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English Woodland Garden is created.

English Woodland Garden. May 1977

English Woodland Garden. Dedication. May 4, 1976. Professor John Heslop-Harrison, Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. MBG Director, Dr. Peter H. Raven.

This quiet, informal garden attracts people and wildlife alike. Three vegetation layers, typical of a mature woodland support an upper tree canopy; a middle shrub layer; and a lower layer of herbaceous perennial plants and ground covers. Several small clearings permit the sun to spear shafts of sunlight through the dark overhead canopy. In the spring, hundreds of woodland flowers including dogwoods, trillium, Virginia bluebells, winter aconite, and azaleas put on a massive display. This garden was renovated in 1994, almost doubling the size, adding several water features, and making it completely accessible to wheelchair users. Peak season of interest is from early spring through summer and into autumn.


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