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1.  Aerial view - central axis of the Garden.

Airplane view of the Palm House, Italian Garden, lily pools, and the main gate. View is to the east. Hand colored magic lantern slide. 


2.  MBG -- Italian Garden

MBG Italian Garden (a.k.a. the Formal Garden). South side, Desert House. PRINT AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1982-0265. The Pergola was the open row of columns and trellises bordering the west side of the Italian Garden. The Arbors were the two roofed structures at the center of the Pergola. The Greenhouse which made up the surrounding border of the Italian Garden was -- as a whole -- referred to as the Conservatory or the Italian Garden Greenhouse, with each part of the building segmented into; Desert House, Cycad and Fern House, Economic House, South African House, and Palm House. After the Palm House was torn down, the remaining south and north buildings were called the Desert House and the Mediterranean House. 


3.  Dasylirion quadrangulatum

Dasylirion quadrangulatum. Desert Spoon - from 1904 World's Fair - Mexican exhibit. 

4.  Torch cactus, Cereus validus

Torch cactus, Cereus validus, is one of the giant cacti on display in the Desert House. Mrs. Gene Jarvis, volunteer, gives perspective to the giant specimen. MBG Bull 56(10):5 (Oct. 1977). 


5.  Desert House Interior

Desert House Interior. Same as PHO 2005-0632. 

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