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Editor, The Clinton Papers
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June 19, 2002

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 [1862] Aug. 1. Went on 8 A. M. train to Tonawanda. Nil Kept on, in 8 o'clock train to Suspension Bridge, & walked down to the Whirlpool. There found 6 specimens of Pterospora andromedea, in seed; Asclepias verticillata. Collected also leaves of Sassafras officinale, & 1 specimen of a very singular compound flower, Aster like, but florets all tubular (= Liatris cylindracea.) Near Devil's Hole, collected Dipsacus sylvestris, & a Helianthus everywhere. Crossed the Suspension Bridge, & walked to Table Rock. There collected Lobelia Kalmii, Calamintha glabella var. nuttallii, & a pretty Lycopodium or (more probably) Selaginella (=S. apus.) Going down to the Ferry, when almost down, by the road, Polymnia canadensis. On Goat Island, Hypericum Kalmianum, Lathyrus palustris. Collected Phytolacca decandra, Mentha viridis, & one of the Antennarias.

[1862] Aug. 3. Took evening walk to Sandytown. Found Teucrium Canadense just ready to blossom, and a very small Gratiola (=a depauperation of G. Virginica [sic]) which does not seem to be Virginiana, also a remarkable grass (Alopecurus aristulatus?) East of Porter Thompson's on Niagara St., near the fence, found Linaria vulgaris, Verbascum Lychnitis? Delphinium consolida & a compound flower, probably a Coreopsis (=C. tinctoria).

[1862] Aug. 4. Before breakfast, walked to St. L. R. R. Bridge over the Buffalo Creek. Collected wheat, barley, oats, potato, Eupatorium purpureum, Heliopsis laevis, Rudbeckia laciniata, also what I here to fore called Elatine!!!) Ludwigia palustris, a very small form, flatly creeping in the mud, & Glysanthus gratioloides. Afternoon. With Coleman T. Robinson, to Smoke's Creek wood, 3 specimens of Corallorhiza multiflora, 3 of Chimaphila maculata, 2 of Polymnia Canadensis, Adiantum pedatum, Desmodium acuminatum with a leaf on the upper part of the scape, Goodyera pubescens, scarcely beginning to blossom, Helianthus decapetalus, Eupatorium purpureum? hardly in flower.

[1862] Aug. 5. Went to grounds about the Grove, then back on to the Plains & crossed over to Black Rock Dam, then, with Dr. Gay, on a Steam Tug, to a landing 2 1/2 miles below Falconwood, on Grand Island, & thence home. On Grand Island, Ludwigia palustris (much larger & I think quite different from the creeper in the mud), Sium lineare, Lobelia cardinalis, Boehmeria cylindrica. On the mainland, Hedeoma pulegioides, Schollera graminifolia, Cicuta maculata, Cephalanthus occidentalis, Clematis Virginiana, 2 Desmodiums, Polygonum Sagittatum, P. Pennsylvanicum, P. hydropiperoides, Lechea not yet in flower (L. major?)

[1862] Aug. 6. Rode, with my wife, by the Turnpike, to the wood beyond Smoke's Creek on the Lake Shore. Saw there Rumex Brittanicus? (=R. hydrolapathum var. americanum) not yet in flower. Found Mimulus ringens with white flowers. [Lake Shore indicates the Lake Shore Railroad.]

[1862] Aug. 7. Walked to Sulphur Spring & back. In the Clinton St. wood, found 2 specimens of Chimaphila maculata, Scutellarialateriflora, Lycopus Virginicus, & an abundance of Corallorhiza multiflora.

[1862] Aug. 8. To Portage by 5 A. M. train, left for home in the 4 P.M. train, & was kept at Attica 2-3 hours, so that I did not reach Buffalo until between 10 & 11 P.M. Ought to have left Portage in the 7 P.M. train. By the Bridge, east side, at Portage, found Symphitum officinale, below it, by the River side, Erysinum cheiranthoides. On the bank, west side, (indeed, all over) Gaultheria procumbens, 2 specimens of Monarda (Gray decided it to be a form of M. fistulosa, but now, 1866, I still imagine it to be a distinct species, it is always weak stemmed & often decumbent, & everyway a more delicate plant), Corallorhiza multiflora. On the east side of the River, by the r.r., about 1/2 mile from the tavern, the Macrotrys (Cimifuga) abundant, Pycnanthemum incanum, & several specimens of Polgala Senega? (! broader leaved than about Buffalo) Also Polygala verticillata & Lechea major? (=L. minor) not in flower, a Desmodium, Veronica Virginica, Gerardia flava, Lysimachia quadrifolia, in fruit. A Hieracium, an Azalea (nudiflora!) & Corylus rostrata in fruit. Archangelica hirsuta, Mentha piperita. Gathered also the Epigaea (past flowering) a Gnaphalium, an Antennaria & Leersia oryzoides

[1862] Aug. 9. Strawberry Island. 1 Specimen of Spiranthes cernua! Beaver Island. Platanthera psycodes. 1 specimen of a labiate plant, flowers small & in terminal spikes (= Lophanthus scrophulariaefolius.) Identified [Leersia oryzoides crossed out] Zizania aquatica, Avena Sativa, Hordeum distichum, Mentha piperita, Antennaria margaritacea.

