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Anne L. Lehmann Rose Garden is established.

Anne L. Lehmann Rose Garden.

Anne L. Lehmann Rose Garden.

The Anne Lehmann rose Garden is established on the location of the old Economic Garden. This large rose garden contains historic cultivars, miniature roses, modern hybrid tea, floribunda and shrub roses, and test roses. Horticulturists evaluate new rose hybrids in conjunction with the All American Rose Selection, Inc.'s yearly trials for the best new rose of the year. A gazebo with a fountain and small pool can be found near the south end of the garden; towards the center the Kerchival Fountain entertains visitors near the test roses; while the dramatic Shoenberg Fountain at the north end of the garden is a favorite, especially with children. Peak season of bloom is summer and autumn. Anne Lehmann, wife of John S. Lehmann, carried on the legacy of unyeilding support for the Garden and its programs that she and her husband established decades prior up until her death in 1991.


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