Rendered by P. M. Eckel
Editor, The Clinton Papers
Buffalo Museum of Science
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June 19, 2002

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[1862] July 1. After afternoon court, in Court house yard, botanized. Fine weeds! particularly 2 or 3 Rumexes, Maruta & Sisymbrium. Took none of them.

[1862] July 2. Before breakfast. Walked up Delaware to Utica, thence on Utica to crossroad. South to North St., at the old Black Rock graveyard, thence to Delaware St., & home. Picked up 4 plants in old garden by Delaware St., viz. Matricaria, Parthenium, Philadelphus grandiflorus, Symphoricarpus racemosus, & Euphorbia cyparissias? Noticed a Liriodendron in flower in Jesse Ketchum's yard, & mentioned it to O. H. Marshall. (Mr. M. brought me some specimens from a tree in the Black Rock graveyard, & George Gage specimens from his ground on North Street. The old trees have been cut down in our woods, but young ones are not uncommon.) Afternoon. Strawberry Island. Lathyrus palustris, Vicia Americana. Astragalus Cooperi. Astragalus Canadensis not yet in blossom. Pedicularis lanceolata [Canadensis crossed out] abundant, but not yet in flower. Platanthera? (probably hyperborea as that occurs on the island.) Spiranthes latifolia (1 specm.) Equisetum palustre, depauperate. Spiraea opulifolia. Calystegia sepium. Rosa ? On Squaw Island. Nasturtium palustre. Ranunculus Pennsylvanicus.

[1862] July 3 & 4. Niagara Falls. This side. Arabis canadensis, A. hirsuta? On the Island, Anemone cylindrica or niagriana [virg.a crossed out, for cylindrica]. Near the Ferry landing on the Canadian side, this Anemone was very large, and the heads were quite long & very cylindrical, and so they are sometimes, on the Plains, (where, as I afterwards found, it is quite common.) At & near Table Rock, Nasturtium officinale, Myriophyllum heterophyllum, what looks like the leaf of Parnassia (it turned out to be Parnassia caroliniana which is also on Goat Island, on the flat near Terrapin bridge, & on Strawberry Island). By the railroad, back of Table Rock, Linaria vulgaris. In woods near Suspension Bridge, Oenothera chrysantha, Galium circaezans & lanceolatum. From Zimmerman's hedge, Ligustrum vulgare.

[1862] July 5. Niagara Falls. About the flat by Terrapin bridge, Platanthera hyperborea, Equisetum variegatum, a bush in seed now, pericarps of last year (proved to be Hypericum kalmianum). On the bank on top of the cliff at the Whirlpool, American side, Melampyrum, Asclepias tuberosa, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, in berry, Vitis with the leaves much cut. Dr. Van Rensselaer showed me a tree which he had been told was the cucumber. It is, probably, Morus rubra! In the Whirlpool house yard, 1 specimen of Pterospora andromeda, not quite in blossom. On the bank, this side of Devil's Hole, Campanula rotundifolia. Everywhere Lilium philadelphicum. Cross-road sides, between Schlosser & the Falls, Echium vulgare. On the Island, Rhus typhina.

[1862] July 8. Before breakfast, Sandytown, &c. Polansia graveolens, Conium maculatum, Ranunculus acris, Nasturtium palustre common. During recess of my court, in the Court House yard, Rumex sanguineus (afterwards satisfied that it is not R. sanguineus, but only a red-veined variety of R. obtusifolius), Sinapis nigra.