[1862] Aug. 11. On the Plains & at Westfalls. Monarda didyma, Cirsium pumilum, Pteris aquilina. On Delaware Street, Garden scapes, Melissa officinalis, Malva moschata? (!), & Matricaria parthenium. Collected, also, Lobelia siphilitica, Amphicarpaea monoica, Erechtites hieracifolius, Pilea pumila. From a garden Hyssopus officinalis & Artemisia absinthicum.

[1862] Aug. 13? [sic] After breakfast, called at Dr. Van Duzee's, & thence, strolled to & westwardly of Delaware Street. Collected, in a weedy, ploughed field, growing spontaneously, what a Dutchman working therein called Dill, but I don't see the broad margins of the seed. (It turned out to be Coriandrum sativum.) 2 species of Sonchus (S. asper & S. oleraceus) a very coarse grass, & commonish garden weed, the Dactylis? (=Panicum crus-galli.), Galeopsis tetrahit.

[1862] Aug. 14. Eighteen Mile Creek, thence walked to Angola. Nothing new, unless it be an Aster or two. The Arabis I found, in the wood, at the mouth of Eighteen Mile Creek, on my first visit, is well in seed. On the road to Angola, found 2 specimens of Mimulus alatus, & Polygonum. In wood at Angola, Pyrola elliptica? Collected Ostrya Virginica in fruit, 2 specimens of Eupatorium ageratoides? Eupatorium purpureum? (leaves in twos.) Desmodium Canadense, Nabalus alba, Tanacetum vulgare.

[1862] Aug. 15. Morning. Walked to Sandytown, picked up some weeds. Afternoon, in Smuggler's Run, Bidens Beckii. Walked up Squaw Island, Nesaea verticillata. Collected Verbena urticifolia. [Note that Clinton's last entry (Verbena) may not have been collected on Squaw Island but someplace on his way home for the day.]

[1862] Aug. 16. Strawberry Island. Pedicularis lanceolata.

[1862] Aug. 17. With Day, Turnpike, far beyond Tifft's farm, say 1/2 mile, between Lake & Turnpike, Proserpinaca palustris, Elodea Virginica. Walked across to 2d wood on St. L. R. R. [ = Lake Shore R. R.] Collected Cuscuta Gronovii, a Chenopodium, probably the hybridum (!) and, in a field to the right of the cross road, Aralia hispida, in fruit

[1862] Aug. 18. Afternoon, on the Plains. Collected Gerardia tenuifolia, Eupatorium perfoliatum, & a variety of weeds. A large radical leaved plant, which Day & I have noticed there for at least a couple of months, both in the groves & in the open field between the grove at the quarry's & the grove southerly of the 2d wood beyond the tollgate, & which has not thrown up any stem. The leaves are now wilted & withering. I collected the leaves & found one or two dried stalks with capsules of the last year (?) Day thinks it is Frasera Carolinensis, & it probably is (!). In the night, left, on the Central Railroad, with my wife & daughter for Richfield Springs, Otsego County, in Company with Mr. George Stevensen & his daughter Amelia.

[1862] Aug. 19. Arrived at Herkimer early in the morning & waited until 11 A.M. for the Stage. At Herkimer, Verbascum blattaria & Linaria vulgaris are common weeds. Noticed Rudbeckia hirta (Saw it also at Richfield.) Collected a Mentha probably a form of Canadensis. Lycopus virginicus? Campanula rapunculoides escaped from garden, Melilotus officinalis, Cichorium intybus, a Solidago & an Aster.

[1862] Aug. 19b. At Richfield Springs, afternoon, rode with Henry L. Clinton, one mile, to Schuyler Lake & some way along it. Found, by the road side, Hieracium Canadense, in ditch, at the Lake House, Hydrocotyle Americana.

[1862] Aug. 20. Rowed on Schuyler Lake. Collected Ranunculus reptans & Vallisneria spiralis. Also a very small Plantago from the gravelly margin of the Lake (merely P. major!) and an Aster. Goodyera (repens, if I remember right) in a wood. Picked up some shells for Mr. Robinson. Afternoon. Rowed my wife & Mr. Stevenson. On the west side of the Lake, found Hippuris vulgaris.

