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1.  Lupinus Kodiak

Lupinus, Kodiak. Harriman Alaska Expedition, 1899. 


2.  After the tornado, 1896 (Gleditschia triacanthos)

After the tornado, 1896. (Gleditschia triacanthos) 


3.  Gymnocladus dioica - Kentucky coffee tree, winter condition. Children under tree.

Gymnocladus dioica, also known as the Kentucky coffee tree in winter. Children under tree. 


4.  Arboretum.

Big honey locust that stood near the center of the Arboretum, just west of the creek, destroyed by the tornado of May 27, 1896. 


5.  Arachis hypogaea. Peanut plant. (Duplicate of 82-0478).



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