and right by it, one singular tree, with a leaf like the plum, but a fruit (?) like an inflated follicle, with one seed (?). Johnson and 2 other men say that it is a wild plum which comes to nothing - that the seeming fruit all falls off that it bears a blossom like the plum - that these are three such trees in this area, one at the head of Grand Island, and one in the way from Johnson's to Falconwood as you cross the gully. Found there also, a Crataegus, the upper part of the trunk and large branches having compound thorns. On Beaver Island, saw one Corallorhiza? of last year, and the wild hop. Viburnum opulus, a Lathyrus? it may be a Vicia. The style seems to be villous all round, the villosity forming a kind of head adjacent to and under the stigma. The stem seems quadrangular (= Vicia americana). The Ochroleucus leguminifer has a style answering to Lathyrus, and the stem seems triquetrous (L. ochroleucus!) Rubus strigosus.

[1862] June 12. Niagara Falls R. R., field beyond the Round House. Plantago lanceolata. Sinapis arvensis and Lepidium virginicum. Woods by the Scajaquada, collected the Moehringia (Arenaria) lateriflora. The wedge-leaved Crataegus has on the trunk, compound, leafy, soft, as well as hard thorns. Took 2 flowers of Nymphaea, Viburnum lentago (This is the one with the large, flat cyme, leaves sometimes as broad as long.) Rubus frondosus of Bigelow - Carpinus americana in fruit.

[1862] June 13. Scajaquada Creek, E. of Main St., about opposite Mr. Well's (the old Rumsey) place. Nuphar advena, Ranunculus aquatilis. Udora (Anacharis) Canadensis. Noticed an Allium, looks different from any I have seen yet. Wood No. 1, on the right of the McAdam road before coming to the Tollgate, Sanicula Marylandica & Cryptotaenia Canadensis. At the stone quarry, Rubus Canadensis, Rubus occidentalis, Cornus circinata? Woods behind The Grove, Rubus villosus & Cornus stolonifera.

[1862] June 14. State L. [State Line] R. R. Wood, No. 2. [=probably the Lake Shore Railroad] The road side, & by the pool or hollow by the R. R. bridge, Lithospermum latifolium, flower yellow (Saw it first on the [this?] side of the R. R. fence, doubted whether it was in flower, & hesitated about going to it, saw a bumble bee at work on it - went!) The magnificent Heracleum lanatum just opening. Sparganium ramosum just blossoming. Ditches in & near the wood, a Veronica with lateral racemes of small white flowers (V. scutellata) & Utricularia vulgaris. Potamogeton perfoliatus coming into flower. Solanum dulcamara. In the wood, Viburnum nudum. This side of the road dividing the wood, Viburnum opulus. In the wood, a Cornus with green branches (C. alternifolia).

[1862] June 15. Afternoon, Genesee St. wood, No. 1. Collected Asarum canadense.

[1862] June 16. Before breakfast. Robbed a Court yard on Genesee St. of Wigelia rosea. Between the Canal, York Street & the Niagara Falls R. Road, on sand hillock, Scutellaria parvula, it has a very singular root, with tubers strung on it, looking white & valvate. One specimen of Lepidium Virginicum, 2 Potamogetons in pools, south of York Street, one of these P. pauciflorus? P.M. Wood back of Roman Catholic Lunatic Asylum, 2 wild plum trees bearing plums & follicles. 2d wood on 2d road beyond the Tollgate, Rosa blanda, & one bush of Vaccinium stamineum. Galium triflorum.

[1862] June 17. Before breakfast, walked up the Lake Shore turnpike to pretty near the tollgate, crossed to Lake Shore r. r., & so home. Nil. P.M. Rode, with Dr. Gay, on the turnpike, beyond Smoke's Creek. In a swampy wood along the road, Naumbergia thyrsiflora & Veronica scutellata (V. scutellata is pretty common, the Naumbergia is in Grand Island.) In black ash swamp, by the Lake, Ranunculus repens, truly repent. Collected a number of ferns.

