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421.  Administration Building interior. Herbarium -- Library -- Study Room.

Administration Building interior. Showing the Herbarium/Library Study Room. Graduate students from the Henry Shaw School Of Botany. 2nd from right; Jacob R. Schuamm. NEGATIVE AVAILABLE -- SEE PML 1980-0660, and PRINT AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1980-0660 and PHO 2007-0276. 


422.  George Engelmann's Home

View of front of building where George Engelmann's home. From the Swekosky Photo Collection, School Sisters Of Notre Dame. PRINT AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1982-0211 and PHO 2006-0029. 


423.  George Engelmann's Gravestone

Dr. Engelmann's tombstone in Bellefontaine Cemetery. Mounted on board. (His name is spelled incorrectly). PRINT AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1982-0212. 

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