Rendered by P. M. Eckel
Editor, The Clinton Papers
Buffalo Museum of Science
1020 Humboldt Parkway
Buffalo, NY 14211 USA
June 7, 2002

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[1862] April 13 or 14th. This morning, saw the first pair of swallows. Next day, saw 3 or 4 pairs.

About a week ago, dredged, with wire scalpnet, in ditches and dead water in Squaw Island. Got young dog-fish, in this fishermen call them, in fact, a mud fish, and distinct generically, from our A[...] or dogfish. Some 5 spined sticklebacks, a yellow-bellied water Salamander [ca...], 2 leeches, and a large but legless tadpole! The tadpole must, then, survive the winter.

[1862] April 16. Saw mud turtles at Frenchman's Creek. A few small perch and rock bass have been caught in this a few days, at the Dam.

[1862] April 17. In the woods, this side of the Scajaquada Creek, above Black Rock Dam, found Salamandra subviolacea and 2 smaller species (erythronota and fusca?) under logs. The only flower I found was of Stellaria media on stalks which had, I think, survived the winter.

[1862] April 22. Has been quite cool for two days and nights. Ice formed on shallow pools. Under logs on Beaver Island, 2 meadow mice: one under a log in the head of Grand Island. On Grand Island, 2 species of Helix and Salamandra erythronota.

[1862] April 24. Afternoon. In woods, back of Fort Erie, found Hepatica acutiloba in bloom, and a single bud of Trillium erectum. In walking on the Lake Huron Railroad from the village to the woods, in a drain crossing it, saw what I took to be a common landsnake in the water. Tried to fling it out with my cane and failed, and it went under a stone in the bottom.

[1862] April 25. I went in one boat, and George and Ed. Chester with guns and shots for ducks, in another to Beaver Creek, where I showed them how to put out their shots, &c. No fishing in Beaver Creek yet. Rowed over to Frenchman's Creek. Found it very muddy. Caught a couple of perch and 3 or 4 rock bass. Back to the Dam. Fished, while waiting for the boys and caught 20 - 30 small rock bass and one little perch. Mr. Lake, in another boat, caught the first lizard (Menobranchus) I have seen this spring. I caught another. The boys came back; reported plenty of shots, wounded, &c., but got not a duck.

[1862] April 26. Sunday. Between churches, walked in woods by the Scajaquada, near the Dam. Noticed in flower Erythronium americanum, Hepatica acutiloba, Cardamine rhomboidea. Found in these woods two other species of Salamandra, one like the S. subviolacea, but with minute white spots.

[1862] April 29. On Goat Island, in flower, the Juniper (Juniperus virginiana), Shepherdia, Sanguinaria, Dicentra cucullaria and Dentaria laciniata.

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