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1.  Administration Building. Herbarium interior. Wooden cases. Shows window with shutters closed.closed).

Administration Building. Shows Herbarium interior with wooden cases. Shows window with shutters closed. 


2.  Administration Building before addition. Herbarium-Library Building.

Administration Building, formally Henry Shaw's townhouse, before addition also known as the Herbarium-Library Building, . Shows 2 historic bald cypresses. Copy negative(s) available. Print available at PHO 1982-0160 


3.  Arthur C. Pillsbury at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Arthur C. Pillsbury in time-lapse film studio at the Missouri Botanical Garden in 1927. 


4.  Tropical station. Balboa, Panama.

Tropical station. Vol. 22, pl. 5 

5.  Tropical station. Balboa, Panama.

Native home of Sobralia powellii. MBG Bull. 30(2):47 1947. 

6.  Tropical station. Balboa, Panama.

Manager's House. MBG Bull, Vol. 16, 1928, pl. 5. 

7.  Research expedition.

Research expedition. Possibly Mexico. 

8.  Research. Panama.

Allbrook Air Force Base, Panama Canal Zone. 

9.  Research. Panama.

Madden Lake, Panama 

10.  Research. Panama.

Madden Lake/Dam, Panama 

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