[1862] July 9. To Schanzlin's & up the Creek, thence north into the woods, thence back to the Grove, through the Grove & swamp, thence back to the Gully, thence to Schanzlin's & home. Typha latifolia, Agrimonia, Eupatoria. In the gully, noticed Cimicifuga racemosa & Cicuta maculata. Road side, collected Malva rotundifolia, Maruta coluta, Nepeta Cataria. Noticed the Veronica officinalis in the Grove. (It proves to be very common.) &, back of the Grove, the Diervilla. In the woods, Melampyrum, Cornus paniculata. Roadsides, everywhere, Leonurus cardiaca. In a Wheatfield, Agrostemma Githago. In the corner, by Schanzlin Road, of Judge Hecox's land, noticed Silene noctiflora, & collected 1 specimen of Lithospermum arvense ? (!) run to seed, without flower or leaf. In the wood north of 2d road beyond the tollgate, an humble yellow flowered plant, 5 petalled & 5-parted calyx, probably Waldsteinia belated, and Hieracium Gronovii. In a wheat field, Pisum sativum. In an old field, west of the McAdam road, beyond the turnpike, Rudbeckia hirta. By the Physa stone quarry & elsewhere, Asclepias tuberosa. (It is very abundant on the plains.) Between the quarry & the 2d road, in the wood nearest to that road, Asclepias phytolaccoides, Arabis Canadensis. At the quarry, Pentstemon pubescens with white flowers. Leucanthemum everywhere. The Anemone I found at the Falls (A. cylindrica) is common in the edge of the woods. The A. virginica is less common on the Plains. In a wheatfield, Lamium amplexicaule. In the gully, &c., a Stachys. On the Scajaquada, a Stachys, Sinapis nigra? By the Scajaquada, (on the flat,) in abundance, a small flowered Convolvulus? cultivated? (Convolvulus arvensis!) In the Creek, Sparganium simplex, Gnaphalium uliginosum. At a stone quarry, near a huddle [= a hamlet], Arabis laevigata. Erigeron strigosum. Near Schanzlin's, Senecio vulgaris. Found Lilium Philadelphicum 3-flowered.

[1862] July 10. P.M. Growing on an old raft from Chippewa Creek, at Black Rock Dam, found 1 specimen of Potentilla palustris. Dianthera Americana, and a small 3 petaled Galium (G. trifidum.) On the tow path, Scutellaria galericulata. On Strawberry Island, 1 specimen of Spiranthes latifolia, Platanthera hyperborea? (!), Liparis Loeselii, Cornus Sericea, Astragalus Canadensis, Lathyrus palustris & L. myrtifolius. Vicia Americana and a grassy-leaved plant, with a slender scape and a loose spike of minute flowers, now past or not yet open, seems to have 3 sepals (=Triglochin palustre.) 2 Equisetums, one like E. hymale, but very much smaller, though larger than the one from Goat Island, may be the same, & both may be E. scirpoides (=E. variegatum.) The other is quite low, small, & branched below the spike of fructification. (=E. palustre, depauperate.)

[1862] July 11. From Schanzlin's to Pine Hill, thence, through the woods, to Scajaquada Creek, the plank road, across field to Genesee St., & home. Genesee St. wood, Allium Canadense, Platanthera flava. Woods near Scajaquada Creek, Moneses uniflora (about 7 specimens), 1 specimen Platanthera lacera (spur longer than the ovary), Platanthera flava? Platanthera bracteata, in seed, root palmate. 1 specimen Monotropa uniflora (afterwards, found it commonish in diverse places.) Allium tricoccum. In field, Rubus hispidus or Canadensis (hispidus!), Epilobium angustifolium, Sambucus Canadensis. In field near Pine Hill, on road from Schanzlin's, Rudbeckia hirta? (!) Wayside, Lactuca elongata. Woods near Pine Hill, Circaea alpina? (no bracts) (!) O. H. Marshall brought me from a tree near Twitchell's place, on the road beyond the Gun Bridge, Nyssa multiflora, in young fruit.

[1862] July 12. P.M. Path on Cornelius's Creek, near & below the R. road crossing, Schollera graminea. From the Sulphur Spring on the Scajaquada, a Chara. On dry land along the bank, a minute flowered Galium, flower in 3 parts, must be G. trifidum. On Cornelius's Creek, a Sagittaria with narrow & entire leaves. Ranunculus Pennsylvanica, 2 specimens Callitriche verna? Diervilla trifida. A still more slender Galium, parts in 4's (=G. tinctorium.) A larger & more diffuse Galium, leaves in 4's & 5's, perfectly smooth, fruit smooth (=G. tinctorium.) Galium boreale. Lilium Canadense (1 with 6 flowers.) Geum strictum.

[1862] July 13. Sulphur Spring, with Coleman T. Robinson. Scrophularia nodosa, Euonymus atropurpureus, Prinos (Ilex) verticillatus, Silene inflata, Physalis viscosa (?), Calystegia Sepium. A rough leaved plant near the house-side of the Dam (Proved to be Onosmodium ['virg'um' crossed out] Carolinianum.) Also Cornus Sericea. Crossed to Smoke Creek wood. Near the Roman Catholic

Orphan Asylum, road side, Malva moschata. In the wood, Platanthera Hookeri. By the Creek, Samolus valerandii. Two Galiums, one, the long one, with yellowish flowers (=G. triflorum.) Mr. Robinson picked up & brought me, from an old field by the wood, 1 specimen of Blitum capitatum.