[1862] Aug. 21. Before breakfast, walked the hills. Found Blephilia hirsuta. Collected an Aster & 2 or 3 Solidagoes, also Phlox paniculata, remote from habitation, in a bushy meadow, in one spot, not scattered. After breakfast, walked easterly, on the turnpike, 2 or 3 miles to the Little Lakes. In the marsh at the foot of the first, found Drosera rotundifolia, Platanthera psycodes? (of an unusual aspect, Spiranthes cernua? Epilobium molle, Cicuta bulbifera, also Menyanthes trifoliata, Sarracenia purpurea, & a variety of Andromeda, &c., all, of course, past flower. Afternoon. Rowed in the Lake. Collected Polygonum fluitans (had collected, in the morning, P. amphibium v. terrestris and Brasenia peltata (in seed). Note. On the hills, about & on the road to Richfield, the Eupatorium ageratoides was very abundant. I regret that I did not collect it. The leaves were very much larger than those of the E. ageratoides as it grows about Buffalo, & it may be that it is not that species.)

[1862] Aug. 22. Returned home alone. Stopped over at Syracuse, & went on the marsh at Salina. Collected there, Ranunculus cymbalaria, mostly in seed, a small & singular form of Plantago major, 2 Chenopods, one a Chenopodium, the other may be a Blitum (1866. Note. One, Chenopodium glaucum, the other, if I remember right, Atriplex hastata) and 2 or 3 very small specimens of Samolus Valerandii. By the railroad, just east of the Cayuga Outlet crossing, noticed, as we rushed along, a splendid pink Hibiscus in flower (H. moscheutos).

[1862] Aug. 23. Strawberry Island. Gerardia purpurea? (!) Polygonum amphibium. (This was v. terrestre, but, in later years, has found there also v. natans.)

[1862] Aug. 24. Sulphur Spring, Gaura biennis, Humulus lupulus, Asparagus officinalis, Helianthus annuus.

[1862] Aug. 25. Walked on the Plains with D. F. Day. Collected Gerardia tenuifolia & Hieracium Canadense.

[1862] Aug. 26. Before breakfast, Sandytown. Xanthium strumarium, a Sagittaria, one specimen of Epilobium coloratum, 1 of Verbascum lychitis? and a Coreopsis escaped from a garden (probably tinctorium) besides some before known weeds. Went to Meadville, Pa. with Coleman L. Robinson and Charles Marshall, to see the remains of a Mammoth found about 8 miles from that place. Were hospitably received by our correspondent, A. B. Richmond, Esqu., at whose house we stayed.

[1862] Aug. 27. Before breakfast, collected Veronica Noveboracensis, Silene stellata, Archangelica hirsuta, & Asters & Solidagos. Mr. Richmond drove us, in a wagon, about 8 miles up French Creek, to the place where the Mammoth bones had been disinterred. Found 1 plant of Lophanthus nepetoides? [scrophulariaefolius written above] on the way & collected specimen, think it the same plant of which I found 1 specimen on Beaver Island.

[1862] Aug. 28. On the River bottom, & particularly the part called The Island. Off the Island, with marshy ground on the right side of the valley, or bottom, Polygonum arifolium, Mimulus alatus, Lycopus virginicus? Arum draconitum (Abundant, & much larger than at Buffalo. Ranunculus alismaefolius, Dulichium spathaceum, & a singular looking Smilax? neither in flower nor fruit (=Dioscorea villosa.) On the Island, Impatiens pallida, with White flowers, Cuscuta (I think not the Gronovii (but Gray decided that it was). Euphorbia corollata, Cirsium discolor (probably altissimum) a white spiked plant, neither Macrotrys nor Leptandra, both of which were there, probably Sanquisorba Canadensis (which it proved to be), Lobelia spicata & Phlox maculata. Also, one specimen of Cacalia atriplicifolia. Afternoon In the glen above the cemetery, Apios tuberosa, a very small flowered Helianthus (H. microcephalus), Baptisia tinctoria in seed, Clintonia borealis in fruit, a Lespedeza & 2 or 3 Desmodiums, a liliaceus plant? in fruit (Chamaelirium luteum), Gerardia quercifolia.

[1862] Aug. 29. Returning homeward. At Waterford, on Atlantic & Great Western R. R., 4 specimens of Mimulus alatus. At Corry, some specimens of Blitum capitatum. At Jamestown, Peltandra in fruit.

[1862] Aug. 30. At Jamestown, Lobelia siphilitica, white flowers, & 1 specimen of a dusky red or brown. Potamogeton heterophyllus? In the deep swamp, on the right side of the Outlet, above the village, Ribes rubrum, a Clintonia? (borealis!) in seed. On the edge of the swamp, by the railroad, a tall Cirsium & an umbellifer (one plant only) with tripinnatifid leaves (Conioselinum Canadensis!). On the road to the village, Onopordum acanthium. At Salamanca, an Aster.

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