[1862] June 18. Woods beyond Clinton Grove, going from the Dam, on the right. Viburnum pubescens & Comandra umbellata. In swamp just above Delaware Street, Cornus stolonifera & C. alternifolia, Viburnum acerifolium just coming into flower.

[1862] June 19. About Sulphur Spring, the wood near the plank road, Viburnum acerifolium & a new Galium. Also a tall orchid, [not] near blossoming (Platanthera psycodes.) On the bank of the Creek & by the house, Menispermum Canadense. On the beach, Echinocystis & 1 specimen of Arum dracontium coming forward. In bushy, hollow places, along the Hydraulic Canal & between it & the Creek two varieties of Polygonatum multiflorum, & Rubus odoratus on the bank of the Canal. Rosa ? Vitis ?, 2 specimens of Mertensia Virginica. The yellow flowered Lithospermum found on the 14th instant (L. latifolium) on the edge of the hollow running from the Canal towards the Creek, Erigeron Philadelphicum everywhere.

[1862] June 20. Went, by r. road, to Eighteen Mile Creek Station & botanized down the creek & in the wood by the Lake. In the wood, Polygala paucifolia in seed, a Galium not fairly in condition, probably the lanceolatum, 2 species of Arabis, (one of them was A. hirsuta,) a Vaccinium. Melampyrum Americanum, not in flower. Up the Creek & below the precipice, 2 species Vitis, one of them with perfect flowers. Acer spicatum, Rubus odoratus, Rosa ?. Diervilla trifida, Cornus circinata & C. alternifolia, Celastrus scandens. Took freight train to Angola. There found 1 specimen of Platanthera orbiculata & Listera cordata. This Listera has a nearly square stem and 6(?) strips of green attached below the calyx & below the germ, enclosing without touching it, bowed out like ribs, (Note 1866. So it seemed to me in 1862! I wonder how I was misled, what I could have taken for such extraordinary appendages.) Carex plantaginea, Veronica officinalis. Collected another Carex & 2 or 3 ferns.

[1862] June 21. Before breakfast, Hudson St., west side, near Mr. Sidway's, Gleditschia triacanthos, 3 or 4 trees. Walked into Sandy town. Collected a grass & Scirpus, & several specimens of Lepidium

Virginicum, & got well wet. P.M. Walked to 2d wood, L. S. [Lake Shore] r. r. On the way, found Geum Virgicum I suppose, though it dosen't agree perfectly with the description. By a telegraph pole, by the wood, an Arabis, probably Canadensis. Viburnum dentatum, V. acerifolium just opening & V. nudum in prime order. In the ditch, found 3 or 4 specimens of Utricularia vulgaris. In the wet woods, Prinos [=Ilex] verticillatus. The Nemopanthus bushes don't seem to have, or to have had, any fruit on them.

[1862] June 22. At head of Squaw Island, Euphorbia platyphylla, Rubus odoratus. First wood beyond Cornelius's Creek, Smilax hispida, Osmunda regalis, & 2 Aspidiums, Thalictrum cornuti.

[1862] June 23. Squaw Island, Lathyrus palustris, Equisetum palustre? (yes!) Archangelica atropurpurea, Oxalis stricta. Also, below the path & ditch dividing the island, 2 Sisyrinchiums, one answering the description of S. mucronatum, the other that of S. anceps, but stem leafy Mem. [memorandum] Compare that with the specimens collected on the plains.

[1862] June 24. Sandytown. Potamogeton pusilum? Myriophyllum spicatum, (leaves whorled in 4's.) By the Canal, right bank on towpath, below Hudson St. to near Sandytown, the Hyoscyamus abundant, Squaw Island, collected Acorus Calamus.