[1862] July 14. Evening. On Hudson St. near Mr. [Sidway's], Gleditsia triacanthus, Oxalis stricta, Cirsium arvense.

[1862] July 15. Up L.S.R.R. [Lake Shore R. R.] to 2d wood, thence to 1st wood & home. Identified Stachys aspera & Calamintha clinopodium. (A Lithospermum, yellow flowered I cannot make agree with anything in Wood or Gray (=L. latifolium). Lysimachia stricta & L. ciliata (very badly described in Wood). Found in 2d wood, Platanthera psycodes (don't wholly agree with the description) 2 specimens. By the r. road, between the crossroad & the 2d wood, a new crucifer, flowers yellow, small, numerous, fruit a silique, perhaps Erysimium cheiranthoides (!). Gathered also Alisma plantago, Pastinaca sativa & Prinos verticillata.

[1862] July 16. Crossed to Waterloo, walked up to Fort Erie, thence back into the woods, thence back to the Huron R. R., & down, along it, to the Ferry, recrossed, down the pier & Squaw Island, to the Ship-lock, & so home by the street car. On Squaw Island, got a fine water snake. 1 specimen of Sonchus, Ampelopsis quinquefolia. On a pile of rubbish, by the 2d mill from the ferry, Vaccaria vulgaris. In Waterloo, by Forsyth's burned house, Datura stramonium v. tatula, Portulacca oleracea, and a labiate plant which I can't make out (=Dracocephalum parviflorum.) Between that & the Forsythe House, one specimen of a crucifer, fruit a silicle, perhaps a garden scape (note. 1866. Have not found anything like it since.) looks like a Lepidium, perhaps an Alyssum. On the beach, by the old mill, Solanum nigrum. There, & all along the shore, Mollugo verticillata, Arenaria serpyllifolia, & Euphorbia polygonifolia. By the road, along the Lake near Fort Erie, & on the bank side of the beach just below the point, Onosmodium Carolinianum abundant. The woods barren. Collected more Prinos verticillata, hoping it would turn out another species, which it would not. A Smilax, neither in flower nor fruit, & 1 specimen of Platanthera flava. Picked up Fagopyrum esculentum & Polygonum aviculare.

[1862] July 17. After dinner, at Sandytown, Lycopus Europaeus, one of the mint family, probably a Micromeria (Calamintha dosen't suite it at all, upper lip of the corolla entire) but the flowers are solitary so it can't be M. glabella (Wood, I suppose, bothered me. The plant turned out to be Calmintha glabella v. Nuttallii, Gray, but, not having seen the intermediate western forms, I am inclined to consider it a distinct species.) Also Saponaria officinalis & Cakile Americana.

[1862] July 18. Before breakfast. Court House Park. Ptelea trifoliata. Strawberry Island. Platanthera hyperborea, or flava? There & on Squaw Island, Campanula aparinoides. In Smuggler's run, Sparganium natans? (No, but a form of S. simplex sen. S. am[ericanum] and a floating male flower which I can't certainly trace to any plant. Myriophyllum (probably heterophyllum)? and 2 Potamogetons one = pectinatus.

[1862] July 19. West, by the L. Huron railroad, to Pt. Colborne. Heard of a cranberry Swamp. Walked up the r.r., 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 miles & did not find it, but, in Swampy land, by the r.road, found Platanthera psycodes, & a little patch of Calla palustris in fruit. Was afraid of losing the train and so walked back in haste, & found that I had hours to spare. Went to the beach & on the beach-side edge of the woods, found one specimen of Arabis [ ]? and an abundance of a very showy orange flowered Lithospermum (=L. hirtum.). Lobes of corolla, calyx & stamen varying from 5 - 8. At Sandytown, gathered Lycopus Europaeus & Mimulus ringens.

[1862] July 21. Before breakfast. At E. S. Plater's, first house this side of E. S. Warren's (corner of Niagara & York Streets) Catalpa bignonioides in flower. At Sandytown, near & within the crotch of the L. Huron Niagara Falls Railroad, Lithospermum arvense? run to seed. Collected Polygonum aviculare & Tilia Americana.

[1862] July 22. Sulphur Spring, with my wife. Collected Menispermum Canadense, Echium cystilobata, Brunella vulgaris, Plantago major, Mentha Canadensis, Polygonum convolvulus? (!), Asclepias incarnata ? (!), Verbena hastata, Oenothera biennis, Gratiola Virginica, & a rough-leaved plant, an Onosmodium, probably the Virginicum (= O. carolinianum).

