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1.  MBG Guide Program.

MBG Guide Program. Garden Guide leads visitors on tour in the Climatron in 1972. 


2.  Guide Program

Guide Program. Part of a series taken for MBG Bull. 60(3):30-32 (May-June 1972). C-7. Mounted with PHO 2005-0811. Negative available at PHO 2005-0841 


3.  Harriet Smith w/ Guides

Harriet Smith w/ Guides ca. 1972. Globe Democrat Mar. 15, 1972. 


4.  Guides in Growing Center

Guides in Growing Center (west side of Floral Display House). 1970's (1973-78?). Had plant sales there per WHL. MBF Bull 60(3):30 (May-June 1972). 

5.  Guide in Climatron

Guide in Climatron. Mounted with PHO 2005-0820. 

6.  P. Kohl and guides.

P. Kohl and guides. Jan. 1969. Mounted with PHO 2005-0824. 


7.  Magent School Program 11-18-76.

Magent School Program 11-18-76. Terrariums. MBG Bull. 65(1):5 (Jan. 1977) 


8.  Magnet School Program. Stix-Sumi-e

Magnet School Program. Stix-Sumi-e 

9.  Magnet School.

Magnet School. 

10.  Children by Lily Pools.

Children by Lily Pools. Children participating in the Pitzman Summer Nature Study Program at the Garden. 

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