[1862] June 25. With Day, went up the Scajaquada from Schanzlin's,Rumex verticillatus, Potentilla argentea. Crossed the fields from the Creek to the wood on the road beyond the huddle or hamlet, and, on the way, found a magnificent bush of Vaccinium stamineum, gloriously in flower. Vitis cordifolia. In the wood, Erigeron bellidifolium, Veronica officinalis. Continued on the road, the one that runs from Main St., past Schanzlin's, to Pine Hill Cemetery, found along the road, garden scapes, Carum carui, Sedum acre, Chelidonium majus. Also Glechoma hederacea. Walked in to the wood at the foot of Pine Hill, turned into it (to the right) passed through it, &, bearing to the right, into another wood, which extends almost to Pine Hill plank road, & is one of a line of woods extending nearly to where that plank road crosses the Scajaquada. On the edge of that wood, found Dalibarda repens. In the same wood, near the fence parallel to the plank road, dividing it, found Allium tricoccum (not in flower), Orchis spectabilis (past flowering), Platanthera bracteata & Aplectrum hyemale. In the next wood, Day found a magnificent Platanthera orbiculata not quite in flower, & took it! (He failed in his attempts to coax it into flower, & so it perished ingloriously.) This is the wood where I found Cornus Canadensis. We also found there Cornus Canadensis & some Corallorhiza innata. Crossed a field to a Dutch farm road, crossed the farm bridge, went through the cow house & farmyard to the Pine Hill Plank Road, over the Scajaquada & along the road, took the road to the left till we passed the first house thereon on the right, & then, across the fields, to the Genessee St. wood. Found an orchid there preparing to blossom (Platanthera flava) and collected the yellow & the white Sanicula (S. Marylandica & S. Canadensis?)

[1862] June 26. Niagara Falls. Goat Island. Collected leaves and fruit of Shepherdia canadensis, Geranium Robertianum. Below Biddle Stairs, a fern. On the top of the bank, Arabis lyrata in seed and Houstonia ciliolata (which last I found also in dry woods on the Mainland), also Symphoricarpos racemosus, just commencing to flower. Descending to the level of Terrapin Bridge, to the left of the path, found Astragalus Cooperi, also a pretty Lathyrus? (!) more than 3 teeth to the sheath. On the side hill, an Anemone, which may not be the aconitifolia (it turned out to be A. virginiana). Lithospermum officinale a common weed on the Island & about the Falls. Gathered some Rhus toxicodendron. Cornus circinata here & there on the Island. & walked through the woods &c. to Gill Creek and back. Found Hieracium venosum. Thaspium aureum, 1 specimen of Asclepias quadrifolia. At the Creek, Gratiola virginica, the plants each having its first flower.

[1862] June 27. Frenchman's Creek. Vitis , Crataegus, Gratiola Virginica, Sisyrinchium Bermudianum, Vaccinium resinosum. Saw, on the right bank, one bush of Shepherdia. Galium , Vicia , Potamogeton .

[1862] June 28. Before breakfast, up the R. Road to Sandytown. Just beyond the 1st bridge from the depot, Silene noctiflora. At Sandytown, a beautiful Juncus (J. balticus) in full flower. Echinospermum lappula. P.M. On Lake Shore r. road, Allium Canadense, Thalictrum Cornuti. Squaw Island, a singular looking plant, with pinnatifid leaves, stem simple, perhaps Nasturtium (Nasturtium palustre).

[1862] June 29. With Mr. Coleman T. Robinson, to wood near Smoke's Creek (On Limestone Ridge.) We go up the Turnpike, pass the Tollgate & take the first road to the left, where the Chestnut Ridge was, & pursue it 1/4 - 1 mile, first wood on the right. Shall call it Smoke Creek wood. At the bridge over the St. Line r.r., Cornus paniculata. In the wood, observed the two Chimaphilas, Goodyera, Orchis spectabilis, Monotropa uniflora. Abies Canadensis fairly in fruit. Platanthera bracteata, Pyrola rotundifolia? Mitchella repens.

[1862] June 30. In the Court yard, before S. G. Austin's, Niagara Square, took specimen of the Sambucus (S. nigra.) The plant on Squaw Island, mentioned 28th instant, probably Nasturtium palustre.

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