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1.  Pereskia aculeata in cactus house Missouri Botanical Garden

Pereskia aculeata in cactus house. 


2.  Pilocereus tetetzo Weber Mitla Oaxaca road Mexico CHT 1906

Small boy standing next to example of Pilocereus tetetzo. Mitla Oaxaca road, Mexico. Picture taken by Hermann von Schrenk. 


3.  Desert view Mexico Cereus geometrizans Photo by von Schrenk no 764 CHT 1906

Desert view in Mexico. Cereus geometrizans. Photo taken by Hermann von Schrenk in 1906. 


4.  Main Gate -- Cacti

Main Gate interior showing Cacti beds. Four copy negatives available at PHO 2006-2516 and PHO 2006-2517. TWO PRINTS AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1983-0387, PHO 2006-2520 and PHO 2006-2521. 


5.  Cactus garden.

Cactus garden located at the northeast corner of Linnaean garden or near Tower Grove and Russell Avenues. Picture probably made in late l890's or early l900's. Small lean-to greenhouse visible. 


6.  Cactus beds in Parterre in 1890s.

Cactus beds in Parterre in 1890's. Print available at PHO 2006-3045. See also PML 1980-0674. 


7.  Cactus House.

Interior view of Cactus House showing plantings. 


8.  Cactus House.



9.  Cacti in greenhouse.



10.  Mamillaria bed in parterre.

Mamillaria bed in parterre of the Missouri Botanical Garden 


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