[1862] July 23. Went out on the Plains. Back of Burt Scott's old place, in edges of groves, Helianthemum Canadense. Also Rhus glabrum. The Onosmodium abundant, more hispid than the plant at Fort Erie. Also a Galium. Evening From Mr. Howland's garden, on Niagara Street, Clematis virginiana?

[1862] July 24. Explored Squaw Island, upper part. Nil. At the Dam, by the 2d mill, Vicia sativa. Collected also, Erigeron Canadense, Apocynum cannabinum, Asclepias cornuti.

[1862] July 25. Afternoon, with wife, at Festival, in the Grove. Found one small specimen of Corallorhiza multiflora.

[1862] July 26. Canada. Gathered Inula helenium, Cimicifuga racemosa, 1 specimen, Cicuta maculata, Agrimonia eupatoria, Phryma leptostachya, Hypericum perforatum. On Frenchman's Creek, both sides of the road (running back from the Ferry) crossing it, found a few specimens of Nasturtium lacustre. The low plant with the lower leaves cut & the upper entirish, is not yet in flower, and is, probably, the first state of Nasturtium lacustre (!) Desmodium acuminatum. Between the two uppermost mills at the Dam, a Helianthus? On Squaw Island, Sinapis nigra.

[1862] July 27. Crossed State Line R. R. bridge over the Buffalo Creek & turned down the Creek & along the edge to the place where it bends up to the railroad again, & thence home. Collected Glysanthes gratioloides, Penthorum sedoides, Campanula Americana, Phryma leptostachya, Galium asprellum, Gnaphalium uliginosum, Heliopsis

laevis, Rudbeckia laciniata, Ambrosia trifida (there seem to be 2 pretty distinct varieties) and Urtica ? (probably gracilis.)

[1862] July 28. Strawberry Island, head of Grand Island, by the 2 trees over the graves. Then the wood this side of (i.e. above) Beaver Creek, then over Beaver Island, then down below Falconwood, & back through the woods. Below Falconwood, Collinsonia canadensis, Impatiens fulva. There, & on Beaver Island, Platanthera lacera, Melilotus alba, Rosa lucida, Solidago arguta var. juncea, & an Aster. Grand Island. Noticed Scutellaria parvula in seed. Collected Spiraea salicifolia, Polygala verticillata, Hypericum corymbosum & H. pyramidatum. Beaver Island. Dasystoma (Gerardia) flava. On Grand Island also Monarda fistulosa, & there & on Strawberry, Pycnanthemum lanceolatum. On Strawberry, a Hedysarum [Desmodium written above] (H. canadense). Calamintha glabella, var. Nuttallii, Lysimachia longifolia, and Physostegia virginiana. Also (this time I think) Vicia Americana.

[1862] July 29. Day gave me one (poor) specimen of Verbascum blattaria, found on Niagara Square.

To Schanzlin's, up the Creek, back to the stone quarries, around them, up to the wood this side of the 2d road beyond the tollgate across the road to the wood, thence to the McAdam road & home. Field beyond the Gate (in which Dr. White's Grove is) collected Rudbeckia hirta. In the wood north of the 2d road, Helianthemum, noticed a prostrate Desmodium (D. rotundifolium.) Collected Verbascum Thapsus, Cannabis sativa. In wood south of 2d road Linum Virginianum, Helianthus divaricatus. In bushy place, in clearing, east side of the easternmost quarry, Lactuca elongata?, a remarkable purple-stemmed variety, if nothing more, & Galium pilosum. In these woods, find a Hieracium like to, but apparently quite distinct from, the venosum (Note, 1866, H. Gronovii is there, & is, probably, the one alluded to.) Also noticed a few plants of Geranium Robertianum. Collected Cirsium lanceolatum. In a cultivated field, on the Schanzlin Road, found Vicia Sativa growing spontaneously.

[1862] July 30. Before breakfast to Sandytown. Cynoglossum morisonii, Chenopodium botrys, a number of Cyperaceae, Juncaceae & Gramineae, Hypericum mutilum, Lactuca elongata, Erigeron Canadense. P.M. Rattlesnake Channel, Strawberry Island, Zizania aquatica. Several Scirpi & Pontederia cordata.

[1862] July 31. Afternoon. Falconwood, with wife. Two specimens of Lycopus Virginicus? not in flower, 1 of Scutellaria lateriflora, Hedeoma pulegioides, not in flower, Rhus toxicodendron? (climbing), 1 specimen Lobelia inflata.

Views of the Buffalo pier in early spring of 2003 (see July 16 above)

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