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1.  Terrace also known as the parterre in Shaw's Garden circa 1875.

Lithograph showing the "parterre." with the Museum and Observatory in the background. A parterre is a garden consisting of an ornamental arrangement of flower beds. Today this space is occupied by the lily pools in front of the Climatron; view is the to the south. The small pine tree in the middle would eventually become the first location for the sculpture "Juno." 

2.  MBG -- Parterre

Parterre view with the Observatory and Tower Grove House in background. View is to the south. 


3.  The Parterre

View showing part of the Parterre. 


4.  Main Garden Agave filifera filamentose

Agave filifera filamentose growing in wooden tub in the Parterre. Back side of Juno is in the background. Color magic lantern slide. 


5.  Parterre in 1890s with garden view.

On negative: 'View of Shaw's Missouri Botanical Garden' 


6.  MBG -- Conservatory (1868-1916)

View of Main Conservatory (1868-1916) and Juno showing visitors in the foreground. Taken from a Stereo View. 


7.  Statue of 'Juno' in the parterre in the 1890s.

Statue of 'Juno' in the parterre in the 1890's. 


8.  Mamillaria bed in parterre.

Mamillaria bed in parterre of the Missouri Botanical Garden 


9.  Date palm in Parterre in 1890s.

Date palm in Parterre in 1890's. 


10.  MBG -- Conservatory (1868-1916)

View of the parterre with gentlemen on paths. Juno is in center. Victory and museum can be seen in background. View is looking south from the steps of the Main Conservatory. 


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